SUPER JUNIOR’s Hee-chul Joins the Cast of SBS’ ‘My Little Old Boy’

Super Junior Hee-chul’s Mother’s Hilarious Impression of Kim Hee-chul

Hee-chul is a fan of Chinese drama, especially The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber. The drama is a remake from the 1993 movie version. The movie starred Jet li and Chingmy Yau. Chingmy Yau is his favorite Chinese actress. Surprisingly, Heechul knew her contact number and exchanged information with her frequently. As he watched the drama, he stared at leading woman role, Zhu Xudan, or Bambi Zhu, who performed Chingmy Yau’s character in the drama. Hee-chul told his friend that Bambi Zhu is his future sister-in-law. Hee-chul’s mother saw his expression and happily wished for him to get married soon. She said that it is better for him to love a real person rather than loving an animated character.


Latest News

Hee-chul and Super Junior released their 9th album, titled Time Slip on October 14, 2019. Before the release album’s release, the group held the Super Junior Super 8 Show World Tour at the KSPO Dome on October 12 and 13, 2019. Other than preparing and performing for the Super Junior concert, Hee-chul appeared in several variety shows, such as: JTBC’s Knowing Brothers, SBS’s My Little Old Boy, and KBS2’s Dating Bible.

Hee-chul’s funny and interesting daily life is very refreshing and entertaining to watch in My Little Old Boy. Let’s wish him well in his appearance in the show, and with his group, Super Junior’s, performance in promoting their new album.

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