SUPER JUNIOR’s Hee-chul Joins the Cast of SBS’ ‘My Little Old Boy’

Learn More About The Daily Life of Super Junior’s Member, Kim Hee-chul

Super Junior member and so-called universe idol, Heechul, became a new cast member on SBS’s My Little Old Boy. On episode 153, which aired on August 25, 2019, Heechul and his mother greeted viewers of My Little Old Boy. The program is a Korean variety show that shows Korean celebrities’ mothers watching their son’s or daughter’s daily activities. The sons or daughters are all successful Korean celebrities in their late thirties, forties, or even early fifties, who haven’t yet married or are already divorced. Each celebrity has their own unique characteristics, unusual hobbies, and interests. Their unique daily activities are being recorded while their mother comments and explains their children’s habits. The mothers are often surprised or angry upon knowing about their children’s unusual daily life.

Hee-chul’s participation as a new cast member boosted the viewership ratings of the variety show. His debut episode achieved the highest ratings of any variety show broadcast on that particular week. As compared to the previous weeks, viewership ratings increased from 1.6% to 2.0 percent. Hee-chul and his mother’s inaugural segment enjoyed a 20.3% viewership rating.

Who is Hee-chul’s Mother?

Hee-chul is the second-youngest celebrity on the show, and his mother is the second-youngest amongst all the celebrity mothers. Her name is Kim Soon-ja, and she is the ordinary mother of a son, Hee-chul, and a daughter. Her husband, Hee-chul’s father, is two years younger than she is. They were introduced by their relatives, and she fell for Heechul’s father’s good looks and attentive character. At first, she didn’t know his actual age, but upon finding our, she was delighted.

Hee-chul’s mother wished him to find a woman and get married before he turs 40. He’s already 37, but people often often he is younger because he has a youthful face, good fashion sense, and an active personality. She said that when a celebrity turn 40, he will soon turn 50 in an instant.

Hee-chul’s Impression on Joining the Show

Hee-chul started the first greeting segment with an awkward laugh. He said that it was the first time his mother has ever appeared on a show with him. Just like his mother, Hee-chul also felt awkward and nervous. At first, his mother praised him for his good looks and popularity, which made Hee-chul very pleased. Regarding his personality, his mother jokingly said that Hee-chul doesn’t have any personality worth praising. Her total bluntness shows a striking similarity with Hee-chul’s blunt comments on variety shows.

Another Side of Kim Hee-chul, From His Mother’s Point of View

Hee-chul’s mother once found a pack of cigarette on top of his toilet. Immediately, she called his father and told him about the situation. They confronted Hee-chul and asked for an explanation. He said he regretted smoking and promised his parents he would stop.

Hee-chul’s mother told the My Little Old Boy hosts and the other mothers about Hee-chul and his hobby when he was young. He liked to play games all day long. He preferred school examination periods rather than normal class periods, because school ended earlier and he got to play games longer than on normal days. She said that Hee-chul went to sleep earlier during school examination periods, because if he was awake, his mother would ask him to study.

When he was young, Hee-chul liked cleanliness. If he got some dirt on his hand, he followed his mother around until she cleaned his hands.

Regarding food, his mother said that he likes kimchi very much, especially homemade kimchi. Other than kimchi, he loved food containing meat, especially grilled meat. However, he disliked the smell of food in his own house. On Korean New Year, she made Korean traditional food for the holiday and brought it to his house. He ate the food, and when he was finished, he asked his mom to take the leftovers back, because he didn’t like the smell of the food in his refrigerator or his house.

In his younger days, Heechul’s mother said that he was a bright student. Even his school teacher approved his intelligence. However, the teacher also said that he got distracted easily and didn’t pay attention in class.

She confessed that young Hee-chul didn’t study at all and played games all day long. She was worried about his future. One day, Hee-chul decided to try an audition to become an idol. His mother approved of his decision and wanted him to experience the hardship of the audition process. To her surprise, he passed the audition immediately, without any hardships. Later on, she found a good thing about Hee-chul wanting to be an idol. She said that being an idol trainee allowed him to focus on something good and, furthermore, he also enjoyed being an idol.

Hee-chul’s Daily Life Which Shocked His Mother

Hee-chul’s mother saw his house for the first time since it had been remodeled. Originally, the houe’s entire interior had been black. After remodeling, all the walls and floors had been painted with white, while his furniture, sofa, chair and running machine, were red. Surprisingly, his house was spacious, clean, and neat, without too much furniture or ornaments. You could almost say it looks a little like part of a hospital.

Inside his spacious bedroom, Hee-chul has two large mattresses in the center of his room. The show’s hosts were surprised when they saw his bedroom. It was clean and tidy, and without any furniture. He didn’t even have a bed frame for his mattresses. His mother was surprised, but later commented that Hee-chul probably wanted to sleep freely, without any trouble

On his day off, he started his day by watching Chinese dramas for nearly four hours. His favorite drama was The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber. The TV series had over 50 episodes and he had watched the whole series twice, already. Hee-chul sat in front of his television with almost no physical activity other than watching. His only physical activity was playing fetch with his dog, Ki-bok.

After watching the dramas, Hee-chul felt hungry and ordered from a food delivery service. His mother was furious, and confessed that he always ordered out. Even after receiving the food, he didn’t eat it immediately. He moved to another room, his computer game room, and started playing online games with his friends. He ignored the food that was waiting for him. His mother was furious because the food was getting cold and stale. After spending almost an hour playing games, he finally started to eat the food. His mother was speechless and ran out of words.

Later on, when his friend visited him, he asked Hee-chul what he ate for breakfast. Hee-chul didn’t remember what he ate for breakfast. He even hesitated over whether ornot he’d even eaten. His mother became worried about his irregular eating habits. From morning until evening, all he did was TV and play games. In the afternoon, he stopped playing games to watch Itzy, his favorite girl group’s, comeback performance.

Hee-chul is a proud fan of Itzy. He recently hosted Itzy’s comeback performance. He even collected cards that feature all the members. He proudly showed off a CD signed by the  Itzy members. Later, he showed an Itzy placard, a gift he received after hosting the concert performance.

He invited his friend to come to his house, but ignored him by playing online games. He told his friend to find something to eat in refrigerator in case he was hungry. All that was in the refrigerator was bottled water and the traditional Korean liquor, soju. He opened Hee-chul’s kitchen cupboards and found only laver and instant rice. He noticed that Hee-chul’s cookingware seemed very clean and was rarely used. Hee-chul didn’t even have a plate and metal spoon for eating. Instead, he had wooden bowl and wooden spoon.

Hee-chul’s fans might think that he is a fashionable idol with a trendsetting clothing sense, however, in his normal daily life, he only wears sweatpants, worn-out shirts and slippers. He didn’t look like an idol, at all, when he was at home.

His mother was furious when he visited the beauty salon to bleach his hair. Hee-chul confessed that he’s tried every imaginable hair color. For the upcoming Super Junior concert performance, he wanted to change his hair color to blonde. He asked the hairdresser to bleach his hair and applied a blonde color. To their surprise, most of his hair turned blonde, except for the roots. He changed his plan and chose a dark red, instead. He looked younger and super-handsome with new hair color. However, his mother disliked his behavior. He confessed that it was his last chance to bleach his hair. He bleached his hair four years ago and suffered hair loss as a result. Now couldn’t do anything else to his hair except let it grow out.

On another episode, he went to a nail salon with fellow My Little Old Boy cast member, Park Soo-hong. Hee-chul confessed that he went to nail salon for the first time about 14 years ago. He was introduced by comedian No Hong-chul. Hee-chul said that getting manicures has become his addiction and routine. He visited the nail salon every two to three weeks, and he never misses a single appointment because he hates to see dirt on his nails.