Get Closer with Super Junior’s Dancing Machine, Eunhyuk: Age, IU, Military, Girlfriend, and Plastic Surgery

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk’s Dancing


Eunhyuk is known for his dancing abilities. Recently, JTBC released a dance variety program entitled The Dancer. Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and HIGHLIGHT’s Gikwang have confirmed their appearance for the show. The show invites idols with capable dancing skills to create a choreography.

Previously, there were three idols who got an offer to appear in the event, Eunhyuk, Kikwang, and SHINee’s Taemin. However, only Eunhyuk and Gikwang have confirmed their appearance.

1. Eunhyuk’s Dance Solo for “Sorry Sorry”

Eunhyuk demonstrates his ability to dance with female back dancers. With sexy and exotic movements, Eunhyuk’s performances are able to amaze and steal the public’s attention as well as make his fans shout in awe.

2. Eunhyuk Dances to Chris Brown’s “So Cold”

Although unattended by back dancer, Eunhyuk is still able to amaze the audience and fans with his ability to dance. Accompanied by the Chris Brown song “So Cold”, Eunhyuk was able to dance perfectly. Dressed in all black with a black hat, Eunhyuk’s appearance was elegant and riveting.

3. Eunhyuk’s Pole Dance

Again, Eunhyuk demonstrates his dancing abilities. This time, it was not on stage, but Eunhyuk performed a pole dance routine. Even though Eunhyuk is a man, he still impressed the audience with his ability to pole dance.

In fact, Eunhyuk shows some of the acts that may not necessarily be followed by other male artists. The interesting part is that when Eunhyuk climbs up the pole and inserts it into the sleeve of his jacket, thus getting the jacket stuck. This confused the cast about how to remove the jacket. Finally, they try to dismantle the pole to free Eunhyuk’s jacket.

Facts About Super Junior’s Eunhyuk

  1. He was born in Neunggok, Goyang, Gyeonggi, South Korea.
  2. Eunhyuk has an older sister named Lee Sora, and his sister always call him Oppa.
  3. Eunhyuk’s best friend is Xiah Junsu (TVXQ/JYJ). They have been friends since childhood.
  4. His childhood dream was to be a soccer player and a singer.
  5. His favorite sport is soccer.
  6. He has his driver’s license and his own car.
  7. He helps in making the choreography.
  8. Eunhyuk is the dirtiest and smelliest member in Super Junior.
  9. Eunhyuk’s ideal girl is Emma Watson.
  10. If Eunhyuk could be reborn, he’d want to become Wonbin. That’s why he even lied about his name during his trainee days.
  11. Eunhyuk and Junsu made an oath together when they were young to never drink alcohol or smoke.
  12. Eunhyuk is very gullible. He’s been at the receiving end of pranks by the other members many times.
  13. Eunhyuk’s favorite fruits are bananas, strawberries, and oranges.
  14. He loves strawberry milk.
  15. Eunhyuk has a dog named Choco and another pet named Minki, though he hasn’t stated what type of animal this pet is.
  16. Eunhyuk wants to visit Australia, Japan, and Egypt.
  17. When he was still a trainee, Eunhyuk made it to the top dance class.
  18. Eunhyuk hates half-cooked food.
  19. Eunhyuk is very shy around girls.
  20. Eunhyuk used to collect snails. He says that cute animals are his favorite, but he likes snails as well.
  21. Eunhyuk has a birthmark on his right palm.
  22. His favorite colors are white, blue, beige, and grey.
  23. Eunhyuk wants to go to America again because of hot dogs.
  24. He won the Best Newcomer Award for his performance in Strong Heart at the SBS Entertainment Awards in 2009.
  25. In 2014, he won the Gaon Weibo Chart Individual Award.
  26. Eunhyuk is afraid of snakes.
  27. Eunhyuk has difficulties with English.
  28. His favorite number is 7.
  29. Eunhyuk is the easiest to cry.
  30. Eunhyuk’s ideal type is pretty, fair skinned, pretty eyes, curly hair, and sweet like cotton candy.

Eunhyuk and Plastic Surgery


Eunhyuk is often reported as the least handsome Super Junior member. Even Eunhyuk himself realizes that he is not as handsome as the other members. For that, he decided to have plastic surgery, but it never happened because his agency and friends forbade plastic surgery.

In an event that aired on MNet, Shindong stated laughing, “Eunhyuk is still the Super Junior member with the ugliest and unattractive face”.

By performing plastic surgery, Eunhyuk believes his confidence will increase. Unfortunately, SM Entertainment forbade it.

“I’d love to have plastic surgery, but it’s banned by the agency,” Eunhyuk said. According to Eunhyuk, SM Entertainment forbade his plastic surgery because they fear changing his appearance. Eunhyuk also received the decision with heart.


“They say plastic surgery will change my face drastically. That would be weird,” Eunhyuk added.

Eunhyuk Showing His Abs

Despite having a face that is less handsome than other members, Eunhyuk has a very nice body, even compared to the other members. Therefore, Eunhyuk was never embarrassed to show his body, especially his abs.

In every Super Junior concert, Eunhyuk always shows his abs with his very sexy expression and makes ELF scream happily. Therefore, Eunhyuk is often referred to as a nasty member in Super Junior because he often shows his abs with a seductive expression.