Get Closer with Super Junior’s Dancing Machine, Eunhyuk: Age, IU, Military, Girlfriend, and Plastic Surgery

Eunhyuk and His Groups’ Music

In addition to being together with Super Junior, Eunhyuk also has other groups such as Super Junior-T, Super Junior-H, and Super Junior-M. Eunhyuk also has a group together with Donghae, D&E or Donghae and Eunhyuk.


In fact, Eunhyuk has written many songs for his music groups. In Super Junior-T, in 2007, he wrote his own songs titled “Do Not Go Away, “First Express”, and “Rokuko”.


Then, in 2008, he wrote his own songs for Super Junior-H’s album, which were “Good Luck!” and “Sunny”. Then, in 2014, Eunhyuk wrote his own song called Ride Me for the album Donghae&Eunhyuk. And, many more songs written by Eunhyuk are worthy of praise.


Before debuting with Super Junior, during school, Eunhyuk once formed a group in 1999 named Song Rap and Dance (SDR) which consisted of his school friends, Kim Junsu, Hwang Tae Jun, and Choi Min Seok. At that time, Eunhyuk’s popularity in school was very high.

Hot Scandal Between Eunhyuk and IU

eunhyuk iu

In 2012, Eunhyuk and IU were involved in a scandal that was horrendous to the public. On November 10, 2012, IU uploaded a photo with Eunhyuk. In the photo, IU and Eunhyuk are seen lying together on a mattress, and Eunhyuk is seen not wearing clothes and IU is just wearing pajamas.

Netizens were made curious about the relationship between IU and Eunhyuk, and even now, the scandal is still mysterious. It is not understood why IU chose to upload the photo, but netizens assume that IU was drunk.

Loen Entertainment, IU’s agency, gave an apology:

“Hello. This is Loen Entertainment.

This is an official statement in response to a photo that appeared this morning through IU’s Twitter account.

First of all, we want to bow our heads and apologize for disturbing all related parties and all IU and Super Junior fans.

The photo was taken in the summer of this year when IU was very ill and Eunhyuk visited her home. This photo was taken as they sat together on the couch. This photo was revealed due to IU’s error while using the photo uploader service when she wanted to make a mention on her Twitter account.

IU really apologizes to her senior, Eunhyuk, for bringing him the problem of her negligence.

Previously, IU and Eunhyuk were junior-senior who were familiar since IU’s debut. Eunhyuk’s closeness is to the dinner level with his mother and IU. We hope you do not exaggerate or draw your own conclusions about the relationship between the two from these incidents.

We will return to meet you as an adult agency after learning of this incident. We apologize once more.

Forgive us.

Loen Entertainment.”

When asked about the incident, she said, “I wonder, why did this happen? Why am I doing this? First, I uploaded the photo by mistake. And, honestly, I can not blame anyone else because I’m the one who uploaded it. I even thought it was not something that made me feel difficult because it was my fault.”

She added, “I’m so sorry. Because I did it, I think, for whom should I feel most sorry? Should I apologize to those who love me? Or, should I apologize to those who love the person I hurt in the photo? I also think a lot about other things. I have to show up and apologize to everyone and solve all the misunderstandings that occur, or will I just be silent? I turned down the offer of as many variety shows as I could with the incident.”

When asked what Eunhyuk said, IU added “He asked me if I was okay. I replied with, ‘I have no right to feel good. I’m so sorry to everyone for everything I’ve done'”.

Donghae and Eunhyuk’s Relationship

eunhyuk donghae

Super Junior-D&E, or Super Junior-Donghae Eunhyuk, is the fifth official subgroup of the South Korean boy band Super Junior, formed by SM Entertainment in 2011. The sub-group is composed of two Super Junior members, Donghae and Eunhyuk. The duo’s first official performance was on December 16, 2011, on KBS’s Music Bank to perform “Oppa, Oppa”.

In 2015, Super Junior-D&E won the Popularity Award at the Asia Model Awards, and at Japan Gold Disc Award, Super Junior D&E also managed to get the Album of the Year and Best 3 Album awards.

Before officially forming as a sub-unit, Donghae and Eunhyuk were indeed the most exciting couple in Super Junior, but their relationship with each other did not always look good.

Leeteuk said, “One time, Donghae, Eunhyuk, and I were on our way to the office after our schedule was over. I was sitting in the front, and they were in the back. They were talking about various things when Donghae suddenly asked to be let out of the car while tearing up. The car stopped, and he got out saying that he was going to walk.”

Eventually, the Super Junior leader found out that Donghae wanted to talk to Eunhyuk about anything and everything while Eunhyuk wanted to keep to himself at the time. When the hosts asked Eunhyuk why, he replied, “Donghae’s personality is the type to completely open up to people and share all his secrets. As for me, I’m not the type to talk about such things. I’m open only to a certain point.”

At that, Donghae hilariously exploded, “You horrible jerk!” He continued on to explain that people are not like that in Mokpo, his hometown. He added, “That’s why I experienced so much heartbreak from Seoul people.”

Leeteuk also mentioned Eunhyuk’s reaction back then. Instead of being worried about his upset friend, Eunhyuk had simply said, “He’ll come back fine.”

Eunhyuk in Running Man

Eunhyuk is not only active in the music world but is also active in the reality show world. In fact, Eunhyuk has attended several reality shows multiple times, one of which is the famous variety show Running Man. Eunhyuk attended as many as three times as a guest star in Running Man, which is on episodes 104, 266, and 376.

Eunhyuk in Running Man episode 104 (2012)


In episode 104, Running Man takes on the theme of ‘Running Olympics’. In this episode, Eunhyuk was accompanied with other idols like T-Ara’s Eunjung, CNBLUE’s Yonghwa, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon, 2PM’s Nichkun, ZE:A’s Siwan, and BEAST’s Doojoon.

Initially, they were divided into two teams, namely Team Running Man and Team Idol. Welcoming the Olympics, Running Man also made similar competitions, such as running relay, volleyball, and jumping poles in the water.

The first is a relay where they all have to run as fast as they can to the finish line. Beginning with Haha vs Nichkhun, Jongkook vs Siwan, Gary vs Joon, Jihyo vs Eunjung, Sukjin vs Doojoon, Kwangsoo vs Yonghwa and Jaesuk vs. Eunhyuk last. And, the winner was the idol team.

Their second mission is a trampoline volleyball court where hordes of fans circle the set. The boy looks completely in his element, jumping into splits in the air with effortless grace. Too bad that does not quite translate into volleyball, giving the Running Man a 2:0 lead. In the end, Team Running Man wins the game with a 15:14 score.

The third game was jumping over the pole in the water. The teams needed to toss a teammate over a number of hurdles in a pool in order to win. And, in the end, the Running Man team won the third game because Jihyo and Jaesuk managed to jump past the pole, and from Team Idol, only Siwan could pass it.

The closing game was Hide and Seek. The rules of the game were they had to release the name tag of their opponent within 15 minutes. At the start of 15 minutes, the Running Man Team became a cat and Idol Team became a rat. Running Man Team in 15 minutes had to find Team Idol and release their name tag and vice versa. In the end, Team Idol won the game and got a gold medal.

Eunhyuk in Running Man episode 266 (2015)


In this episode, Running Man‘s theme was Rest Stop Specialty Food Tour. Eunhyuk was accompanied by Im Joo Hwan and Han Jin Young as guest stars. In their initial mission, they played a Thanksgiving gift set race where they chose five different dishes at five different stops. The first dish was bibimbap and soybean paste at the Yong In stop. The second dish was the rice of beef soup at the Deok Pyeong stop. The third dish was the sliced beef home cooking at the Yeoju stop. The fourth was premium beef at the Hoengdeong stop. And, the last dish was shitake mushrooms and snails.

There’s a funny incident when Suk-Jin thinks that Eunhyuk is Leeteuk who just finished his mandatory duty. In fact, Eunhyuk had just wanted to do his military service. At that moment, Suk-Jin was scolded by other Running Man members due to his silly mistake.

Eunhyuk in Running Man episode 376 (2017)

eunhyuk somin

In this episode, Super Junior and Red Velvet compete in Running Man in the Running Man Dongye Olympic Race. Donghae, Eunhyuk, Leeteuk, Yesung, Irene, and Joy starred in Running Man episode 376.

The unique thing was that the new member of Running Man, Jeon Somin, was Eunhyuk’s friend during elementary school. When Eunhyuk greets and introduces himself in front of the camera, Jeon So Min looks cheerful after seeing her childhood friend again. They even showed photos of SD graduation memories and instantly dismantled each other’s disgrace during childhood. Eunhyuk said that Jeon So Min had the nickname jeon so ddong, which means dung cow poop. “She used to like me,” said Eunhyuk.

Jeon So Min then replied, “Did you do not like me before? You even gave me a Christmas card”. Eunhyuk and Somin also showed the Roo’ra dance “3! 4!” which they did for a talent competition in fourth grade. Though 21 years had passed since then, they were said to have surprised everyone with their perfect chemistry.