Did Super Junior’s Yesung Undergo Plastic Surgery?


Did Super Junior’s Yesung Have Plastic Surgery?

Super Junior is an idol group based in South Korea. They are extremely well known in their own nation as well as internationally. Super Junior is from the 2000s and is continuing to push the limits of the industry. They’re a group brimming with differing identities and aptitudes as well.

This group under SM Entertainment has a main vocalist with a beautiful voice named Kim Jong-woon, better known by his stage name Yesung. Aside from group activities, he has recorded songs for various television dramas and movies. Also, he often appears on many musical shows and radio programs.

As you know, Korean celebrities are certainly not out of the zone of accusations of plastic surgery. Surely, the more famous the artist the harder they will be investigated to know whether plastic surgery happened.

As a leading boy band in the Korean entertainment industry, each member of Super Junior is active in multiple fields. It is rumored that some members of the group have had plastic surgery. This time, we are going to talk about if Yesung had undergone plastic surgery or not.


His Nose, Jaw, and Eyelids

Yesung is in charge of the main vocals of Super Junior because he has an angelic voice. He is often said to be the best singer of the group and best singer in the entire K-pop industry. This comparison of plastic surgery performed by Yesung is also likely to be true, but it could also be wrong. What the author does is pay attention to Yesung’s facial changes since before his debut until now.

The most striking change in Yesung’s face is his nose. Every fan of his must know the difference. From the changes that occurred, the author believes that Yesung had plastic surgery on his nose. We can see these changes between a photo of Yesung before his debut and a recent one. It appears that his nose is now higher, but the shape of his lower nose still looks the same as his teenage years. It is likely that he raised his upper nasal bone.

He really had an adorable big nose in the first place. Other than rhinoplasty, Yesung doesn’t seem to have had any plastic medical procedures. Many people think his jaw looks somewhat suspicious in a few pics. But, he said on a radio show that he lost weight and lost some on his cheeks.

Looking at the old pictures of his childhood here, he had a round and flat nose.


The next change that looks striking is the shape of his jaw and cheeks. Yesung is known for his chubby cheeks. He once said that his cheeks were chubby like a bun. Well, chances are that Yesung is on a strict diet to remove fat on his cheeks, or it could be possible he had liposuction in that area. The significant differences of his cheeks have some people thinking he had surgery or face fillers.

Once, Siwon suspected Yesung of getting face fillers because of his chubby cheeks at a drama conference. Siwon saw pictures from the conference and called Yesung asking, “Hyung, did you get fillers and stuff done too?” But, then, Yesung said the face-filler rumors were a misunderstanding. He said, “I’m 178 cm and 58 kg. Anyone who remembers me from debut will remember me as chubby, and it was because I was sick often and swelled up. Nowadays, I just manage it a lot better. I don’t eat any salty foods anymore. One time, my mother thought it’d be okay if I had just three salted shrimps before I had a press conference for my drama.”


In Korea, it is also popular to add substances to the area under the eyes to fill in eye bags so that they appear more prominent. This causes the eyes to look bigger. However, in Yesung’s case, such effects can also be because he is tired from his activities. But, this is just an accusation of some parties. It is not known for sure whether he had any injections in his eye area to make them look big or if it is only the effect of eyeliner.

Many of his fans are sure that since he was young, he has never had eyelid surgery.

What is sometimes more confusing is the nose effect of Yesung’s pointed nose which always seems to change. Sometimes, it looks like his nose in 2010 is sharper than his nose in 2011. Most likely, this is due to sophisticated make-up methods, Photoshop, or his selfie ability. Yesung is famous for his skill in taking angled photos to make himself look better when photographed. Reportedly, professional photographers who often handle Super Junior said that Yesung knows exactly his best angles. So, most likely, changes to his nose are not related to surgery. Although, there was a report that Yesung had an operation on his nose area to remove a sinus disease.

Regardless, the most important thing is that Yesung has his voice. And, again, sometimes face makeup is not the pure desire of the artists. The companies they are in are the ones who most likely demand them to improve their appearances.