Do You Wanna Know the Latest News of Super Junior’s Yesung? Here Are the Details and His Full Profile!

The Awaited Solo Album

After 11 years after his debut in the entertainment industry with Super Junior, Yesung finally released his solo album in April 2016. This moment must be the most awaited comeback of Yesung for ELFs after his absence because of the military duties. Yesung’s first solo album is titled Here I Am, and all the songs are written by Yesung himself.

Unfortunately, this first solo album didn’t gain the spotlight as expected even though the songs were good. At the release time, Here I Am placed at the top of the chart of digital music MelOn but suddenly dropped into #54 and #96. People assumed this was caused by the lack of promotion by SM Ent. The ELFs felt so angry because SM didn’t pay attention to their own artist. But, the album hit the first place on the physical album chart Gaon and first place on the iTunes Chart of Macau, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Peru.

Yesung’s sadness was revealed when he and fellow Super Junior member Kangin greeted fans through a special clip of Vyrl x Cookat x The Korean Tourism Organization. When Kangin asked him to sing his new song, Yesung replied “Here I Am is already… over… done for… I just want to place meaning to the fact that I was able to release a solo album, and I didn’t expect it to be all that successful…” He was so sad since it’s his hard work for a long time which he wrote 4 years ago. Poor Yesung!

But, the lack of success of his first album didn’t break the musicality spirit of Yesung. He released a second solo album in the same month of his first album, April, only in 2017, titled Spring Falling, with the title song “Paper Umbrella.” He also collaborated with fellow Super Junior member Kyuhyun for the song “At The Time.” 

Unlike the first one, the second album became a big hit on the international charts. After being released, the album reached the #1 position on iTunes charts of Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Peru. In the category of pop album, the album also placed #1 in 8 countries, such as Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Peru, Mexico, and Hungary. “Paper Umbrella” also placed #1 on the K-Pop category charts in Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Peru, Mexico, and Chile.

Congratulations on the success of the albums! At the release time, Super Junior was in hiatus, since most of the members were enlisted at the military service, such as Eunhyuk, Donghae, and Siwon.