Everything About Super Junior’s Reality Show ‘Super TV’

Funny Moments


Super TV S2 – Super Junior x Red Velvet laughing ninja game!

In this episode, Super Junior fights Red Velvet in a ninja game. They compete acting to throw Shuriken (Ninja Star Knife).

Eunhyuk Dance Interpretation (Super TV S2)

In this episode, Eunhyuk dances the choreography of the group present as a guest, but with his own version of the choreography.

Super Junior getting pinched

In this episode, Super Junior members fight KARD. They play the game pinching with their feet.

Playing Football by spinning

In this episode, Super Junior plays soccer with SHINee members. However, they must spin first before trying to score.

Donghae Leaks Super Junior Will Immediately Start Filming Super TV Season 3


Super Junior D&E is busy with their Japan Tour Concert “STYLE.” Finally, they performed at KOBE for two days, namely on September 16th and 17th, 2018.

On the evening of September 17th, they immediately headed to Korea to continue their schedule together with Super Junior. In the Super Junior D&E concert at KOBE, Donghae gave a leak related to Super TV. Donghae said, “Today, after the concert, we will return to Korea. We will film Super TV.”

The production of Super TV in the final episode has also confirmed that Super TV will be back with season 3. With additional spoilers from Donghae, we can anticipate and hope Super TV Season 3 will air soon.

Super TV transformed into the flagship Variety Show featuring natural Variety from Super Junior. Unique interactions with guest stars make this event get a lot of positive responses.

Now fans only need to wait and hope that there will be an additional number of Super Junior members on the Super TV program.