Let’s Check Out Super Junior’s Ryeo-wook’s Solo Songs!

Kim Ryeo-wook

Super Junior Sweet Vocalist, Ryeo-wook

The “Eternal Maknae” of Super Junior, Ryeo-wook, is one of three main vocal pillars in the group, with Yesung and Kyuhyun. Beside being a main vocal in Super Junior, Ryeo-wook is a member in the sub-units Super Junior K.R.Y and Super Junior-M.

Kim Ryeo-wook, better known by the mononym Ryeo-wook, is without a doubt a highly skilled singer. He signed a contract as an idol with SM Entertainment after impressing the judge with his singing skill talent on CMB Youth ChinChin Festival in 2004. Ryeo-wook’s sweet voice and ability to hit high notes was unique and easily recognizable.  Blessed and thankful for his sweet voice, Ryeo-wook made his solo debut and has produced a number of solo songs.

In this article, Channel-Korea will tell you all about Ryeo-wook solo songs, such as The Little Prince, Drunk On Love, I’m Not Over You, Drunk In The Morning, One and Only, and his collaborations with other singers.

Ryeo-wook’s Solo Songs

Kim Ryeo-wook

After debuting as South Korean idol and doing his activity as a member of the boy-group Super Junior since 2005, Kim Ryeo-wook finally made his solo debut, following in the footsteps of his fellow member, Kyuhyun, who had made his solo debut first.

Ryeo-wook made his solo debut in early 2016. He released his first solo album whose title was “The Little Prince” in February, 2016. In addition to promoting his solo album, Ryeo-wook also held his first solo concert, “SMTOWN’s The Agit series- Everlasting Star”, from February 19-21, 2016, at the SMTOWN’’s Coex Artium in Samseong-dong, Seoul-South Korea.

The Little Prince – EP

The Little Prince Cover

This EP was inspired from a French novella by Antione de Saint-Exupéry with same title, “The Little Prince”, which was published in 1943. This ballad was a perfect match for Ryeo-wook’s vocal color. His high voice could bring you to tears as he sings, giving this tune plenty of emotional punch. “The Little Prince” was released on January 28, 2016, by Label SJ, S.M. Entertainment and was distributed by KT Music. This song became the main track in Ryeo-wook’s first mini album. The other tracks, such as “Like A Star”, “Hello”, “People You May Know”, “Foxy Girl (feat. Din Din)”, “POOM” can also be heard in this album.

The Little Prince Music Video

The Little Prince was the story about a pilot who met with the little prince in an airplane. However, in the music video Kim Ryeo-wook represented himself as the pilot in the book and made himself as the author who met the little prince. The background of music video was dominated with dark red and burgundy, giving the perfect atmosphere for this song. Meanwhile, the rose flower in the music video symbolized the feeling from the author for the little prince.

Live Performance

Ryeo-wook presented the first stage for the song “The Little Prince” and hold his first his broadcast stage via Mnet’s music show M Countdown on the day the album was released.

Drunk on Love – 2nd Mini Album

Drunk on Love Cover

Successful with his first mini album The Little Prince, Ryeo-wook made a comeback with his second mini album, Drunk on Love, which was released on January 2, 2019. The mini album has seven tracks in total, with the main track being “I’m Not Over You”. The rest track list included “One and Only”, “Drunk in the Morning”, “Without You”, “Something Good”, “Sugar”, and “The 2nd Story”. He came back three years after his debut as a solo singer in early 2016.

Label SJ

This album was originally planned for release in December, 2018, but was delayed because of Ryeo-wook’s health issues. Label SJ released an official statement announcing the comeback delay and stated the decision necessary due to Ryeo-wook’s health concerns on December 10, 2018. They stated,“Hello, this is  Label SJ. This statement is to notify you that the release of Ryeo-wook’s second mini album “Drunk on Love” which was scheduled for 6 p.m. KST on December 11, as well as the upcoming showcase tied to album, have been delayed.”

They continued with the statement, “Ryeo-wook flew to Bangkok, Thailand, on December 7 to attend the MAYA International Music Festival 2018. When he back to Korea in the early hours of December 10, he immediately visited a hospital due to high fever. He has been diagnosed with influenza A, which is contagious, and doctors have advised that he be quarantined and get plenty of rest. 

“Therefore, Label SJ has made the decision to delay the release of Ryeowook’s new mini album to January 2, and we will return soon with a notice for his showcase as well. We have made this decision in order to protect our artist’s health and to prevent any situations that may occur at the showcase due to the contagious nature of the flu virus.We know that fans have been eagerly waiting for Ryeowook’s solo comeback, and we ask for your understanding.”

I’m Not Over You Music Video

Produced as a with tender pop ballad and sentimental tune which was guided primarily by a gentle piano melody enhanced by melancholic string builds pre-finale orchestral climax, the song “I’m Not Over You” story-line wants to say a word to a lover after a relationship was ended, and made a perfect harmony in this music video.

Drunk in the Morning Music Video

The strong vocal and moving instrumental give one side of the spectrum of the traditional ballad style. Ryeo-wook’s powerful vocals give song a painful touch while giving a level of impact that makes the song memorable.

One and Only Music Video

“The One and Only” is a special song both for Ryeo-wook and ELF (Super Junior fandom). This song is special gift that Ryeo-wook presented to his lovely fans, because the lyric tells about Ryeo-wook’s feelings for his fans through his personal handwriting.

The concept for the music video is unique, while imagining how the singer is telling the story about first meeting with his fans, the being at a distance and then being reunited again. It is an R&B and pop track that portrays the theme of two people’s destined reunion after crossing long paths through the emotional lyrics “the distance between you and I.”

Live Performances


Having such clear and powerful vocals make other singers want to collaborate. Many singers have collaborated with Ryeo-wook, such as TVXQ, Beige, Bada, and many more.

Wish (feat. TVXQ, Kyu-hyun)

This song is one off track-list on the TVXQ’s fourth album, Mirotic special edition. TVXQ is a labelmate idol with Super Junior under S.M Entertainment. In this song, Ryeo-wook participated with his fellow teammate, Kyuhyun, to collaborate on TVXQ’s special album, Wish, released on December 4, 2008, and would be sung by TVXQ’s former member Xiah Junsu and TVXQ’s Max Changmin, and then with Super Junior’s Ryeo-wook and Kyuhyun.

Falling in Love With a Friend (feat. Beige)

Falling in Love With a Friend is Ryeo-wook’s first duet song since his debut with Super Junior. In this song Ryeo-wook collaborates with Beige, the Korean female solo singer. In the music video Ryeo-wook  expressed innocent, bright, and lovable images with a sweet and romantic atmosphere which was perfectly matched with Beige. They look so cute and sweet together. However, the song would have been released on September 30, 2010.

Cosmic (feat. Bada)

Collaboration with his favorite singer automatically made Ryeo-wook a happy fan. On September 23, 2016, Ryeo-wook and Bada released their collaboration song, “Cosmic”, on channel SM STATION. The song features vocals by Ryeowook and Bada, and tells the story of a love that can cross the universe.

Ryeo-wook and Bada are both singers with same label under S.M Entertainment. Their relationship as senior and junior give them a certain closeness. This song was the last song from Ryeo-wook for his fans before he entered army to fulfill his mandatory military service.