Check Out Super Junior Hilarious Moments on ‘Running Man’!

Super Junior on Running Man, Episode 376

Unlike their usual appearances, where they only sent off a member as its representative, four members of Super Junior, Leeteuk, Yesung, Donghae, and Eunhyuk, were guests on Running Man. They were joined by their junior labelmates, Red Velvet’s Irene and Joy, in November of 2017. The episode took place at the newly-built Jincheon National Training Center.

As soon as Super Junior joined the Running Man cast, Song Ji-hyo started off the topic of Eunhyuk and Jeon So-min, who turned out to be friends from elementary and middle school. Yoo Jae-suk added that Jeon So-min talked about it once, and so did Yesung, who said that Eunhyuk told the members about Jeon So-min’s childhood crush on him during their school days, which Eunhyuk immediately denied. Despite everyone’s teasing about childhood friends, Ji Suk-jin commented that Jeon So-min likes everyone, whereas Kim Jong-kook heard that Eunhyuk was popular in his early days. Then, the Running Man cast asked Eunhyuk about Jeon So-min’s nickname, and he hesitated before revealing Jeon Cow Poop and Milk Cow Poop as Jeon So-min’s childhood epithets.

The focus shifted to Leeteuk, as Yoo Jae-suk found him looking none-too-happy hearing stories between Eunhyuk and Jeon So-min. Leeteuk replied that it was an unexpected occasion. Se-chan commented that Leeteuk’s hairstyle looks like Shinjuku style,, and apologized afterward, because he really wanted to say it. Yoo Jae-suk then corrected Se-chan, saying that Leeteuk’s hairstyle is Harajuku, and added that Leeteuk’s overall appearance looks too artificial because his teeth are so white, and his lips were so red. As if the banter wasn’t funny enough, the cast compared Leeteuk’s hairstyle to Donghae’s, who looked like an actor from Hong Kong. Jae-suk remarked that Donghae’s hairstyle looked like he has been hit by a typhoon.

When the Red Velvet members joined Super Junior and the Running Man cast, Leeteuk instantly acted as if he were the host of the program, saying that Irene should do something similar to her commercial for a game program. Haha stated that the segment looked like The Hairdresser Special on SBS’ old program Star King, which Leeteuk used to appear on. The whole cast cracked up because it was true.

After Irene reenacted her game commercial, Donghae came forward, surprising the rest of the cast. They asked what Donghae was going to do, and Lee Kwang-soo was all hysterical, saying that Donghae missed his timing and he was going to cry because of it. After Yoo Jae-suk teasing him about his pose avoiding the ray of the sun, it turned out that Donghae wanted to take photo with his camera.

Before the group was divided into teams, the cast has to do 3 and 3 interviews, where the guests had to answer 3 yes and 3 no questions. The team who asked the most original question would get additional 100 won. If the guests thought the question was unoriginal, they could put a dot on the questioner. Before starting the game, Kim Jong-kook said out loud that once thought that Eunhyuk was the main vocalist for Super Junior. Jeon So-min added that Eunhyuk was so popular during their school days that people wanted to know top 10 girls of his choice.

Interrupting the buddy story, Leeteuk said he thinks that Jeon So-min still liked Eunhyuk to that day, and Yesung kept emphasizing that Eunhyuk told him that Jeon So-min used to like Eunhyuk. Caught in the middle of the exchange, Jeon So-min who suddenly asked Eunhyuk whether he used to like her, and Haha broke down the mood, saying that the childhood romance between Eunhyuk and Jeon So-min didn’t seem interesting.

A love triangle seemed to emerge when Yesung initially said that Donghae kept whispering to him about how adorable Jeon So-min’s was. Donghae also revealed that he watched Jeon So-min on television and thought she looked cute. He came forward to take a picture of Jeon So-min with his camera, but unlike the previous one, Jeon So-min posed especially for him. She said that when the camera flashed, her heart had been opened for him.  Donghae photographed the moment along with So-min, and Jae-suk scribbled a dot on Seok-jin’s face when he asked a long question about much the members made. At the end of the 3 and 3 interview game, none of the teams won the extra 100 won.

In Super Rookie Recruit, the winner go to decide their team. The first test category was energy. It came up that during the fourth grade, Eunhyuk and Jeon So-min danced together in a talent show. They danced to 3,4 by Roo’ra, which was a hit song in the summer of 1996. At the time, Jeon So-min was wearing a short skirt, which she deemed as being too suggestive an outfit for fourth-graders. Eunhyuk protested, asking how she could say that, but Jeon So-min defended, “It was too much for that age. Other kids screamed.” Eunhyuk retorted that Jeon So-min was the only one who screamed.

While Eunhyuk and So-min shared their stories, Donghae kept gazing at So-min lovingly. He admitted that he was jealous because she kept talking about Eunhyuk. Yoo Jae-suk  said that Donghae sounds like he was from the early 2000s, and that the everyone else felt like they were currently starring on the dating program Love Letter. Eunhyuk and Jeon So-min reenacted their fourth-grade dance, including the choreography where Eunhyuk bent over while Jeon So-min slid over him. Jeon So-min thought it was a heartwarming moment, and Eunhyuk said that despite thinking, at first, that he’d forgotten the song, it came back when he saw So-min. During another dancing time, Leeteuk came forward for the first time, followed by Jeon So-min. Eunhyuk soon joined in to do a couple dance and Donghae, who was jealous, also danced, lining up in a trio position.

Yoo Jae-suk seemed bothered with their choreography, so he lectured that their dancing was old-fashioned, and no one had to dance unless they wanted to. In the second round, Donghae refused to dance after Leeteuk asked him. Yoo Jae-suk asked the staff to stop the music, and he told Donghae to dance. The rest of the cast defended Donghae, repeating Yoo Jae-suk’s previous statement. In the third round, Donghae, Eunhyuk, Leeteuk, and Lee Kwang-soo lined up for Joy’s slapping dance.

The second competition was the Acupressure Mat Long Jump, where the cast had jump three times onto a painful acupressure mat. The one who jumped the furthest would be the winner, and if they scream, they would be eliminated. Donghae continued taking pictures with his camera after Jeon So-min finished her practice jumps. Moreover, Donghae voluntarily took the first jump, going for 7.33 meters as his final distance, and taking a selfie with his camera to commemorate the moment. The records for other Super Junior members were 6 meters (Leeteuk), 7.7 meters (Yesung), and 8.3 meters (Eunhyuk). Acclaimed as the winner, Eunhyuk received a Chance card and chose Leeteuk and Joy to join Yoo Jae-suk’s team, and the rest of the guests (Donghae, Yesung, and Irene) joined Kim Jong-kook’s team.

In the next session, the PD announced that there was a spy on each team. The spies must conceal their identities in the opposing teams, and help their teams to win the race. The team who caught the spy would be given an extra 5,000 won for the get-together.

Soon, the Guess the Amount game stated. Certain rules applied: if the opposing team guesses the correct amount of money, you can’t take the money. However, you would get the money if the opposing team didn’t guess correctly, and you would get your team’s money and half of the opposing team’s money if they fail to guess when your team takes an empty briefcase. At the end of the game, Eunhyuk’s team got 85,000 won, and Donghae’s team only got 35,000.

The teams shifted to play the While You Busy game, where the cast had to play dibidibidip (tricking the opponent while moving certain actions) against seven people while another teammate sits on a conveyor belt. The one playing dibidibidip had to save his teammate by beating his opponent. Eunhyuk was deemed as a bad player, and caused Jae-suk to fall in the water. His teammates accused him of being a spy because he couldn’t be that bad, but Eunhyuk denied that it wasn’t the case. It turned out that during the practice session, Eunhyuk did really well, so his teammates couldn’t help but be suspicious about his status as a spy.

Yoo Jae-suk wasn’t the only one who got wet. Leeteuk also fell into the water because of Ji Suk-jin who, despite claiming to have invented the game, played very poorly. Besides Eunhyuk, Donghae was also accused of being a spy because he showed his position before Jaesuk was in front of him. On the other hand, Kim Jong-kook was able to save Yesung from falling in the water. Donghae’s team was declared the overall winner of the game.

The final game was Race With Bells. The attacking team had 15 minutes to rip off the name-tags of the defending team, who had to hide wile looking for 10,000 won of get-together money, scattered in 10 spots. If the spy found the money, the amount was deducted from the total. At the end of the race, each team would get an extra 5,000 won if they could pick the spy by a majority vote.

Ji Suk-jin commented that Leeteuk looked paler when they shot in an indoor setting, and became funnier because he is under the roof. Eunhyuk was in charge of distracting the opponent, since they couldn’t catch him due to his Chance card. Soon as the game started, Yesung, Irene, and Song Ji-hyo pinned Jeon So-min down. She begged Yesung to let her go, but Yesung told Song Ji-hyo and Irene to watch Jeon So-min as he ran away to catch Lee Kwang-soo, along with Yang Se-chan. In the end, Ji Suk-jin had his name tag ripped by Yesung and Yang Se-chan.

Yang Se-chan was going to catch Eunhyuk, but he gave up because Eunhyuk was too fast. Leeteuk and Yoo Jae-suk already went to jail, as Donghae ripped their name-tags when the game had only been going for a minute. Eunhyuk came to the jail to tell the prisoners he overheard Joy make an agreement with the opposing team when she was caught, saying that she was a spy and was willing to search for the money as long as they let her go. Up to this round, only Eunhyuk and Joy found 10,000 won, and their identities as potential spies were questioned.

Yesung found Lee Kwang-soo hiding in a room. Luckily, Lee Kwang-soo was able to escape through the window while Yesung kept waiting in front of the door. in another area, Kim Jong-kook and Yang Se-chan chased Eunhyuk, who admitted that he was a spy. Before the long investigation, the focus shifted to Lee Kwang-soo, who escaped by running on the water. Donghae and Yesung were suspicious and said that the spy had to be either Yang Se-chan or Lee Kwang-soo.

In the second round, Leeteuk and Jeon So-min caught Irene, while a shocking revelation came to light when Eunhyuk told Song Ji-hyo to take a box in the grass, confirming his identity as a spy. To avoid making his teammates suspicious, Eunhyuk played an active role in ripping their opponent’s name-tags. On the other hand, Leeteuk was unexpectedly able to corner Kim Jong-kook, as well as ripping his name-tag with the assistance of Joy and Lee Kwang-soo.

When identifying the spy, Eunhyuk got the most votes from his teammates. He tried to sway their opinions by saying that it made no sense that Joy found 20,000 won. His strategy worked, because his team changed their vote to Joy. In the end, Donghae’s team won overall, and got a chicken party and their 100,000 won. You can watch Super Junior’s appearance in the video below!