Super Junior’s Chinese Sub-Unit, Super Junior-M: Profile, Facts, and Controversy

Controversies Surrounding Super Junior M

suju m super junior

The career journey of Super Junior M, which always seems to be proud and often gets awards, does not mean that it is always smooth and easy for members to have a career in the entertainment industry. As previously known, Super Junior M has 2 additional members from China, which are Henry Lau and Zhou Mi.

It all started when SM Entertainment released an official statement in October 2007 that a sub-unit of Super Junior would debut in China in 2008. This caused mixed responses from ELF, Super Junior’s official fandom in South Korea, and they decided to sign the petition online and hold protests and rejections against members who will later join, It’s all because fans are afraid that one day there will be original members who will be released.

suju m super junior

Many fans boycotted Super Junior’s products and held a protest in front of SM Entertainment’s main building in Seoul, holding up a sign of the slogan ‘Only 13’ indicating the number of Super Junior’s original line-up since debuting in 2005. However, this was finally resolved because Super Junior’s leader, Leeteuk, tried to discuss with fans at a fan meeting held on July 27, 2008, and calmed fans to accept new members and promised that no members would be added or replaced in the future.

Where Are Super Junior M Members Now?

suju m super junior

Even though Super Junior M has not released their newest song since the Swing era (2014), the members are still actively promoting with Super Junior. Their original group still present on some of their latest schedules.

Several members of Super Junior M, such as Hangeng and Henry Lau, have officially left the group and part ways of every activity from Super Junior. Hangeng, who was married in 2019 to Celina Jade and Henry Lau, continues his career in South Korea as a soloist. If fans miss each member of Super Junior M, you can visit their social media, whose link has been attached to the ‘Full Profile’ session.

Well, that’s all the information we can provide about Super Junior M and its members. This sub-unit that is actively promoting in China has managed to get a good response from fans and also won several awards for their hard work. Even though Super Junior M is now practically inactive, some members are still actively pursuing their careers in the entertainment industry and still need support from fans.

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