Rumors About Super Junior Member Cho Kyu-hyun’s Girlfriend, Ex-Girlfriend, and Love Life

Super Junior’s Maknae, Cho Kyu-hyun

The youngest member of one of the biggest Korean pop boy groups in existence, Cho Kyu-hyun definitely attracts attention with his wonderful voice, amazing variety of skills, and visuals to match. It is to no one’s surprise that he has a lot of dedicated fans and a very successful career thus far with this set of features, creating the perfect idol. Kyu-hyun who was added to the group as a late addition also suffers more than a few rumors as an attack from anti-fans, mostly surrounding his love life and relationships. These alleged partners range from pretty juniors from the same company to even the most absurd actors of the same sex.

So, let’s take a deeper look and find out who has been rumored to be part of Kyu-hyun’s love life!

Debuted at 18

Cho Kyu-hyun has always been known as one of the idols with the shortest training periods. He was admitted into an existing group quite early in the game due to his immense talent and SM’s plans for him to complete the Super Junior lineup as they were changing the group system to a permanent placement group instead of a graduating system. In 2 months, Kyu-hyun debuted as part of Super Junior in their single “U”. This, of course, enraged some fans that were not able to accept Kyu-hyun as part of the lineup.

At such a young age, a lot of pressure is put upon Kyu-hyun to do well. At the time, he was suddenly thrust into the spotlight as one of the lead vocalists, with little training at hand and animosity from existing Super Junior fans. This served as some of the background behind Kyu-hyun’s choice to mainly focus on his career and some fans targeting him with various rumors, such as those that surround his dating life. One of the rumors surfaced around a girlfriend he had during his pre-debut era, as a way for fans to discredit and defame him during his debut era.

Cho Kyu-hyun’s Ideal Type

Before we get into his love life and rumored relationships, Cho Kyu-hyun has always been known to have a very specific set of criteria that describes his ideal type of women. In a previous interview, he described his ideal type physically as a girl with beautiful legs and a pretty forehead. Recently, he has countered this superficial standard with a more general and mature statement.

Kyu-hyun has recently revealed that he has changed his ideal type into a woman who is willing to love him sincerely and is filial to her family. This is a testament of his commitment to a relationship as he considers her general stance in the grand scheme of things, like how she will be with his family and such. Besides that, he also stated his desire for a woman who is not fussy about being taken care of. For example, a woman who is willing to split the bill with him.

This particular standard is not to say that Kyu-hyun is stingy and such, he just wants a woman who does not mind the monetary aspect of a relationship so much. For instance, if they went on a date then it would be fine if she paid for A and he paid for B, to even out the costs.