Rumors About Super Junior Member Cho Kyu-hyun’s Girlfriend, Ex-Girlfriend, and Love Life

Actor Uhm Ki-joon

This is one of the weirder rumors Kyu-hyun has been involved in as in 2011, actor Uhm Ki-joon revealed that he was, in fact, dating Kyu-hyun. He did this repeatedly and consistently over the course of a few months, enraging fans who bought into the rumor. Uhm Ki-joon said there was a rumor regarding an idol and a musical actor and everyone thought it was him and Kyu-hyun.

The rumor between him and Uhm Ki-joon is indeed just a rumor, a joke Uhm Ki-joon played up as the two are good friends. Even their colleagues thought it was true cause the two are often seen drinking late at night together.

Red Velvet’s Seul-gi

Kyu-hyun and Seul-gi rumor stemmed from one of Kyu-hyun’s anecdotes on Radio Star where he introduced her as his girlfriend or at least a trainee he is interested in. This, again, caused some misunderstanding with fans, although he has stated that it was only because he preferred someone who is not famous and that it’s a great burden if she is also a star like him. The name Seul-gi only came up after fellow labelmates, Krystal and Sulli, mentioned her name.

At the time, Seul-gi was already a famous trainee, thus the rumor does not seem unbelievable. Soon after, Kyuhyun clarified that it is just a joke and not at all planned but people seemed to take it too seriously, even his member Heechul, who after watching the broadcast contacted him to make sure he will take care of Seul-gi. Recently Seul-gi came on Radio Star and clarified that they are strictly labelmates.