Rumors About Super Junior Member Cho Kyu-hyun’s Girlfriend, Ex-Girlfriend, and Love Life

Love Life

Due to his busy life as an idol, singer and variety star, Kyu-hyun has admitted that he does not have a lot of time to date. In one instance, he even went as far to saying that he has not dated before in his life, which sounds believable at the time but it seems that he was saying that to protect his fans. Soon after, he did reveal that at some point in his career he has dated and had girlfriends in passing.

Particularly in the show Healing Camp, he mentioned a past fling in passing in one of his stories. This anecdote revealed that he was very loving to his girlfriend in the past, always telling her that he loves her yet his girlfriend does not seem to return the sentiment. This caused him to feel like his love is not returned, thus he feels like if you use the word ‘I Love You’ too often it might lose its meaning.

In New Journey to The West, when met with a situation where he is surrounded with couples, Kyu-hyun also revealed that it has been a while since he dated and that caused him to be very lonely recently. He even went as far as to confess his love to Siri, and it is the source of hilarity as Siri just keeps on rejecting his love for them. Kyu-hyun is confident that in a relationship he can make it look like a great one from the outside, but it just does not seem to be working out for him recently.

Dating Rumors

Park Ha-neul

When it comes to dating rumors surrounding Kyu-hyun, of course, there is no way we won’t mention Park Ha-neul, a supposed ex-girlfriend of Kyu-hyun during his pre-debut days. There’s not conclusive evidence as to how they knew each other or how her career is right now but at the time, pictures surfaced of the two supposedly kissing.

In this picture, there is no clear way to tell if it really is Kyu-hyun or not, yet fans went on a frenzy to find out more about Park Ha-neul, nonetheless. The situation got worse as media kept reporting the two going on dates and continuing in their relationship despite denying allegations left and right.