Former Super Junior Member Kim Ki-bum: What’s He Been Doing Since He Left The Group?

Kim Ki-bum in Two Feet Life

On November 8, OSEN came to a finding that actor Kim Ki-Bum has confirmed to appear in SBS’ upcoming variety show “Two Feet Life” (literal translation). While the program hasn’t begun filming, it has been confirmed to be premiering sometime in early December.

On the December 14th episode, Kim Ki-bum made a variety show appearance for the first time in years. He commented, “I think it’s been more than 10 years since I appeared on a variety show. I’m very nervous.” 

“Two Feet Life” is a reality program, where the audience gets to observe the daily lives of various celebrities. The celebs will join their friends, family, and colleagues, in spreading the importance of taking care of one’s health by taking a quick stroll every day.

Consequently, Kim Ki-Bum finally gets to meet with his fans for the first time in 6 years through this program. After appearing in tvN’s drama “I Love Lee Tae-Ri” in 2012, Kibum went into a long hiatus from the industry. One source from his industry reported, “with “Two Feet Life,” Kim Ki-Bum will officially begin his activities as an actor.

Visits SM Entertainment Building

‘Two Feet Life’ is a new road variety show where stars and their family, friends, and colleague walk through a nostalgic location together.

On the December 14 episode, Kim Ki-bum made a variety show appearance for the first time in years. He commented, “I think it’s been more than 10 years since I appeared on a variety show. I’m very nervous.” 

Kim Ki-bum visited his old hometown, the SM Entertainment building, and his old dorm with his friends. Before immigrating to the United States at age 11, Kim Ki-bum lived at Dogok-dong. He visited his elementary school and teared up when he met the owner of the school supply shop.

Next, he visited the apartment he used to live during his SM trainee days. He shared, “I used to live in the same apartment building as Lee Soo-man’s parents. Lee Soo-man said he saw me in the parking lot and gave me his business card. And then I started training in Korea.”

Kim Ki-bum recalled his Super Junior days and said, “At the time, I lived with Super Junior and TVXQ hyungs,” and shared, “Fans used to camp out here and wait for us.”  When asked if he keeps in touch with his former members, Kim Ki-bum answered, “I still talk to Heechul hyung. I’ve also met Donghae hyung this year. It was nice to see him.”

Kim Ki-bum was astonished by how the SM Entertainment building changed, commenting, “Look how much SM has changed.”

Latest News of Kim Ki-bum

Kim Ki-bum became active in the entertainment world after a long hiatus. The former member of Super Junior discussed his life after leaving SM Entertainment in 2015 in the latest episode of “Two Feet Life”. While attending the press conference for the show, Kim Ki-bum became the hottest topic because his appearance has changed dramatically. The 1987-born artist also gave comments about him being trending.

“I don’t know. I just feel grateful that people are interested in me and remember me. I tell myself to not blame myself for time passing, and I think that I might’ve been a little more hurt if people hadn’t been interested.” Kibum commented.

Kim Ki-bum then explained about his long hiatus. He told about his career after leaving the agency that quite raised his name as an idol and actor.

“After leaving SM Entertainment, I worked alone for a year. I drove myself. I thought that I would be too tired while driving, so I rode the staff’s bus to get around. I learned that this wasn’t something I can do alone and tried to do things I couldn’t do before. While doing these things, I learned about gratefulness.” he said.

Lee Joo-seung, who appeared with Kim Ki-bum, also asked about projects he had starred in. “From what I remember, didn’t you try to promote in Korea but many projects fell apart?” asked Lee Joo-seung.

“I tried a lot in my own way. I filmed dramas, but they didn’t air. I filmed about three dramas that didn’t air. I filmed at least one drama a year, but they weren’t shown to the public.” concluded Kim Ki-bum.

Meanwhile, Kim Ki-bum last starred in the drama “I Love Lee Tae Ri” in 2012. Previously he also appeared in several dramas. But it cannot be denied if his career as an actor is not very successful.


That was all for the information about the reason why Kim Ki-bum ended his contract with SM Entertainment and decided to leave his group and also his career after left SM Entertainment and Super Junior. Don’t forget to give your thoughts in the comments below!