Former Super Junior Member Kim Ki-bum: What’s He Been Doing Since He Left The Group?


Let’s Meet the Former Member of Super Junior who has an Innocent and Charming Face: Kim Ki-bum

Kim Ki-bum was born on August 21, 1987, in Seoul, South Korea. When he was ten years old, he and his family moved to Los Angeles, California. He is a South Korean actor and singer. He first appeared in the Korean television drama April Kiss in 2004. Although he first appeared as an actor, his career skyrocketed as a singer after debuting with Super Junior in 2005, under SM Entertainment. He’s better known by his stage name, Kibum. He is the second-youngest member in the group Super Junior, after Kyuhyun.

In 2010, Kibum did not participate in making Super Junior’s 4th album, because he was focused on acting. However, Kibum said he would never leave Super Junior, who had raised his name. In 2015, SM Entertainment announced that Kim Ki-bum had ended his contract with SM Entertainment and decided to leave the group.

In this article, Channel-Korea will explain to you about the reason Kim Ki-bum ended his contract with SM Entertainment and decided to leave his group and also his career after left SM Entertainment and Super Junior. So, stay tuned!

Kim Ki-bum’s Official Departure From Super Junior

After six years of hiatus from Super Junior’s activities, Kim Ki-bum made a pretty surprising announcement. The idol suddenly said goodbye to SM Entertainment. Through his personal Instagram account, Kibum posted a thank-you note as well as a farewell to his agency. Seeing these sights, fans have speculated about if the celebrity is planning to leave the group.

“August 18, 2015. Finished with S.M Ent. Let’s start a new life …! For a time together, SM, thank you,” Kibum wrote as reported by Soompi.

Since Super Junior released the song Sorry Sorry, Kibum has rarely participated in promotions. Shortly afterwards, SM Entertainment announced that it would be a vacuum from group activities and focus more on individual activities.

Previously, when making a comeback with the song Devil, Super Junior briefly discussed Kim Ki-bum’s status, and the members said that they still maintain good relations with him. Eunhyuk also revealed when he was on a variety show, that Super Junior would definitely receive Kibum back anytime. But apparently, this will not happen in the near future.

Kibum has been officially discharged from SM Entertainment. As partners, several members had shown their support for Kibum. For example, Heechul previously invited Kibum to meet, while Eunhyuk followed Kibum’s latest Instagram account.

And this time the support was given by Ryeowook. Ryeowook wrote a sweet, heartwarming message for Kibum through his Twitter.

“Kibum-ah, I will always support you !. I hope you will be happier elsewhere ~ Hopefully the memories of our activities as Super Junior will be remembered forever ^^.”

Netizen Reactions

Many ELF (the name for Super Junior fans) claimed not to be hurt by Kibum’s decision. Some say that, from the beginning, Kibum did not intend to join with Super Junior, but there are also those who say that Kibum has worked hard since his debut with SuJu.

“Didn’t he enter Super Junior just for a project? He worked hard over the contract and left nothing wrong,” commented the netter. “Kibum has worked hard since his debut, there is no reason to swear at him. I hope he is successful now,” added another. “We already knew that he would go. He participated in all the shows and concerts before leaving, too,” another exclaimed.

The Reason Kim Ki-bum Left SM Entertainment

South Korean boy-group, Super Junior was debuted in 2005 with 13 members. But now, the group under the management of SM Entertainment has only 11 members since two members, Han Geng and Kim Ki-bum, decided to leave SM Entertainment and Super Junior.

In contrast to Han Geng, who left because of a dispute with SM Entertainment, Kibum actually split up after his contract ended. But since his debut, Kibum has only been involved in three Super Junior albums, the last being the album “Sorry Sorry” in 2009.

After releasing “Sorry Sorry”, Kibum decided to go on a temporary hiatus and pursue a solo career as an actor, starring in several dramas. But, apparently, the 31-year-old idol never returned to join Super Junior and instead announced his intention to leave after his contract ended in 2015.

Starred in Chinese Film, My Kitchen Lover



Lao Guai (Yuen Wah) is a traditionalist who invented a method to appease the crayfish and to use the healing power of love. Xiao Yu (Xu Shendong), an internet star, is an advocate of the new ways. Both ways co-exist at a restaurant called Odd Customers. One day, an odd customer does arrive. He is Wind (Kim Ki-bum), a top star who runs away from the pressure and goes into hiding at the crayfish restaurant, bringing along a whole set of troubles and a mystery killer.

Starred in Chinese Drama, Lucky Tianbao

A Virtual Voyage

“Lucky Tianbao” is Kim Ki-bum’s second Chinese drama. He just finished shooting for another drama, “Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils”, with Chinese actor Wallace Chung. Kim Ki-bum plays Tianbao, the happiest youngest son of a prominent family who gets jealousy from his older brother, causing a lot of soap opera drama for everyone involved.


This is Zhu Tian Bao’s legend. He is the second son of Prince Jian Xing and his brother is Zhu Tian Xiang. The story begins when Yang Ruo Nan learns that he is marrying the eldest son, Tian Xiang, when he wants to marry Tian Bao. Tian Bao didn’t like it and left town. Ruo Nan silently followed him, and although Tian Bao knew, he did nothing. Then he enters the brothel and shows him what kind of person he is. Through this, he met Meng Xiao Die, who was brought to town by his teacher, Du San Niang. Seeing the closeness between Tian Bao and Xiao Die, Ruo Nan then left. However, to clear up the misunderstanding, Tian Bao tried to find Xiao Die. At that moment he fell from a cliff and lost his memory. His brother snatched his throne, and there was a misunderstanding that had to be resolved with Xiao Die. Many challenges await “Lucky Tian Bao”.

Signed with Clover Company

Kim Ki-bum, a former member of Super Junior, has rarely been heard of in recent years. His last project was to appear in the Chinese film “My Kitchen Lover”. Now Kibum has officially joined a new agency. Through the official website, it was announced that Kim Ki-bum joined the Clover Company.


If we open the Clover Company official website (, we can see profiles and listings of programs, films, and dramas that have starred Kibum.

Besides that, fans can send letters to Kibum through his new agency to the address of Clover Company, No.201, 41 Sunreong-ro 121-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, KOREA, Postal Code 06101.