Super Junior Kim Heechul’s Ideal Type of Woman

TWICE’s Momo

Lastly, a female celebrity that Heechul has admitted as his ideal type is the Japanese member of the current girl group TWICE, Momo Hirai. During TWICE’s appearance on MBCevery1’s Weekly Idol, Heechul was seen going crazy over Momo’s beauty and ‘Nikonikoni’ aegyo (Heechul’s favorite character from the anime Love Live!) which made his heart rate go through the roof.

Heechul and Momo met once again on jTBC’s Knowing Brother where Heechul created his famous Momo dance, imitating her singing and dancing in “Cheer Up.” When asked about Heechul’s imitation, Momo said that Heechul indeed knows the point moves and lyrics, even better than herself, so there is nothing to fix.

Heechul’s adoration towards Momo is proven once again when he appeared on MBC’s Living Together in Empty Room. He introduced his pet, a Shiba Inu dog named Zorr, which prompted Block B’s P.O to ask, “Why did you name it Zorr?” Heechul replied that the name comes from Momo’s first line in TWICE’s “Cheer Up.” Aww, that’s an adorable way to name a pet, don’t you agree?