Super Junior Kim Heechul’s Ideal Type of Woman

Goo Ha-ra

Though never mentioned as his ideal type, it is known that Heechul has been asking Goo Ha-ra to marry him. The scandalous fact was revealed during Goo Ha-ra’s Knowing Brother appearance in November 2017. During the segment ‘Guess About Me’, Ha-ra asked, “What do you think Heechul said every time we shot a television show together as co-hosts?” The regular guests attempted hilarious answers until Seo Jang-hoon was the one who got it right, “Ha-ra, do you want to marry me?” which made Heechul panic and deny it right away.

However, Ha-ra kept insisting that Heechul indeed asked such question, “You definitely whispered ‘Ha-ra let’s get married’ or ‘Ha-ra do you want to marry me’ every time we saw each other.” Heechul then fired back saying that Ha-ra is not his ideal type to which Ha-ra replied, “You are not my ideal type either.” The playful bickering between Heechul and Ha-ra made the remaining cast wonder whether they were seeing each other.

Well, do you think Heechul was just joking about his proposal to Goo Ha-ra?