Super Junior Kim Heechul’s Ideal Type of Woman

Who Is Super Junior’s Heechul’s Ideal Type?

It seems undeniable that Kim Heechul is one of the most popular Super Junior members along with Siwon and Leeteuk. In terms of domestic popularity, Heechul is known by both K-pop enthusiast and the public due to his hosting skills on multiple variety shows. Though recognized as the feminine member during his earlier debut, Heechul is just like any other man who adores women as he consistently mentions several female idols as his ideal type. In this article, we will dig out the female celebrities named as his ideal type. So, keep reading!

Ahn So-hee

The first female celebrity that Heechul has constantly mentioned as his ideal type is none other than Wonder Girls’ former member Ahn So-hee. Back in December 2011, Heechul expressed his adoration towards So-hee to which she extended her gratitude during her appearance on KBS2’s Doodurim, “I feel grateful (that he kept a photo of me in his cabinet during his training time). However, I have not seen him in person recently.”

In the previous year, both Heechul and So-hee appeared on SBS’s Family Outing Season 2. In an episode, Heechul sang Let You Go by TRAX for So-hee, and she replied by dancing to Single Ladies by Beyonce.

The performance was brought up once again in March 2018 when So-hee guested on JTBC’s Knowing Brother, a variety show that Heechul regularly guests on. He said that So-hee’s presence is like an oasis in the middle of the rough entertainment industry.

So-hee did not instantly believe him as she replied, “In previous episodes (of Knowing Brothers), you are always saying you like a lot of women from TWICE’s Momo, Ha Yeon-soo, Goo Ha-ra… Let’s settle this today. Who do you really like?” The blunt question made other regular guests like Kang Ho-dong, Lee Soo-geun, and Boom initiated a game regarding the female celebrities Heechul has named as his ideal type. In the final match, So-hee faced up against TWICE’s Momo. Thanks to Boom’s imaginative role play, Heechul ended up choosing So-hee as the final winner. After their appearance on the show, Heechul uploaded a picture with Sohee with the caption, “King wang zzang [the best] mandu [dumplings] Ahn So-hee”.

In November 2016, Heechul reaffirmed So-hee as his ideal type during his appearance on tvN’s Taxi, “Since I have intense double eyelids, I like women with no double eyelids. It has been years since So-hee became my ideal type. However, I have never met her outside of work.” When the host Lee Young-ja asked him how he would feel if So-hee was dating fellow Knowing Brother cast member Min Kyung-hoon, Heechul was speechless and did not reply to the question. Well, we guess that he likes So-hee so much that he never dares to imagine such a scenario!