Find out Who Super Junior Kim Heechul’s Girlfriend Is and About His Dating Scandal!

Kim Heechul gave a lot of hints about his ex-girlfriend and how he managed his breakup. It was making the other guests, Lee Soo-geun and Kangnam, curious about Kim Heechul’s reaction, and they asked him repeatedly who exactly his ex-girlfriend was that he talked about before. But, once again, Kim Heechul refused to say.

In March of 2018, Kim Heechul appeared on KBS’s One Percent Friendship, and he talked a bit about the female idols he’s dated so far.

Kim Heechul asked a special guest some questions in one segment of the show.  The guest was Joo Jin-woo, Korea’s most powerful and influential reporter from Sisa IN. When the time for Kim Heechul’s interview had ended, Joo Jin-woo asked a question of Kim Heechul in return. But, what the reporter asked was a very sensitive question. He asked about how many people Heechul had dated.

“I have dated enough that I would make sure I do not fall behind the others.” This sentence means that Kim Heechul’s dating record is high compared to other celebrities.

Meanwhile, the host of the program, MC Ahn, asked Kim Heechul with a little pressure to make him answer straightforwardly, “To be honest, how many famous female celebrities have you ever dated? Just don’t be coy and relaxed, let’s talk about numbers.”

This time, Kim Heechul showed his shyness and got embarrassed. “You might think it will be two digits, but it’s actually only one,” he answered shortly.

The other MC reacted to Kim Heechul’s answer, guessing, “I see, so it must be a total of 9 women, isn’t it?”

The MC still didn’t look satisfied with the answer they received and asked Kim Heechul once more for a detailed answer about his ex-girlfriends, “It is obvious that the girls you have been dating come from a few members of girl groups, right?”

Meanwhile, Kim Heechul figured out the best way to stop the curiosity of the hosts and quit being pressured, saying, “I’ve actually dated different celebrities who worked in the entertainment industry and they’re not only coming from girl groups.”

Kim Heechul must be a very kind and good person behind his public personality since he seems to like to flirt with many girls and tease them. He loves taking care of and protecting the ones who are close to him like little sisters. Currently, no one seems to know the identity of Kim Heechul’s ex-girlfriend.

Well, let’s hope that Kim Heechul will finally get a girlfriend who truly loves him, no matter what, and will take care of him despite his busy schedule as an idol and entertainer. Be careful of Heenim, the savage king!