Super Junior’s Kim Heechul’s Girlfriend and His Dating Rumors

Kim Heechul’s Dating Rumors

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Heechul is close with so many celebrities and idols in the South Korean entertainment industry. It is not common for celebrities to have friends publicly across different genders. Because of that, there are so many rumors about his romantic relationships with many people. From actresses to idols, let’s see Kim Heechul’s dating rumors below!

Kim Heechul’s Dating Rumors With Ivy (Park Eun-hye)

In December of 2009, Ivy appeared as a guest on MBC’s Shin Dong and Kim Shin Young’s Shim Shim Tapa, and the actress revealed that she had been rumored to be in a relationship with Kim Heechul back in 2007. But, both Kim Heechul and Ivy denied the rumors, which faded away over time.

Ivy and Kim Heechul were still able to be good friends, but the scandal also meant that Kim Heechul suddenly stopped contacting her. Ivy added that Kim Heechul was changed after the scandal, and changed his phone number without letting Ivy know.

“I tried calling him, but another girl on the line was picking up the phone. Then, I realized he (Kim Heechul) had already changed his phone number. To be honest, it was really mean,” Ivy said in a sarcastic statement, expressing her disappointment.

Kim Heechul’s Dating Rumors With SNSD’s Kim Taeyeon

Super Junior’s Heechul and Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon are suspected to be dating despite being close friends for more than 10 years. Netizens have suspected that they were having secret dates, and the rumors they were dating became huge from time to time when they are caught going out by fans who would upload photos of the pair on social media.

However, Kim Heechul was filming inside the Girls Generation’s waiting room and walked towards where Kim Taeyeon sat.  He said, “This is my younger sister that I love a lot.” While he introduced Kim Taeyeon as his younger sister, Kim Heechul then added, “If she were drowning, I would definitely risk my own life to save her.”

It was proven that Kim Taeyeon and Kim Heechul were just friends, and they have a really strong friendship with each other.

Kim Heechul’s Dating Rumors With G-Friend’s Yerin

In March 2015, a South Korean media source, X Sport News, released breaking news with the title “Kim Heechul Holding Hands To COEX with G-Friend’s Yerin.” The headline news left the whole nation and all the Super Junior fans, ELF, in shock.

However, the misunderstanding came from the headline being written in hangul. The name G-Friend is written as 여자친구, which translates to girlfriend. The member of the girl-group who was involved in the dating rumor with Kim Heechul and was caught holding hands with him was Yerin.

They weren’t seeing each other, but Kim Heechul filmed a music video for M&D, which is a sub-unit group in SM Entertainment with TRAX’s Jungmo and Kim Heechul as members. Meanwhile, G-Friend’s Yerin was chosen to be a model for M&D’s music video and play Kim Heechul’s girlfriend.

Kim Heechul’s Dating Rumors With Ex-Wonder Girls’ Ahn Sohee

Super Junior’s Heechul has been known to be a fan of Ahn So-hee from Wonder Girls. When Kim Heechul finally met the former member of Wonder Girls on an episode of JTBC’s Knowing Brothers, Kim Heechul was nearly put into the corner while he confessed that he’s had a long-term crush on Ahn Sohee for 10 years.

Kim Heechul also revealed that Ahn Sohee is his ideal type, and he even brought a picture of her to the military with him when he joined the enlistment in 2011.

At first, Kim Heechul used his best weapon and teased Ahn Sohee with his pick-up lines by saying, “This industry is a rough business, but your presence is like an oasis.”

Kim Heechul made the whole studio laugh, including Ahn Sohee, the one who was the target of the lines. When Ahn Sohee teased Kim Heechul, she called on him to think about the female guests and choose who’s the best among them.

“I was watching every episode of Knowing Brothers, and there were a lot of female guests who came, and you’re always saying that you like a lot of women.”

Ahn Sohee continued straight into her question for Kim Heechul, “From Twice’s Momo, Ha Yeon-soo, and Goo Hara, let’s get this done today. Which one do you really like?”

As another guest on the episode, Boom helped Kim Heechul pick between the girls who Ahn Sohee mentioned. They used a little bit of imaginative role-play to decide which girl best catches Kim Heechul’s attention. The answer surprised the whole studio when Kim Heechul finally chose Ahn Sohee as the winner.

Kim Heechul was embarrassed, seeing the reactions from his fellow members and Ahn Sohee. I can’t even look Sohee in the eyes right now,” Kim Heechul expressed shortly after being so shy about his previous confession to Ahn Sohee.

Well, let’s hope that Kim Heechul will finally get a girlfriend who truly loves him, no matter what, and will take care of him despite his busy schedule as an idol and entertainer. If you like this article, please spread it out to your social media so more people will know about Heechul’s love life. Make sure to check out other articles from Channel Korea about your favorite K-pop idols too. Cheers!