Find out Who Super Junior Kim Heechul’s Girlfriend Is and About His Dating Scandal!

Kim Heechul With SNSD’s Kim Taeyeon

The two idols from Super Junior and Girls’ Generation are known for being close friends for more than 10 years and are more likely to have a relationship that’s more than friends. Netizens have suspected that they were having secret dates, and the rumors they were dating became huge from time to time when they are caught going out by fans who would upload photos of the pair on social media.

The two of them look like a couple who are going out for a date, and they don’t hesitate to share their moments with the public.

Meanwhile, in April 2015, Kim Heechul showed his love for Taeyeon on an episode of Mnet’s 4 Thing Show. Kim Heechul showed the audience a concert arena in the Philippines while he walked inside the Girls’ Generation waiting room and saw Kim Taeyeon.

Kim Heechul was filming inside the Girls Generation’s waiting room and walked towards where Kim Taeyeon sat.  He said, “This is my younger sister that I love a lot.” While he introduced Kim Taeyeon as his younger sister, Kim Heechul then added, “If she were drowning, I would definitely risk my own life to save her.”

Kim Taeyeon didn’t respond to Kim Heechul’s jokes, and when she had a chance to describe him, Kim Taeyeon described him as ‘미친개’ which means ‘Absolutely Insane’ in English.

It was proven that Kim Taeyeon and Kim Heechul were just friends, and they have a really strong friendship with each other.