Find out Who Super Junior Kim Heechul’s Girlfriend Is and About His Dating Scandal!

Super Junior Kim Heechul’s Girlfriend and Dating Scandal

Kim Heechul is known as a flirt king when it comes to women. This member of the legendary K-Pop boy-group, Super Junior, was born in Hoengseong, Gangwon-do, South Korea on July 10th, 1983. He’s a playful guy, and likes to hang out with a lot of girls, but they’re all just friends of his, and not people he’s seeing. Kim Heechul also makes people curious about his dating life because he’s always teasing girls with his signature flirting, which is his secret weapon for attracting girls, just like he did on every episode in JTBC’s Knowing Brothers.

Well, if you’re curious about Kim Heechul’s relationship, or if he’s ever dated someone in the past, let’s scroll down and check out who the girls are that have been involved in a dating scandal with Kim Heechul, below!

Does Kim Heechul Have a Girlfriend?

There was a rumor spread, back in 2014, that Kim Heechul was dating someone special, although the girl’s identity stayed unknown. According to Kim Heechul’s fanbase, the idol sunbaenim (refer to someone who’s having a higher level in any field) was confirmed to be dating someone, and they had been together for about two years.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you see it), this news was incorrect. It was only to tease the idol into confirming his dating status immediately. SM Entertainment,  Kim Heechul’s agency, hasn’t confirmed anything regarding whether the idol is, or was, dating, and no one knows if Kim Heechul has a girlfriend.

Kim Heechul’s Dating Rumors

Ivy (Park Eun-hye)

Ivy is a South Korean actress who was born as Park Eun-hye (hangul: 박은혜). She’s best known for starring in Korean dramas such as Dae Jang Geum, Pink Lipstick, and her latest drama, Sweet Enemy, in 2017. Ivy gained her popularity in China after she starred in the drama Dae Jang Geum in 2003, and also played the lead role in a Taiwanese drama, titled Silence, in 2006, with the Taiwan superstar, Vic Zhou.

In December of 2009, Ivy appeared as a guest in MBC’s ‘Shin Dong and Kim Shin Young’s Shim Shim Tapa’, and the actress revealed that she had been rumored to be in a relationship with Kim Heechul, back in 2007.

It all started with the ‘Ivy Syndrome’ that swept the nation when the whole country was stunned by Ivy’s popularity after she had just released a song, and was getting so much attention from so many people. That was when Ivy became a superstar and made her name in the entertainment industry. That was also when her dating rumors with Kim Heechul first broke out. The two were reported to have had a romantic relationship, but both Kim Heechul and Ivy denied the rumors, and they just faded away over time.

The sexy actress and singer, Ivy, shared that after the dating rumors died down, she and Kim Heechul were still able to be good friends, but the scandal also meant that Kim Heechul suddenly stopped contacting her. Ivy added that Kim Heechul was changed after the scandal, and changed his phone number without letting Ivy know.

“I tried calling him but another girl on the line was picking up the phone. Then I realize he (Kim Heechul) is already changed his phone number. To be honest, it was really mean.” Ivy said in a sarcastic statement, expressing her disappointment.

Kim Heechul was known as Ivy’s #1 fan, and in reaction to Kim Heechul’s shady moves,  Ivy once tried to bump into him (intentionally or not) during a broadcast. Ivy jokingly said to Kim Heechul that he should be careful, and to watch his step while walking. Of course, this moment caught netizen’s attention, and many of them reacted harshly to Ivy and said, “Can’t she take a hint that Kim Heechul is already pulled himself away?”, “Ivy must be very lonely”, and “Wow, Ivy came out pretty good- and then I realized that it was Kim Heechul.”