Get Closer to Super Junior Member Kangin: Profile, Facts, Relationships, and Diet

How Is Kangin Now?

Kangin has already been on a 2-year hiatus since his second D.U.I. During this time, he has never appeared on TV shows or posted on his social media accounts. The last photo he uploaded on his Instagram account was on May 19, 2016. SM Entertainment declared that Kangin will be temporarily inactive in order to give him introspection time.

After the hiatus started, Kangin did some procedures at the police station due to his case. In September 2017, Super Junior Yeesung uploaded a photo with Super Junior members Kangin, Donghae, Eunhyuk, and Choi Siwon. The last three were just discharged from military duty. In this happy moment, netizens criticized them for drinking alcohol at this reunion because Kangin was put on a hiatus because of his second D.U.I. It is unfortunate that after this reunion, Kangin got in trouble once again for assaulting a woman while he was drunk, as described above.

In April 2018, fans saw him like some uploaded photos of another Super Junior member. In the photos, Kangin looked thinner than before. He didn’t shave his mustache and beard. He didn’t even put any makeup on, but he still looked good as usual. Fans are glad that Kangin is still doing okay during his hiatus time.

In July 2018, fans were surprised because Kangin uploaded his first photo since his hiatus. He shared a heart-shaped hand on his Instagram with a monkey emoticon for the caption. This photo gained 215 thousand likes and supporting comments from his fans. He also uploaded his dog’s photo on August 1, 2018. His fans are missing him so much. Even though many mistakes were made by Kangin, there are still many people who love him and are still waiting for his comeback with Super Junior.