Get Closer to Super Junior Member Kangin: Profile, Facts, Relationships, and Diet


During his active years as an idol member of Super Junior, Kangin was involved in some controversies. Those mistakes even made some Super Junior fans (called ELF) ask SM Entertainment on fandom sites to fire Kangin because he was a bad influence to Super Junior.

1. MBC Conflict (2007)

This conflict was not directly started by Kangin but was between his agency SM Entertainment and MBC. SM Entertainment insisted that Kangin should stay in SBS’s program Explorers of the Human Body instead of MBC’s Sunday Sunday Night Dong-An Club which Kangin was a regular host on. This made MBC ban Super Junior from appearing in future performances on MBC. Kangin also no longer hosted MBC’s variety show Nothing Is Impossible until the conflict was solved. MBC demanded to receive an apology from SM Entertainment if they want their artists to continue performing on MBC.

A week later, MBC announced Super Junior’s filming of the exclusive MBC segment Giving Children a New Life. The entertainment director of MBC said that the Super Junior ban was never official, and it was just from the program’s producer.

2. First Assault Case (2009)

On September 16, 2009, Kangin was involved in a fight with two men outside a bar in Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. A witness said that the two men entered the room where Kangin and his friends were and began arguing. Kangin left the bar, and the two men followed him. They then began to fight. Kangin and the other four suspects were brought to the police for investigation. One of the suspects insisted that Kangin assaulted him. But, it was later proven that Kangin only defended himself.

Because of this case, Kangin was dropped as the main model of Andre Kim’s fashion show. Also, all of his future activities were postponed.

3. First Driving Under the Influence Charge (2009)

On October 16, 2009, around 3 am, Kangin bumped into a parked taxi with no one inside and then left the accident. His actions were caught and he was brought to the police station five hours later. He was found drunk at the time. In summary, he was indicted for a hit-and-run while drunk driving and fined ₩8 million by the Seoul Central District Court.

After this accident, SM Entertainment and Kangin made a public apology. All of Kangin’s activities were canceled until the end of the year. In January 2013, Kangin appeared as a model for a new clothing company.

4. Second D.U.I. (2016)

On May 24, 2016, with his Mercedes-Benz car, Kangin was involved again in a D.U.I. case. He confessed that he hit something, but he wasn’t aware of the traffic light. Because of this accident, he was investigated for around 2 hours. On September 7, 2016, Kangin had his trial at Seoul Central District Prosecutors and was sentenced to pay a ₩7 million fine.

As a result of this accident, SM Entertainment decided to place him on a hiatus to take some introspection time.

5. Second Assaulted Case (2016)

During his hiatus time, once again, Kangin was involved in an assault case. On November 17, 2016, Gangnam police brought Kangin to the office because he was reported of assaulting a woman in a room salonMany people suspect the woman was Kangin’s girlfriend or a waitress.

Due to this case, SM Entertainment made an official apology because Kangin caused problems during his hiatus time, and the statement given for this case was that there was an intense argument that led to a misunderstanding until the police became involved. They said that the problem was solved between the two people involved before the police arrived on the scene.