Super Junior Reveals Their Ideal Type, What Kind of Women Do They Like?

Donghae’s Ideal Type

Date With

Donghae said in the magazine Date With Vol.1 that he like girls with pretty fingers. Personality-wise, he likes the dignified and pure type, but also sexy at the same time. Along with Leeteuk and Eunhyuk, Donghae also joined XtvN’s Super TV, where he picked the Canadian actress, Rachel McAdams, as his ideal type.

Kyuhyun’s Ideal Type


On January 23rd, 2013, on MBC’s Radio Star, one of the MCs asked Kyuhyun, “among Girls Generation members, who have you dated before?” The members of Girls Generation, who were the guests, looked confused by the question. MC Yoon Jong Shin teased Kyuhyun by adding, ”When I drank a beer with Kyuhyun one day, he talked about Seohyun.” Kyuhyun explained, “People ask a lot of questions about Girls Generation to me. But really, they are just like my little sisters. But if you ask who my ideal girl type would have to be among Girls’ Generation, Seohyun is the one.”

Ryeowook’s Ideal Type


Ryeowook shared his ideal type during Sukira on January 10th, 2012, when a listener asked about his ideal type. He said “I like a woman who has goddess-like hairstyle”, Sungmin then asked, “Is it like Lady Jane’s hairstyle, then?”. “Yes, it is”, Ryeowook said. Sungmin teased him, “So Lady Jane is your type?”. The listener responded “Go hava a fight with Simon D!” (Lady Jane was with Rapper Simon D at that time), making both Sungmin and Ryeowook laugh.

Sungmin’s Ideal Type


On January 10th, 2012, along with fellow member Ryeowook, Sungmin also shared his ideal type. He said that women who tied their hair are pretty, but character-wise, he said he likes a woman who is kind-hearted, good at cooking, and just clicked with him. I guess he found them in Kim Sa-eun, his lovely wife.

Kangin’s Ideal Type

Date With

Kangin said that he must find someone that is able to understand him. If she isn’t as strong and smart as he is, then definitely not.

Yesung’s Ideal Type

Date With

In Date With Vol.1, he said that as his ideal type, he like girls who don’t have a powerful presence and aren’t self-centered. He’d like her to have light skin and a calm personality. Too much makeup or women with a sexy vibe aren’t really his type.

Zhoumi’s Ideal Type


Zhoumi said he’s looking for someone who understands his work and career. More than that, he wants someone who has really good chemistry with him and has a heart to heart conversation.