Super Junior Reveals Their Ideal Type, What Kind of Women Do They Like?

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Are You Curious About Super Junior’s Ideal Type?

Super Junior is one of Korea’s long-running groups. They have loyal fans, popularity, and good-looking members. All of those things make them attractive to women, but what kind of women attracts them? let’s find out!

Leeteuk’s Ideal Type


Super Junior’s leader, Leeteuk has a thing for women who work as an announcer or newscaster. To him, a news caster is another word for a woman who has both brains and looks. On the February 23th airing of XtvN‘s Super TV,  he shared: “I’ve turned 36 years old, so I’m seriously thinking about marriage. I love announcer types.” In the past, Leeteuk once shared that his ideal type was newscaster Kim Joo Hee, when they appeared on a TV program together.

Heechul’s Ideal Type


Back in the day, Heechul always chose Wonder Girls member, Ahn So Hee, as his ideal type. On March 3rd, 2018, on his program, JTBC’s Knowing Bros, Ahn So Hee joined the show. In one of the segments, he had a chance to play a game of ‘ideal-type world cup”. The game was to choose between several different people, and this time the final two choices came down to Twice Momo and So Hee. In the middle of the segment So Hee teased him by saying “But when I watched Knowing Bros, didn’t you say that you liked everyone? You said you like TWICE’s Momo, Goo Hara, Ha Yeon-soo, and etc.”

Before announcing his choice, fellow panelist Boom asked him to close his eyes and imagine the woman that would cook in his kitchen while waiting for him to come home from the airport, and who would that be. Heechul shouted Sohee’s name in the end, his ideal type for the last 10 years.

Eunhyuk’s Ideal Type


In Date With magazine, Vol.1, Eunhyuk said that he used to put emphasis on outer appearances, but now he cares more for internal characteristics. In XtvN’s Super TV, Eunhyuk blurted out that his ideal type was the model, Yano Shiho, who’s married Chu Sunghoon’s. He said, “I like Yano Shiho. She seems so nice as both mother and wife.” 

Shindong’s Ideal Type


On Kim Shin-young’s radio show MBC FM4U’s Hope Song at Noon, on January 2nd, 2017, Shindong was invited to talk about his experience with his military service. One of the questions he was asked was “what girl-group did you honestly watch the most during military service?” He answered, naming his fellow label-mates, Red Velvet. Unsatisfied by the answer, Kim Shin-young probed further,  “I know a lot about Shindong and know it’s not just because of a fellow squad member. I even know who your ideal type is among the members.” after that, Shindong admitted that he is a huge fan of Wendy. “My ideal type is Wendy. Looking at her from every aspect, I think she’d be a perfect wife,” He said.

Shiwon’s Ideal Type

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Even though he can be called Super Junior’s visual member, Shiwon said that he likes ordinary girls, not the cold ‘goddess’ type. in an interview with Cosmopolitan Magazine, he said“When getting to know each other, it’s not the physical conditions or the arrangement of the families that matter. It’s the warm feeling from the eyes, the smile that lets him know that you like him, the kind of warmth and peace that can put his mind to rest.” he added, “The looks of a woman is important but what she is thinking in her heart will be shown on her physical looks. Even though the first impression of physical looks is important, a terrible personality will quickly break the attraction that was brought forward by physical looks. Both looks and personalities are important, if you insist me to pick one, I will have a terrible headache.”

What a romantic guy!