Get To Know All Super Junior’s Adorable Pets: Leeteuk’s Dog Shim-koong, Heechul’s Cat Hee-bum and More


Details About Super Junior and Their Adorable Pets

Many of you already know that almost all Super Junior members have pets and that shows Super Junior members have an interest in caring for pets. And the combination of the members with each of their pets is like a big bunch of preciousness, guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Therefore, in this article, we will compile lists and moments between Super Junior members and their pets. Stay tuned!

Leeteuk’s Pet, Shinkoong


Shinkoong means “heart flutter” in Korean and Super Junior’s Leeteuk’s puppy definitely makes everyone feel “shinkoong” as it is so fluffy and cute. It is a white Maltese puppy and it often appears in Leeteuk’s personal Instagram and Super TV.

Shinkoong’s a tiny white fluff ball with the cutest black small eyes ever and who has a great sense of fashion.


Heechul’s Pet, Zorr


Heechul, a known animal-lover, already has two cats named Heebum and Cherry. They are totally uninterested in their new doggy sibling because now Heechul also has a puppy, and he might be the most stubborn puppy ever.

Even Heechul has commented on his home “becoming a zoo!” However, it seemed that Heechul had been looking for a puppy for a while. Luckily, Heechul found Zorr and decided the puppy was the perfect addition to the family!

Of course, puppies always tend to be rambunctious. Zorr is no different, especially when he ends up destroying a hallway in Heechul’s home. But, the best thing about Zorr and Heechul, though, is how much they love each other.


Yesung’s Pet, Kkoming and Melo


Super Junior’s Yesung has two dogs, Kkoming and Melo. Both of them are from the Pomeranian family but in different colors.

Yesung once shared stories about his pets on KBS‘ Hello Counselor. During the opening of the show, when Yesung was asked what he’s currently worried about, he replied, “I have two dogs. But they don’t like me.”

He explained, “They’ve never come when I would call them, not even once in five years. They go to my parents or my brother when they call them, though. I want to be closer friends with my dogs.”

But, Yesung always shows off his pet dogs through his social media accounts and ELFs definitely adore these 2 fluff balls as they are incredibly cute! And this is one of Instagram Live Yesung with Kkoming and Melo on October 1st, 2017.

Shindong’s Pet, Jja-boo


On October 13th, 2011, Super Junior’s Shindong introduced his adorable baby puppy to his fans via Twitter. He tweeted, “It’s the first time revealing our Jja-boo.” Jja-boo, his young pug, looks to be only a few months old.

Naturally, fans have been commenting on how cute Shindong’s puppy looks. “Like father, like son,” “OMG I want a baby pug too!” and “This is beyond adorable,” they said.


Donghae’s Pets, Bada and Mio


Unlike other members who often show their pets on their SNS, Donghae rarely even shows his interactions with his dogs. And there’s only this photo of Donghae with his dog.


Eunhyuk’s Pet, Choco


For this time it was very sad because, on April 27th, 2015, Eunhyuk lost his dog that he loved so much. Eunhyuk‘s dog Choco had been a long-standing member of the Super Junior family. On April 27th, after a long life of over thirteen years, Choco sadly passed away.

Choco was an adorable Pomeranian that had been with Eunhyuk since she was a puppy, and so she had been a part of the family even before the group debuted. She became ill in the last days of her life, and Eunhyuk posted a photo of Choco looking lethargic on his Instagram and asked fans to pray for her.

On April 27th, 2015, he posted on his Twitter to let everyone know that Choco had passed away. He said, “This morning, I buried Choco in my heart. Thank you to everyone who’s cared for her, treasured her, and prayed for her.”

Later, he tweeted again with a message for Choco: “I was the happiest when I called Choco’s name, and I felt the warmest when I held her. Thank you for leaving me with only happy memories. To my beloved Choco who shone in my life like a jewel, thank you for looking so beautiful as you passed away. Sleep well, Choco.”

Ryeowook also talked about Choco and his memories of her on the April 27th episode of his radio show Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio, and played a song that Eunhyuk requested titled “My Dog” by Yang Hee Eun. The song is about a treasured dog that passes away.

Fans were also mourning the loss of Choco, as she was something like a mascot for the group and was beloved by all. And this is a photo of Choco memories with the owner.


Siwon’s Pet, Bugsy


The amount of love Siwon has for his wonderful Bugsy is unreal. One of the most precious and pure things on this planet. But, Siwon must face an issue regarding his dog which bit a middle-aged woman in October 2017.

The bite of his dog caused Mrs. Kim, a businesswoman, to die afterward. Because of this issue, Si-won must be dropped out from his current drama Revolutionary Love in which he played a leading role at that time.


Ryeowook’s Pet, Ddabong


Ryeowook chose Ddabong as his pet, a small dog, not very lively compared to Sungmin’s. He wants to take care of things and wants to make people happy and dogs are really no exception. Ddabong eventually passed away and Ryeowook was outside in the hallway because he couldn’t handle it.

There is a video of Ryeowook with Ddabong. He cried so hard when Ddabong died and Yesung bought him another puppy.

Kyuhyun’s Pet, Error 404 Not Found


Kyuhyun doesn’t have pets because he just wants to annoy other members’ pets, lmao. But there are some photos showing Kyuhyun with animals.

We Heart It

Sungmin’s Pets, Ari, Ali & Kakao


Sungmin is raising dogs named Ali, Yorkshire, and there is also another Dachshund adopted by the name of Ari from Animal Farm. The name Ali captured the original Korean name which means “Fighting.” Although Ali is naughty, he never bites the sheets and damages the remote, but still, Sungmin is treating Ali with affection.

For Ari, adopted by Sungmin and Ryeowook from Animal Farm, compared to Ddabong, Ari is very healthy, and very agile, but also the most frequent cause of problems elsewhere, such as poop, pee, and even climbing to Lee Teuk’s bed and urinating on it. Although both “babies” give Sungmin a headache, in his heart Sungmin is very fond of her.

Latest News


Finally! Super Junior have already announced their return on October 14th, with their 9th album Time_Slip. This will be their first full group comeback (with all active members) since the members started enlisting back in 2011.


The kings are back and we are excited to see them back in full force!