#SunshineHobiDay! Check Out How BTS’ J-Hope Celebrated His Birthday with His Fans!


BTS member J-Hope surprised fans with a V live broadcast on his birthday. During a February 18th broadcast titled “Hang Out with J-Hope,” he told fans about what he had done and thanked them for their birthday greetings from his studio.

Many BTS fans were looking forward to J-Hope’s mixtape release, which he and his members submitted last year. J-Hope said, “I worked very hard for that. I thought I could say [it will be released] soon. I worked very hard. You can say that I spent all of last year’s on the mixtape.”

He added, “I think you will like it. I know the more I say things like this, the more you will anticipate them,” and gave fans a brief update about their upcoming music. J-Hope also mentioned that he had been busy working on the mixtape, attending the meeting, and said that he still had to mix the tracks.

BTS members convince fans that although the group sometimes surprises fans by releasing content at 12 a.m. KST, the mixtape won’t fall tonight and they have to sleep. J-Hope also did not forget to thank the fans for the trending hashtag “Where Hobbies Are the Place of Hope” for his birthday, a play on the lyrics of “Sea,” a hidden song on their album Love Yourself: Her. You can watch the video of J-hope’s V Live on this link.

Here are the greetings from the other members for J-Hope’s birthday:

BTS’ official birthday greeting for J-hope.

RM’s tweet for J-hope’s birthday. The caption is “# Hope this is a birthday #RM”

Jin’s tweet for J-hope’s birthday. The caption is “Our hope celebrates a birthday and I waited a year for this.”

Jimin’s tweet for J-hope’s birthday. The caption is “I’m not a hawk. I did not get it. #JIMIN #Congratulate Hobby’s birthday”


J-hope’s tweet for J-hope’s birthday. The caption is:

“Today, thanks to you, I start my day with a nice birthday that is meaningful as a pretty birthday.
I am happy to be your hope
Thank you 😊
Where there is hope, there must be a stone pavement.

Suga’s tweet for J-hope’s birthday. The caption is:

“Congratulations on the third birthday of #Hug # # Sugar brother #It was hard to find my old phone #Picture is cool #And I’m hungry”


V’s tweet for J-hope’s birthday. The caption is “🏖 # Hope’s birthday ᄎ ᄏ # 🐯”


Every group of friends knows that when it’s one of your BFF’s birthdays, you are required, by law, to surprise them. If you doubt this requirement, just ask BTS members, who are celebrating J-Hope’s 25th birthday with a complicated cake and, of course, a song.

As noted by Metro, J-Hope received a surprise visit from his band members, who were filming and broadcasting on V-Live (and later shared on Twitter by the BTS Army).

Of course, it’s not just the K-Pop group that is ready to wish you a happy birthday at midnight on February 18th J-Hope (at the time of South Korea) – but the fans are right with them. “I hope that whatever you wish when you blow your candles will come true,” wrote one fan, adding heart-eye emojis. Another tweeted, “Hopefully next year, it will be filled with lots of laughter, love, and happiness as you give us every day. We will always be here to support you and be grateful you have it!” You can watch the video of J-hope’s birthday above.

J-Hope also became a trending topic worldwide on Twitter, Monday (2/18/2019) at 12:56 KST. Reported from Soompi (2/18/2019), achieving this world trend topic was the result of ARMY’s (name for loyal BTS fans) in celebrating J-Hope’s 25th birthday (according to Korean age calculations).

Monday, February 18th, is indeed the anniversary of the singer who has the real name Jung Hoseok. To celebrate his birthday, ARMY enlivened Twitter by making a post using several agreed articles, namely #SunshineHobiDay, #MY_HOPE_JHOPE, #OurPieceOfPeace, #HAPPYJHOPEDAY, #Hoseok, and # J-Hope.

Besides ARMY, who enlivened the Twitter social media with posts about J-Hope, the agency, Big Hit Entertainment, also released a post on their Twitter account, @bts_bighit.

In the post, released at 00.00 KST or 10:00 WIB, the agency released a poster with pictures of J-Hope using suits with various poses. At the top of the poster is a saying, “HAPPY J-YEAR BIRTHDAY.”

Meanwhile, in the agency’s caption section,

(Happy Birthday)


#JjayyHooooope TeamLeaderJung #Hope #Hobi #HopeOn (the) S (treet) #WeHaveHope

Up to 8 hours after being released, the post got 30 thousand comments, 245 thousand retweets, and also 543 thousand likes.

J-Hope’s Birthday on V Live and His Sasaeng

February 18th is J-Hope’s birthday and ARMYs everywhere celebrate it. To celebrate, J-Hope held a birthday live streaming at midnight to be with ARMY when he became one year older. BTS finally surprised J-Hope with a birthday cake in his hotel room.

During this meeting, some eagle-eyed ARMY saw sasaeng fans peering into J-Hope’s hotel room. You can see them opening the door and taking pictures. The sasaeng posted his photos on Instagram but his account has since become private. This is a picture of sasaeng fans at the BTS hotel who followed them. Last week a sasaeng managed to face Jimin at their hotel too.

ARMY is angry because these fans can get access to BTS, they are calling out to Big Hit to increase security to protect BTS.

Donation on His Birthday

In celebration of the BTS’ dancer, J-hope, and the birthday of the main rapper on February 18th, ARMY fulfilled their desire to celebrate a special day from their Seasons Greetings diary – which is none other than giving a donation.

Fans made a meaningful contribution on February 14th to the Buk District of Gwangju City, also known as J-Hope’s home city. They gave a total of 128 sacks of rice, each containing ten kilograms and amounting to around 3.3 million won, which the district promised to distribute to neighbors who were unreachable from the city.

“It seems that J-Hope’s influence has inspired the fans and made this donation possible. We are very grateful to you for giving rice to those in need,” commented an official from the district.

In addition, Korean soldiers also donated pet food to animal shelters for abandoned dogs on the same day. With warm assistance from several soldiers, two shelters for abandoned animals received a total of 700 kilograms of dog food. BTS fans from other countries are also moving to give some of their own donations on time for idol’s birthdays, and many fans have wholeheartedly taken part in this birthday project dedicated to the members of BTS.