#SunshineHobiDay! Check Out How BTS’ J-Hope Celebrated His Birthday with His Fans!


Sunshine of BTS, J-Hope

Jung Ho-seok (Hangul: 정호석; born February 18th, 1994; age 25), better known as “J-Hope”, is a South Korean rapper, dancer, singer, songwriter and record producer. In 2013, J-Hope debuted as a member of the boy band from South Korea BTS, managed under Big Hit Entertainment. As one of the main composers for the group, he has 77 songs accredited to his name by the Korean Music Copyright Association. J-Hope released his first mixtape, Hope World, worldwide on March 1st, 2018. The album was received with a positive response, and its 63rd debut made it the highest K-Pop solo artist on the Billboard 200.

Let’s Celebrate #SunshineHobiDay!

As a member of one of the most famous South Korean boy bands, J-Hope’s birthday is always celebrated by many of his fans. Here is the journey of J-Hope’s birthdays, since 2014, when BTS already debuted, until now.


This is the first year J-hope celebrates his birthday as a member of BTS. That year, J-hope from BTS celebrated his 20th birthday (21st in Korea)! This means he finally left his teenage years. Fans celebrated on Twitter with “#BTSJHOPEDAY,” which was trending around the world in Asian countries, such as Japan, Vietnam, and Thailand. Not surprisingly, it also appears on a list of trends throughout the world.


Happy birthday to BTS member, J-hope, who was born on February 18th, 1994! BTS is celebrated by spam fans with a ton of messages and adorable pictures from the group and every member to J-hope! Their messages conveyed congratulations and support, as well as a ton of cuteness, showing how to love each other. Fans also celebrated on Twitter to the point of “#HappyHopeDay” topping the list of World Trends!

That year, there were no videos of J-Hope’s birthday celebration. However, J-Hope uploaded a video during his birthday. You can watch the video above.


And here is the photo of J-Hope with the other members on his birthday. J-hope and the other members are posing together.


A year older, on February 18th, 2016, J-Hope from BTS spoke with Focus News about being older and wiser. For starters, J-Hope said that turning 22 is bitter. “This is my third birthday since debut. This is exciting because it only happens once a year, but now I feel when asked what he hates and likes to hear on his birthday, J-Hope says he doesn’t like people asking, ‘Are you happy because it’s your birthday?’ Of course yes, this is my birthday!”

As for what he likes to hear, the singer says he likes to hear “Happy Birthday” from everyone. Although there have been so many good times since they debuted, J-Hope said that the most memorable birthday since his debut was when the band surprised him with a birthday message from his parents. “They told me that it was a schedule for the show, but then my parents showed up and I could not stop crying.”

To end the interview, J-Hope also sent a message to himself. “Age is just a number. Don’t worry about things like that and just be happy for every moment that you are loved. This is your most beautiful moment!”

Unfortunately, the video of J-Hope’s birthday that year can only be accessed by the V Live App as it has been uploaded on BTS’ official channel. You can visit this link to watch the full video.


It’s February 18th in Korea now, meaning this it’s BTS’ J-Hope’s birthday! As usual, at midnight, fans celebrated the birthday of the rapper with lots of love for the brightest member of the group, trending the tag “#happyhopeday” around the world on Twitter.

Then, on the evening of February 18th, it will be the first day of Seoul’s “Wings” BTS concert leg, and fans have begun to queue since the previous day. Challenging the cold temperatures, fans counted down until then it turned right at midnight on February 18th and sang a happy birthday song to J-Hope.

J-Hope also reached fans on his birthday, holding the V Live broadcast that started a little before his birthday and counted down for it. Members of the band, such as Jimin, Jungkook, V, and Jin joined him to wish him a happy birthday and Jin also gave J-Hope branded shoes as a gift. It would seem that it has turned into a tradition now after Jimin gave J-Hope a pair last year. You can watch the video above.

Unfortunately, Suga and Rap Monster couldn’t join the broadcast because it took place during their concert practice and the two were caught up in a meeting. However, they then uploaded a photo of J-Hope, according to tradition, to wish him a happy birthday. Rap Monster uploaded a photo collage he took on the set of their latest music video and put it, “Happy birthday to my friend.”


Suga uploaded a J-Hope selfie where he was dressed as “mother” for the group’s fan meeting video. He wrote it “Mrs. Yoon Ji. # I’m_Suga_Hyung #Happy_birthday_Hope #soul_partner #Sope # If_Suga_is_the_leader_then_it_s_Sope # If_J-Hope_then_Hote.” Yoon Ji is the name of the Suga female character from a girl broadcast by a high school where a party was dressed as Suga. Sope is the name of the unit of Suga and J-Hope.

The agency of BTS, Big Hit Entertainment, also uploaded their traditional photos for members’ birthdays, which showed a birthday boy surrounded by pictures and messages from other members.