Profile of SNSD’s Sunny (Height, Weight, Hairstyles, Dramas and Facts)

Dramas and Films of SNSD’s Sunny


Not only singing as an SNSD member and solo singer, Sunny also has acted in several dramas. Here is the list of her dramas and films that you may want to check out!

2008 – KBS2’s Unstoppable Marriage

2009 – MBC’s Tae-hee, Hye-kyo, Ji-hyun!

2011 – Fuji TV’s Sazae-san: Special 3

2012 – animated movie The Outback

2014 – animated movie Rio 2

Musical Dramas of SNSD’s Sunny


It seems like Sunny will never cease to amaze us because, besides singing and acting, Sunny also combines those two aspects into one by acting in musical dramas. Sunny’s talent as a theater actress is not a joke since she has been nominated twice, in 2012 and 2013, for the category of ‘Best New Actress’. Here is the list of her musical dramas that you may want to check out!

2012-2013 – Catch Me If You Can (as lead role Brenda Strong)

2014 – Singin’ in the Rain (as lead role Kathy Selden)

2016-2017 – Cafe-in ~Mr Sommelier Miss Barista (as the lead role)

SNSD’s Sunny’s Radio Show


Not only singing, acting, and performing in theater drama, Sunny also has experience as a radio DJ. Her first experience occurred in 2008 when she co-DJ’ed on Melon Chunji Radio with Super Junior’s Sungmin. Many fans shipped Sunny and Sungmin due to their similar cute images and close partnership. Unfortunately, Sunny’s job as the co-DJ finished in July 2008.

sunny sungmin

Sunny’s second working experience with radio shows occurred in 2014 when she was chosen as the solo DJ of MBC ‘FM4U’ which is named after herself as ‘Sunny’s FM Date’. When she was a radio DJ, Sunny won the Rookie Radio DJ Award on MBC Entertainment Awards in 2014. Sadly, the radio show had to come to an end one year later in 2015 due to Sunny’s busy schedule with other shows.

Get Inspired by the Hairstyles of SNSD’s Sunny


In this picture, Sunny poses cutely with a white toothbrush and cup. Her long wavy hair has a hint of brown highlighting which is seen by the light reflecting on her hair.


Sunny’s hair is slightly similar to the first image, but the curls of her hair are more apparent and the color of her hair is more dominated by brown instead of black. Sunny also has bangs on the right side which cover her forehead and make her overall face look slimmer and longer.


Here, Sunny looks chic by drastically changing her hair to blonde. Not only coloring her hair, Sunny also straightens her hair, making it look smooth and shiny. Don’t you agree that Sunny suits this kind of hairstyle?


Cutely, Sunny has ash pink on her long hair. The dual color suits Sunny’s milky skin and makes Sunny’s appearance up-to-date, don’t you think?


Here, Sunny turns up with SNSD members for G20 Summit in 2010 with her long hair being tied very high in a ponytail. Obviously, this hairstyle suits the formal event and can be your choice of styling, dear readers!


In this image, Sunny is readily smiling for a photoshoot with a side ponytail of her dark brown hair. Not only tying her hair, Sunny also curls it, making her appearance more girly and sleek to look at.


In SNSD’s “Oh!” MV, Sunny appears with colorful bands of pigtails and plaits on the crown of her head. Along with the usage of the red sun hat, this hairstyle certainly suits the merry atmosphere of the music video, don’t you think so?


Lastly, Sunny appears in SNSD’s “Party” MV with long red hair the cornrows in the left side. Many people praise the change of Sunny’s hair color as she looks like the Disney princess Ariel. Well, do you agree with the netizens about the resemblance between Sunny and Ariel, dear readers?