Get To Know Former Member of Sunny Hill, Mi-sung

Mi-sung’s Debut with Sunny Hill

Sunny Hill’s Mi-sung made her debut as a Sunny Hill member while the group was promoting the song “Midnight Circus”. As the main rapper, she received favorable reviews for her intense atmosphere and dark rap. In this era, Mi-sung became an additional member with Kota to join Sunny Hill.

During the hiatus, the members revealed that they studied music to hone their skills as singer-songwriters. The verses are very cheerful; they were fast, and twirling Sunny Hill’s tongue and the sound of the trumpets, the pounding of the drums, and as much nuance as the spectacle of a circus.

In January 2012, Sunny Hill released the maxi single “The Grasshopper’s Song” and Mi-sung started her activities to promote with the group, but she showed a strong visual by changing her hairstyle to short red hair. As a bonus, her parts have increased quite a lot. There is a part where she raps by herself in the middle, and this part on the stage is very cute. The story is generally pretty well known (especially if you’ve seen Pixar’s A Bug’s Life) as winter is coming, and the bugs know they have to work on saving food for the winter.

Originally, Sunny Hill’s Mi-sung was active mainly in rap, but in “Goodbye To Romance”, which was released in December 2012, there was no rap part at all, and Mi-sung was in charge in singing too. However, this song is different than the other because SeungAh wrote the lyrics.

“Goodbye To Romance” also tells about time to celebrate with friends, family, and loved ones. The magic of Christmas is lost because it seems to be gradually less significant each year. For many, it is a time to look back and reflect, and it is also a time to cherish memories of past years. This is the most nostalgic time of year because it reminds us of the joy we experienced as children.

In the music video for “Darling of All Hearts”, which was released in June 2013, Sunny Hill’s Mi-sung showed off playing alone and rolling the blankets. In addition, the rap part in this song is quite long, and unlike the last title song, “Goodbye To Romance”, the beautiful part from her image has increased a lot. “Darling of All Hearts” is also one of the songs with a different color that was successfully popularized by Sunny Hill.

In August 2014, Mi-sung was in charge of her part in “Lucky Strike a Punch!” in the second half of “Monday Blues” while promoting the song which was chosen to be the title song of their 1st regular album Sunny Blues Part. A. The look concept was well suited and received favorable reviews from fans.

When looking at the ability to be a rapper, the rap style uses their own bass to create a dark atmosphere. Honestly, the rhythmic feeling and the ability to ride the flow aren’t that good, but it has the advantage of exerting an appropriate influence when changing the atmosphere in one song.

Mi-sung often does rap in most songs, but she seemed to prefer heavy beats and flowing flows rather than fast beats or sharp flows. Perhaps because of that, if she merges with a low-pitched voice and the lapping of the beauty intervenes, Sunny Hill’s songs do not become intense, but rather create an atmosphere that darkens or subsides the slight difference between lead rapper Kota and her rap skill in dark lapping. In any case, it is clear that Mi-sung is an indispensable rapper in musical color.

Recently, Sunny Hill also mainly released ballad songs, the number of times Mi-sung also took on vocals has become increased. Although it is somewhat lacking than the existing vocals, she has the ability to perform a stable live as much as her own. Unlike the low-pitched rap style, it is impressive that her vocals have a feminine and aesthetic tone. More and more songs are being written. She writes not only the lyrics of the rap, but also the entire song.

Mi-sung’s Leaving Sunny Hill

sunny hill misung profile

Mi-sung joined the group in 2010 and left due to personal reasons in 2019 along with another member, Jubi. This was revealed at the same time after Sunny Hill moved to a new management, BOD Entertainment.

After leaving the group, Mi-sung is now busy with her new job as a composer and lyricist for some of the most popular K-Pop groups today. It turns out that Sunny Hill’s Mi-sung is very talented, right? Fans can also see new updates from Mi-sung with her latest activities on her Instagram (@im__mimi), or YouTube channel (Lee Mimi). Please give positive responses and leave nice comments on her social media!

Well, that was all the information about Sunny Hill’s Mi-sung: starting from her profile, fun facts, career journey with Sunny Hill, to her latest activities as a composer and lyricist. Let’s give Mi-sung support so that her future career can shine brightly and she can be happy too!

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