Get To Know Former Member of Sunny Hill, Mi-sung

sunny hill misung profile

The Main Dancer Of Sunny Hill, Lee Mi-sung: Full Profile, Fun Facts, Career Journey With The Group

Sunny Hill is a K-Pop group that is known for having a variety of different concepts when they have comebacks all the time. Sunny Hill is also a group that continues to find challenges to remain stable in the Korean entertainment industry. The group which originally debuted in 2007 with the CO-ED concept of the group has also repeatedly changed label managements and has also made member changes to maintain their career journey.

In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with detailed information about one of the members of Sunny Hill, Mi-sung. The member who was born in 1986 has good rapping skills and gives great performances when on stage. Now, is Mi-sung currently in Sunny Hill? Let’s take a look at Mi-sung’s full profile, facts, and career journey in the entertainment industry with Sunny Hill, in the article below!

Sunny Hill’s Mi-sung’s Full Profile

sunny hill misung profile

Real Name: Lee Mi-sung (Hangul: 이미성)

Stage Name: Mi-sung (Hangul: 미성)

Birthday: April 13th, 1986

Star Sign: Aries

Height: 168 cm (5’6″)

Weigh : 47 kg (104 lbs)

Position in the group: Vocalist, Main Rapper, Main Dancer

Active Period: Sunny Hill (2011–2018)


  • Department of Aeronautics
  • Department of Broadcasting Entertainment

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Sunny Hill’s Mi-sung’s Facts

sunny hill misung profile
  1. Sunny Hill’s Mi-sung was added to the group while they were promoting “Pit-a-Pat” in 2011
  2. Sunny Hill’s Mi-sung wrote the lyrics to “Here I Am”
  3. Sunny Hill’s Mi-sung used to be a trainee for girl group Rainbow for a year
  4. Sunny Hill’s Mi-sung’s vocal range is primarily in low tones
  5. Sunny Hill’s Mi-sung has two younger sisters
  6. Sunny Hill’s Mi-sung appeared in Zia and Lee Hae-ri’s “If You Love Me” music video
  7. Sunny Hill’s Mi-sung said that LOEN is the best producer
  8. Sunny Hill’s Mi-sung wrote the lyrics and composed the songs “Let’s Talk About”, “Bad Boy”, “3-OUT”, “Love Cell”, “Here I Am”, “Role Model”, and “Two Ways”
  9. Sunny Hill’s Mi-sung also took part in writing other K-Pop songs’ lyrics, such as for Brown Eyed Girls’ “Fractal” (2015), Brown Eyed Girls’ and Zea’s “It’s You” (2016), Uhm Jung-hwa’s “Willow” (2016), INFINITE’s “Confession” (2018)
  10. Sunny Hill’s Mi-sung was also in charge of making popular K-Pop group songs that were released in 2020, such as Rocket Punch’s “So Solo”, GFRIEND’s “Snow Time”, Choi Soo-hwan’s “Starry Night”, UP10TION’s “Stop The Clock”, Weki Meki’s “Cool”, GFRIEND’s “Love Spell”, BOL4’s “Love Letter”
  11. Sunny Hill’s Mi-sung resembles Korean female singer Navi
  12. Sunny Hill’s Mi-sung has the sexiest appearance and body ratio among other members
  13. Sunny Hill’s Mi-sung was in charge of being the sexiest member together with Sunny Hill’s Kota
  14. Sunny Hill’s Mi-sung was in charge of being the spokesperson of the group because she has good speech and pronunciation with her voice tone
  15. Sunny Hill’s Mi-sung is a fan of SHINHWA since she was still in high school
  16. Sunny Hill’s Mi-sung was popular with men during her school life era
  17. Sunny Hill’s Mi-sung can drink up to 5 to 6 bottles of Soju
  18. Sunny Hill’s Mi-sung’s MBTI is INFJ-T
  19. Sunny Hill’s Mi-sung is the tallest of all the members
  20. Sunny Hill’s Mi-sung’s weight used to be 75 kg when she was still in high school, but she lost a lot of weight to make herself visible to male students