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sunny hills kota profile

Find Out More About Sunny Hill’s Ahn Jin-ah: Full Profile, Facts, and Her Career Journey

Who knows South Korean CO-ED group Sunny Hill? Yes, the group that originally consisted of two girls and one boy (Jang-hyun) has become increasingly popular because the concepts that are delivered from time to time are always fantastic and very cool. Different from other groups, Sunny Hill has a unique concept and also very talented members when it comes to performance. Having experienced several member changes, Sunny Hill are now known as a girl group with a 4-member line-up.

Which member of Sunny Hill is still active today? In this article, we are going to discuss in detail a member of Sunny Hill who is the rapper of the group. Ahn Jin-ah, known by her stage name Kota, has a pretty powerful presence as an idol in South Korea. If you are curious about Sunny Hill’s Kota, Channel-Korea has provided detailed information about her so make sure not to miss the article below!

Sunny Hill’s Kota’s Full Profile

sunny hills kota profile

Real Name: Ahn Jin-ah (Hangul: 안진아)

Stage Name: Kota (Hangul: 코타)

Place and Date of Birth: Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, October 14th, 1987

Star Sign: Libra

Height: 159 cm (5’3″)

Weight: 41 kg (90 lbs)

Position in the group: Lead Vocalist, Rapper, Lead Dancer


  • Deoksan High School
  • Seoul Comprehensive Arts Practical School Practical Music Department

Official Site: Instagram (@kotvely)

Sunny Hill’s Kota’s Facts

sunny hills kota profile
  1. Sunny Hill’s Kota’s stage name has a meaning of ‘Korean Tiger’
  2. Sunny Hill’s Kota was added to the group in 2010
  3. Sunny Hill’s Kota debuted when the group promoted “Midnight Circus”
  4. Sunny Hill’s Kota was said to be a very calm and relaxed member, but she can turn into a charismatic performer on stage
  5. Sunny Hill’s Kota’s favorite fruit is orange
  6. Sunny Hill’s Kota is the shortest member of the group
  7. Sunny Hill’s Kota is the most notable member of the group because of the short cut she has adhered to in most activities
  8. Sunny Hill’s Kota has a unique stage name and outstanding appearance
  9. Sunny Hill’s Kota is popular among the group’s fandom
  10. Sunny Hill’s Kota’s tone is very unique when it comes to singing skills
  11. Sunny Hill’s Kota has a sharp high tone and the singing method is sharply stretched to make the voice pop out most in the group
  12. Sunny Hill’s Kota made her first appearance on Narsha’s digital single album, the “Mammamia” music video with Sunny Hill’s Jubi and SeungAh (Bitna) in 2010
  13. Sunny Hill’s Kota became the center member while performing ‘Midnight Circus”
  14. Sunny Hill’s Kota took part in composing and writing the lyrics for “The Grasshopper Song”
  15. Sunny Hill’s Kota is a student of composer Lee Min-soo
  16. Sunny Hill’s Kota has participated in several songs, such as DJ Clazzi’s “Sexy Doll” with Jubi and Romantic Couch’s “Like a Virgin”
  17. Sunny Hill’s Kota was a vocal trainer before she debuted as a member of the group
  18. Sunny Hill’s Kota has the best technical ability beside other members
  19. Sunny Hill’s Kota participated as the composer of Sunny Hill’s “Let’s Talk About” that was released in 2011
  20. Sunny Hill’s Kota participated as the composer of Sunny Hill’s “Bad Boy” that was released in 2012

Kota’s Debut with Sunny Hill

sunny hills kota profile

Ahn Jin-ah debuted by the stage name Kota in 2011 as a member of Sunny Hill when the group simultaneously moved to a new music label, Nega Network. Then, in the same year, Sunny Hill moved to LOEN Entertainment and announced that they would release their first EP with a single, “Midnight Circus”. In this era, Kota just underwent promotion as a member of Sunny Hill with their newest song at the time.

“Midnight Circus” is a collection of tricks, cliches, and taboos with semi-dark concepts and a few oddities that have come to define the story of the music video. There isn’t much emotion here, but the rhythm and melody have fast synths but still feel very musical. This song has a life of its own as if Sunny Hill have stepped back into the K-Pop world after a career since 2007 and made a new breakthrough in the music industry in this era.

This EP is one of Sunny Hill’s works that seem to bite into a familiar musical style, it is still a refreshing sound that could not last without their existence in the K-Pop industry. There are characters here of each member who have an important role, the use of good vocal processing, and the best quality.

In December 2012, she made a comeback with “Goodbye To Romance”, and it showed a rather feminine appearance because it was a soft ballad song. Moreover, most parts were distributed. As the genre is a ballad, it was well-received by digesting a charming and sophisticated vocal rather than a strong voice.

The “Goodbye to Romance” music video tells the story of this one-sided young love story by tracing the development of the narrator’s first love, the love that flows through the golden years of his childhood. Through the narrative that unfolds, we are reminded of childhood and the innocence inherent in the story in this music video. The title song speaks of goodbye to romance, but what the lyrics and music video actually imply is goodbye to fond memories of childhood.

In June 2013, Sunny Hill’s Kota was active in promoting “Darling of All Hearts”, and showed a more feminine appearance. In addition, the member who was born in 1987 dyed her hair blonde and it has changed into a cute image that is completely different from the previous image, such as wearing a headband. In the music video, the members look very cute with a different concept from the previous comeback. “Darling of All Hearts” is a single off their album Young Folk, and features a distinct musical genre with polka rhythms and instruments that are very unique and come from the collaboration with musician Hareem.

On August 21st, 2014, when Sunny Hill made a comeback with their 1st regular album, Sunny Blues Part. A, Kota cut her hair that grew up little by little before that time into a short cut. One of the singles that became a comeback at that time was “Monday Blues”.

The music video also provides a new look for the members who seem to be working in an office and look sexy with the outfits they wear. “Monday Blues” also tells about the busy schedule on Monday, which is usually boring, but now the boring sensation is being replaced by the excitement that Sunny Hill made in the music video.

After several years, Sunny Hill made member changes and also switched music labels to keep promoting steadily and released several new songs, such as “Child in Time” (2015), “On The Way Home” (2016), “Crossroads” (2017), “NomNomNom” (2019), and “Adiós Amor” (2020).

Sunny Hill are also reportedly on hiatus and have not had any recent activities. However, you can check out more of the latest updates on Sunny Hill members’ social media from their Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter.

Well, that’s the rundown of information about the incredibly talented Kota of Sunny Hill. Maybe now she is more active on social media and also works offline. However, that does not mean that Kota has finished running her career and she has continued to shine since she is a member of Sunny Hill until now. Let’s give support to Sunny Hill’s Kota, hopefully, what she is doing right now can also bring her happiness!

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