Get To Know Former Main Vocalist of Sunny Hill, Jubi

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Learn More about Sunny Hill’s Member, Kim Eun-young

One of the co-ed groups in South Korea, Sunny Hill had very talented members. The group had 3 original line-up members which were Jang-hyun, Bitna, and Jubi. As time went by, this group tried to maintain its existence by promoting through the songs they released.

However, in the end, Sunny Hill was declared disbanded in 2019 after being active for 12 years. So, what about Sunny Hill’s members today?

In this article, we invite you to find out more details about Sunny Hill’s Jubi from her full profile, fun facts, career journey, and latest news!

Sunny Hill’s Jubi’s Full Profile

Real Name : Kim Eun-young (Hangul: 김은영)

Stage Name : Jubi (Hangul: 주비)

Birth : August 4, 1986

Star Sign : Leo

Weight : 42 kg (92 lbs)

Height : 162 cm (5 ft 3¾ in)

Position in the Group : Leader, Main Vocalist

Education :

  • Gwangyoung Girls’ High School
  • Hansung University, Department of Public Administration

Active Period : Sunny Hill (2007-2018)

Official Site :

Sunny Hill’s Jubi’s Facts
  1. Sunny Hill’s Jubi is one of the original members, and she debuted in 2007
  2. Sunny Hill’s Jubi is the member who cried the most when Jang-hyun left for his military service
  3. Sunny Hill’s Jubi appeared in Narsha’s “Mammamia” music video and Geek’s “Officially Missing You” music video
  4. Sunny Hill’s Jubi played as Ha Soon-shim in the K-drama titled I Love Lee Tae-ri that aired in 2012
  5. Sunny Hill’s Jubi’s strongest points are her calm tone and emotional expressions based on the proper techniques while singing
  6. Sunny Hill’s Jubi has a similar voice to Brown Eyed Girls’ Zea, but she is softer and airier which has a lot of finesse
  7. Sunny Hill’s Jubi took the important role of singing along with Kota
  8. Sunny Hill’s Jubi has a short tongue, and she pronounces ‘S’ more like ‘Th’
  9. Sunny Hill’s Jubi released a soundtrack for the K-drama Dalja’s Spring as a soloist before debuting with Sunny Hill while using her real name, Eun-young
  10. Sunny Hill’s Jubi liked short hair but couldn’t cut it because she didn’t know what kind of concept to use for the next comeback

Debut with Sunny Hill

Sunny Hill’s Jubi is one of the original lineup members alongside Jang-hyun and Bitna and debuted with the group in 2007. Love Letter became one of their first mini-albums to win the Excellent Newcomer Album award. Since then, she has participated in various drama OSTs and continued her activities with Sunny Hill.

In June 2011, she made a comeback with “Midnight Circus” and performed with great vocal skills at the end of the song along with Sunny Hill’s lead vocalist, Kota. They both made an amazing vocal performance in the song. Therefore, Sunny Hill received many positive reviews from the public and fans through their comeback with “Midnight Circus.” Thanks to Sunny Hill’s Jubi’s vocal skills, she made the group shine bright!

In January 2012, “The Grasshopper Song” was released, and she showed her abilities as the main vocalist again by properly receiving most of the parts of the chorus. In the music video, Sunny Hill’s Jubi took the lead role with Jang-hyun to show the character from the story. Since “Goodbye to Romance,” Sunny Hill’s Jubi has not really been active since December 2012 because Kota took most of the parts and Jubi did not receive many parts.

In June 2013, Sunny Hill’s Jubi was active in the title song of her 3rd mini-album, Young Folk. Unlike Kota’s main part in the previous title song, “Goodbye to Romance,” this time Jubi sang most of the main parts. She also showed a quick smile in the music video, and she was also in charge of visuals during that era.

In August 2014, the regular first album Sunny Blues Part. A and the other Part. B was released on January 5, 2015, with their lead single “Monday Blues.” After that, Sunny Hills only released a few singles for a comeback each year with “On the Way Home” that was released on August 29, 2016, which became a part of the tracklist of their 4th single album, Way, with the single titled “Crossroad” that was released in 2017 simultaneously with the news that Sunny Hill had left its label and will continue its career in other agency.

Jubi Left Sunny Hill

On November 6, 2018, DMost Entertainment announced the news that Sunny Hill’s Jubi was ready to join the new agency and sign a contract. Kim Eun-young, her real name, declared she will be acting as an actress with her new agency, and one month later, she announced her withdrawal from Sunny Hill through an official cafe.

But then, after 2 years of taking a hiatus, Sunny Hill was reported to have moved to BOD Entertainment as of April 25, 2019. At the same time, Sunny Hill’s former members, Jubi and Misung, decided to leave the group and were replaced by several additional members, such as Bitna, Eunju, and Geonhee.

Sunny Hill’s Jubi continued her career as an actress by starring in several music videos as a model and tried acting as well in supporting roles. A former member of Sunny Hill, Jubi also appeared on JTBC’s Singer Gain-Unknown Singer in November 2020.