Get To Know Former Main Vocalist of Sunny Hill, Jubi

Jubi’s Solo MV

Having such excellent abilities, Sunny Hill’s Jubi had the opportunity to have several songs sung solo to promote her career as a singer. In addition, she has also filled several soundtracks for K-dramas which sound very melodious. To find out more about Sunny Hill’s Jubi’s songs, let’s take a look at the session below!

Here is a deepening autumn sensibility delivered by Sunny Hill’s Jubi with a song titled “Autumn Rain.” In the meantime, through her solo activities with Sunny Hill, she had consistently shown her musical colors and emotions.

Sunny Hill’s Jubi presented “Autumn Rain” with a more mature voice. “Autumn Rain” is music that moistens the chilly autumn and the deepening autumn. It is also a song that expresses the theme of memories, separation, and pain by comparing them to the season of autumn.

It is impressive to talk about the various emotions contained in this short season in a very calm manner. The beautiful piano theme and the bass that flows throughout the song create a dark autumn atmosphere. Among them, the voice of Sunny Hill’s Jubi gives a sense of loneliness as if it were at the end of autumn.

Jubi, the leader and vocalist of Sunny Hill who is winning the hearts of male fans with her sweet and emotional vocal talents as well as elegant beauty alongside Yuk Ji-dam who drew the attention of audiences at once with her charismatic rapping talent at UNPRETTY RAPSTAR, made an unexpected harmony in the song “My Sympathy.” The digital single track “My Sympathy” is a medium tempo rap ballad song with attractive modern electronic piano melodies as well as groovy drum beats, and it will stimulate your emotions comfortably with the combination of the sweet voice of Sunny Hill’s Jubi and the fresh rapping of Yuk Ji-dam.

Warm and Cozy (Hangul: 맨 도롱 또똣) is a romantic comedy TV series by the famous Hong Sisters, Hong Mi-ran and Hong Jung-eun. The 4th OST for the show was revealed with the title of “Without You” by Sunny Hill’s Jubi and was shown in Episode 5, leaving many viewers curious about the details of the song. “Without You” was a huge hit since Jubi’s vocal skill is more special and meaningful while singing this song.

“ADAM & EVE” became a song that was produced with different collaborations shown by the two musicians in charge of the production team, Space One, which is recently a top producer in South Korea.

Space One is a producing team of former Sunny Hill member, Jang-hyun, that worked on IOI’s “Yum Yum,” Super Bee’s “Don’t Say Anything,” and also Big Bang‘s “Bang Bang Bang” remix for the mission in the YG audition program Mix Nine. Sunny Hill’s Jubi and the Fat Cat directly wrote the lyrics and participated in the top line to create the perfection, dark color, and melody of “ADAM & EVE.”

“ADAM & EVE” is about the situation of a lover who ends up in love by eating the fruit of love in relation to the sin and evil learned by eating the fruit of good and evil.

The lyrics that metaphorically express the end of a lover whose meaning has disappeared through expressions such as a butterfly with a broken wing and a guitar with a broken string stand out. In the different collaborations they show, Sunny Hill’s Jubi, Fat Cat, and Space One are expected to work in the future with new songs.

In January 2015, Sunny Hill’s Jubi also showed her singing skills through a collaborative project made with famous musician Ra.D with a song called “Green Light.” The music video that is distributed also shows how the two top Korean vocalists are very good at singing songs with a slow tempo and in the Jazz genre.

Sunny Hill’s Jubi’s Drama List

sunny hill jubi

I Love Lee Tae-ri is a drama directed by Kim Do-hyuk and written by Moon Ji-young with 16 episodes not forgetting to mix a little fantasy. It aired from May 28 to July 12, 2012, on tvN with a pretty interesting storyline.

This drama tells the story of a normal boy who is still 14 years old named Geun Eun-Deong (played by Kim Ki-bum) who has dreams of being a good swimmer, falling in love with idols, and having a perfect family. At the wish of his family, one day he is arranged to be married to a girl named Ha Soon-shim (played by Sunny Hill’s Jubi) who is seven years older than him. Eun-dong could have refused, but he happily accepted the engagement.

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But, everything changed when Eun-dong finally met Lee Tae-ri (played by Park Ye-jin), the granddaughter of the owner of the CLS group who had just returned from Milan after finding out that her grandfather died. As the heir to a fortune and a new company administrator, she automatically manages the company and is the official owner of an antique watch relic of the past that will be displayed in a recently opened museum called the Dae Dong Museum, and he begins to fall in love with her.

sunny hill jubi

In this drama, Sunny Hill’s Jubi plays as a member of a rising girl group called AppleHead named Ha Soon-shim who is also Eun-dong’s official fiancé but falls in love with the secretary Seung-jae and considers Eun-dong a child and not a fiancé at all. But, eventually, she becomes interested in Min Soo’s gentlemanly attitude (played by Kim Ki-bum). Ha Soon-shim’s personality is very annoying, selfish, spoiled, and she doesn’t care about her surroundings.

Well, that is all of the information about Sunny Hill’s Jubi. As one of the main vocalists, she has extraordinary entertainment abilities and, of course, very good vocal skills so that she can give maximum performances. Although there are many challenges that must be overcome in order to maintain her career, Sunny Hill’s Jubi or now better known as actress Kim Eun-young has been able to continue her career as a soloist well.

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