The Story of Eun-ju: From Solo Artist To Member of Girl Group Sunny Hill

Eun-joo’s Debut with Sunny Hill

eun joo sunny hill profile

Eun-joo used her real name to debut as a member of the girl group Sunny Hill. Although not an original member, she still gave the best performance, because, previously Eun-joo had also debuted as a solo artist named Ray.B. With this experience, Eun-joo has a position as the main vocalist of the group with excellent singing skills.

eun joo sunny hill profile

In April 2019, Sunny Hill released the news that they will resume activities with new members at the new agency. BOD Entertainment, which has recently signed an exclusive contract with Sunny Hill, said, “The members are complete, such as the remaining members of Seung-ah and Kota, and the joining of new members Eun-joo and Geon-hee.”

Lee Seung-ah, who possesses outstanding beauty and talent, was recently renamed Lee Geum Bitna, and is planning to imprint her solid skills and familiar charm by working under her real name, Bitna. Kota, who exudes irreplaceable energy on the stage, is also planning to show her unrivaled tone and rap skills again.

The new members Eun-joo and Geon-hee are the new faces that will open the era of ‘All-New Sunny Hill’ through their comeback in 2019. Eun-joo, who has shown her vocal skills and emotions while playing an active part as a solo musician named Ray.B, and Geon-hee, who has been active as a leader of the girl group Purfles, now come together in the same group with Bitna and Kota.

BOD Entertainment said, “As all members have the best singing ability and overwhelming performance energy, we are convinced that there is potential in the domestic as well as the global market, and we will create the future of Sunny Hill together based on mutual trust.”

In addition, they said, “We will not spare full support for the members who are preparing for a new leap forward. We are working on a new album with the goal within the first half of the year. We ask for your interest in Sunny Hill, which will return with high-quality music and new charm.”

In particular, Sunny Hill is a group that always tried a satirical message and various genres and drew favorable reviews from the public and critics with popular music with experimental characteristics. Through the powerful energy emanating from the stage, they have also earned the nickname The King of Girl Group Performances.

Eunjuo’s Solo MV

In 2014, Ray.B debuted with her song “I Guess It’s Worth Living” and has two music video teasers that are shared via the YouTube channel.

In the teaser for the man version, you can see the main actor Janghyuk who is seen wearing a white shirt waiting for someone until the scene continues when a woman is invited to take a walk on the edge of town. However, it is undeniable that there is sadness on Janghyuk’s face when in the music video teaser.

Then, the woman version of Ray.B’s teaser also shows the same scene. The female model in the teaser is seen walking along the same city streets as the previous scene and looks sad when she looks directly at the camera. It seems that the story in the music video tells of lovers who miss each other.

Well, that was all the information about Sunny Hill’s Eun-joo: from her full profile and her career journey before debut, through becoming a solo artist named Ray.B, to her shift to become a member of Sunny Hill in 2019. A career in the entertainment industry, of course, is not easy, but Eun-joo has proven that she’s capable of continuing her career in every challenge she has faced.

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