Facts Behind Sunny Days Disbanding and New Members


The Charming Dolls Called ‘Sunny Days’?

Sunny Days (Hangul : 써니데이즈) was a girl group that debuted under Haeun
Entertainment on May 18, 2012, with their debut song “Take Away“. The final
lineup group consisted of Sunkyung as the leader, Jungyoon, Heuira, Dayoung
and Dasom. Sunny Days was known for having powerful vocal training for two
years before they debuted.

Girl group Sunny Days have gone through member changes several times with a
total of 12 members since 2012 until the group disbanded in 2016. For their
last promotions, they had a total of seven members after adding two new ones.

Sunny Days’ Lineup Changes


Sunny Days was a super talented group that had been active for years, but they
barely dented the wall to success and recognition. They had powerful vocals,
great songs, and impressive lives yet they weren’t doing any better until the
group finally disbanded.

Sunny Days debuted on May 18, 2012, with Minji, Jihee, Soohyun, Soojung, and
Sunkyung as the original members of the group. Exactly one month later on June
19th, it was announced that Minji departed from the group due to an ankle injury
and new member Seoyeon took her place.

On April 8, 2013, Sunny Days made a comeback with their 4th single “I Must Be
Crazy“. During this comeback, members Bichen and Gyuhee were added (Bichen was
a former winner of the KPop world festival) which meant they had a total of
seven members after adding two new ones. But later the two new members left
the group and were replaced by another new member, Jungyoon. Bichen left the group
to pursue her solo career and competed as one of the contestants in the third
season of “The Voice of China”, in which she eventually emerged as the final
winner. Seoyeon also became inactive for this comeback due to health issues.
The group was then left with Jihee, Soohyun, Soojung, and Sunkyung.

In 2015, Girl group Sunny Days went through member changes once again
with Jihee, Soojung & Soohyun all leaving the group together due to them choosing
not to renew their contracts, leaving Sunkyung and Jungyoon as the two
confirmed members. After fans’ research & many Sunny Days’ event performances,
it was found that there were 3 new members confirmed for the group, Heuira,
Dayoung and maknae Dasom. This means Sunny Days ultimately made their
comeback as five members.

After the final lineup made their comeback with “Blah Blah” on the 23rd of
September, Sunny days’ fans were disappointed as their comeback did not go
well and they were worried about disbandment. Later, it was confirmed via email that
Sunny Days was disbanded.

Timeline of Sunny Days’ Members


Final Lineup
– Lee Sun Kyung / Sunkyung (2012–2016) – Original member
– Heo Jung Yoon / Jungyoon (2014–2016) – Confirmed new member in 2014
– Heuira (2015–2016) – Latest new member
– Dayoung (2015–2016) – Latest new member
– Dasom (2015–2016) – Latest new member

Former Members
– Jeon Min Ji / Minji (2012)
– Jang Bi Chen / Bi Chen (2013-2014)
– Lee Gyu Hee / Gyuhee (2013-2014)
– Jung Soo Jung / Soojung (2012–2014)
– Cho Seo Yeon / Seoyeon (2012–2013)
– Kim Soo Hyun / Soohyun (2012–2014)
– Hwang Ji Hee / Jihee (2012-2014)