Does SNSD’s Sunny Have a Boyfriend? Learn More About Her Dating Rumors and Ideal Type!

Get to Know Better SNSD Sunny’s Boyfriend and Her Ideal Type

As we know, Sunny is a member of the most popular girl group in South Korea, namely SNSD or what we usually call Girls’ Generation. In 2007 she began her training period at SM Entertainment and after six months, she entered the short list of members of Girls’ Generation who will debut.

In an interview, Sunny expressed her desire to have a boyfriend like other members of Girls’ Generation. She said, “I’m not dating anyone. I consider myself as being married to my job.” And then, Sunny apologized to the fans for making them feel betrayed by a series of other members’ behavior.

Now, let’s look at Sunny’s love life. Check this out!

Sunny Talking and Her Ideal Type

Everyone must have the ideal type of ideal partner, including Girls’ Generation’s Sunny. She said about her ideal type, “He has to be generous. I wish he was really kind and friendly to elders and children. Wouldn’t a guy like that have good manners with me too?”

At a variety show, Yoona revealed Sunny’s ideal type, “Sunny isn’t quite sure what kind of a man she wants and her ideal type is always changing,” Yoona said.

In an episode of Cheonhajangsa, Sunny tried to make sandwiches for the other guests. When she messed up cooking up the eggs, Sunny told the camera, “I actually suck at cooking. That’s why my ideal type is a guy who can cook and is nice.” Sunny also said, “I like it when the guy obsesses over me. It gives me the thrills.”

Besides that, Sunny is also known to have a kind personality and a very humble attitude and is gentle like a mother. In an interview, EXO’s Chen and Suho chose Sunny as their ideal type. Chen explained that his ideal girl is one who has a beautiful smile and Sunny is always his big idol. Meanwhile, Suho picked Sunny as she brought him the comfortable feeling like his mother.

Sunny and Seo In-guk’s Dating Rumor

In May 2015, Sunny was rumored to be dating the famous actor Seo In-guk. Reported by Sport Seoul was, “Seo In-guk and Sunny are currently in a relationship with ‘good feelings’ toward each other.” The source said that Sunny and Seo In-guk met each other through Yuri. Yuri and Seo In-guk starred together in the film No Breathing, in 2013. After completing filming for the movie, Seo In-guk naturally got to meet Sunny with Yuri and their relationship developed into romance from there.

In addition, there were also many people who claimed to have seen Sunny taking care of Seo In-guk when he was hospitalized in a Seoul general hospital in April 2015 due to a health issue. Some patients saw Sunny taking care of Seo In-guk, overnight while he was hospitalized in the ear-nose-throat department. One of the patients said that she could immediately tell it was her.

Related to this, SM Entertainment and JellyFish Entertainment revealed that the rumor was untrue. Jellyfish Entertainment issued a statement to media saying, “While it is true that the two are close, they are not dating.” SM Entertainment added, “The rumors are groundless.”

Even Sunny herself confirmed that she doesn’t have any relationship with Seo In-guk. “Don’t hate me. I noticed I have a dating scandal today. It was so absurd.” It was the first dating scandal in her life and it came out precisely on her birthday.

“I’m letting the sunbaes and hoobaes close just to let you know once again,” Sunny clarified, claiming that the rumors are false. Well, what do you think about this?

Sunny Dating a Celebrity?

In the variety show Roommate, Sunny once revealed that she was dating a celebrity. Sunny said, “I did date a celebrity. I thought it would be easy since we were both artists, but it was not. It’s just different depending on each person. Due to busy schedules, we can only have messaging dates. It was difficult to develop it into a serious love relationship, so I have never maintained a relationship for more than a year.”

Sunny says, she will do her best to be able to live up to their expectations. Sunny always takes care of her fans at the cost of her own happiness, so many of her fans come to like her all the more.

Sunny has also talked about marriage, she has said, “People say that you should get married to someone, but I don’t think so. Only those who want to should do so. If I’m dating with someone, I just feel like enjoying a romantic relationship without thinking of marriage.”