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Meet the Lead Vocalist From Wonder Girls, Sunmi!

Who’s doesn’t know Sunmi? Sunmi is a member of the group Wonder Girls. She and the other members of the group all have very strong ties between them. Sunmi is very close to all the members of Wonder Girls since she debuted with the group. She’sis known as visual in her group, and holds the the position as lead vocalist. Everyone who knows about her also knows about her 4D personality. Her fans, or their fans (Wonderful), miss the moments where she runs her daily life with Wonder Girls members, her relationships between them aren’t not bad. What is Sunmi daily life like with the group? In this article, Channel-Korea will tell you about Sunmi’s Days with Wonder Girls! So, stay tuned!

Sunmi’s Debut With Wonder Girls

Sunmi is a model, singer, dancer, and composer from South Korea who made her debut in 2007 when she entered into a girl-group called Wonder Girls with other members, Hyun-A, Sunye, Ye-Eun, and So-hee. They were trainees in JYP Entertainment for two and a half years before Wonder Girls officially debuted in 2007 in the Show! Music Core, which aired on MBC. Sunmi and the other members debuted with the song ‘Irony’, which was their first hip-hop single from their first mini-album, The Wonder Begins. 

Then, the following year, Sunmi and friends released their second album, called “Tell Me”. That song became a number 1 on Hits Music on Korean Television. In 2008-2009, her group launched a new single with the main songs being “So Hot” and “This Time”. Then, in the same year, Wonder Girls became even more famous with the song “Nobody”, even becoming known in the USA, in places like New York and Los Angeles. They did a promotion in another country. With their popular songs “Tell Me”, “Nobody”, and “So Hot:, Sunmi and the Wonder Girls held a concert in the USA.


Year Title Album
2007 I Wanna The Wonder Years
This Fool (이바보 Ibabo)
Tell Me
So What  (뭐 어때 Mwo Eottae) (featuring David Kim)
Wishing on a Star
Move (featuring Lee Min Woo)
Take It (가져가 Ga Jyeo Ga)
2007 Good Bye The Wonder Years
Bad Boy
It’s Not Love (미안한 마음 ~tears~ Mianhan Ma-eum ~tears~)
2015 Baby Don’t Play Reboot
Candle (featuring Paloalto)
I Feel You
John Doe
2015 One Black Night Reboot
오빠” (Oppa) (Hyelim solo)
사랑이 떠나려 할 때” (Faded Love)
없어 (Gone)
이 순간 (Remember)

Live Vocal Performances


Why So Lonely

Precious Moments as Wonder Girls Member


Sunmi and the other members of Wonder Girls are very close. Moreover, while in Wonder Girl’s, this group had variety show programs about the group’s daily life. The programs  are, MTV Wonder Girls, Wonder Bakery, Welcome to Wonderland, Made in Wonderland, and Made in Wonder Girls. Because of the programs, Sunmi and the other ex-members have known each other very well. Here are the precious moments!

Re-joining Wonder Girls


Amid the success that even brought Wonder Girls name to the USA, Sunmi decided to be absent or on hiatus from her career as an idol. At that time, there’s wasn’t much explanation about why Sunmi decided to vacate her role in the group. JYP Entertainment only said that the idol singer wanted to focus on pursing her academics.

In 2013, after her hiatus, she finally decided to return the music industry. She released hits such as “24 hours” and “Full Moon”, while showing her image as a female soloist. However, this didn’t last long. In 2015, Sunmi rejoined with the Wonder Girls, but with the new formation consisting of Sunmi, Yubin, Yenny, and Hyelim.

Wonder Girls had a different concept, they were no longer just a girl-group, but a band. The Wonder Girl’s new formation had Sunmi as bassist, Yenny as keyboardist, Hyelim as guitarist and Yubin as drummer.



After they had already worked together, JYP’s shade group officially stopped working in the band’s formation. In other words, these four beautiful girls agreed to decide to disband.

This decision was first published by JYP Entertainment in a farewell video titled ‘Thank You For Being Wonderful’. In the video, all of the members said thank you and apologized to their fans (Wonderful) about this. Unfortunately, during their apologies, none of them revealed the exact reason why they were disbanding.

As we know, Wonder Girls don’t get promotions for their music career so far. Plus, the members haven’t been shown as successful soloists as achieved by the members in music groups. After disbanding, Sunmi was the only one who didn’t renew her contract with JYP, instead, she moved to Makeus Entertainment and debuted as soloist. Even though the group no longer exists, Sunmi is still close to the other members.

Her Latest News


At the beginning of 2019, Sunmi released her latest single, a song titled “Noir”. Her new song is really popular after ‘Gashina’. Sunmi held her first world tour, “WARNING World Tour” 2019, in New York City on March 15. There, she delivered exclusive news to her fans about her plan to return in 2019. She is busy traveling around the world for the tour, but she diligently works on the new album for her next comeback!

She revealed during the concert that she was actually planning to release her new album this summer! She claimed that she was ‘working on it’, and hoped to start another tour with her new album.

Her agency, Makeus Entertainment, hasn’t made an official announcement about the upcoming album, but Sunmi wants to make sure that her fans get the exclusive news before anyone else.

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