Get to Know More About Former Wonder Girl’s Member Sunmi: Profile, Discography, Instagram, etc

Get Up Close With Sunmi’s Family

On February 5th, 2018, Sunmi revealed why she wanted to be an artist on the variety show Talkmon. She said, “I wasn’t going to share this story but to be honest, the reason I decided to become a celebrity is my dad. When I was in the 5th grade, I lived with my two younger brothers and sisters, but he was sick and kept getting worse, eventually, he was transferred to the hospital because his condition worsened. Faced with financial difficulties, I became the head of the house. He was immobile, so I was worried about what I should do, but to be a teacher, I had to study at least 10 more years and how am I supposed to make money in that situation?”

She continued, “So I thought I needed to become a celebrity. At the time, young people believed that it was the fastest way to make money. And that was also when BoA sunbaenim was actively promoting so I thought I needed to become like her. So, I got back and forth into auditions, then at age 14, I passed the JYP auditions and became a trainee, but then there was no one who could take care of my dad, my young brothers took care of him and I was a trainee in Seoul.”

Sunmi stated, “My dad was relying on me a lot and sometimes whined at me. I’ve always been sending messages but training was hard. It was too much for my young self to bare. But then one day, I received a message from my dad that said, ‘Dad is leaving first.’ I didn’t text back, thinking my dad is just whining again but he passed away the next day.”

She continued, “He passed away 3 months before my debut. My dad also dreamed of becoming a singer. I went back home to his funeral and my brothers were the head mourners. There was a letter my dad wrote to me and at the end, it stated, ‘Please be born as my daughter again in the next life.”

Sunmi’s younger siblings also managed to steal the attention of netizens, they are Lee Sun-dong and Lee Seung-dong. Visuals from Sunmi’s younger siblings amazed netizens because the three of them had very perfect visuals, even Sunmi’s younger siblings have become a topic of netizens’ conversations.

Sunmi’s Body Proportions

Sunmi is one of the female idols in South Korea who have a very good body shape. She has a height of about 166 cm and weighs 43 kg and Sunmi also has very long legs which can make anyone jealous. Now, let’s see her body goals!

She really has the perfect body shape, right? Wanna get a body like hers? Don’t be lazy to workout.

Sunmi Instagram Feed

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Sunmi Latest News

1. Sunmi’s Comeback in 2019?

Sunmi teased fans by releasing a teaser photo for her comeback in March with Coming Soon to be released on March 4th, 2019. Can not wait for this? Who else is very excited for this comeback?

2. Sunmi Crying on V Live?

Sunmi had worried her fans because she was seen crying while broadcasting Live on V, a while ago. Fans became concerned after she suddenly burst into tears and moved out of the camera’s view. She soon returned, joking, “I don’t usually cry.”

After the broadcast, Sunmi posted on Twitter, “Please don’t worry. I’m really fine. I’m sorry for worrying you, but there is nothing to worry about. Don’t cry.” MakeUs Entertainment stated, “She became emotional after communicating with fans, and we’re letting you know that there isn’t a particular issue.”

Well, we hope Sunmi will always be happy!