Let’s Take a Look at Sunmi’s Latest Comeback with ‘Noir’!


The Great Songs of the Sexy Solo Artist

Who doesn’t know the beautiful singer Sunmi? For your information, Sunmi is famously known as a singer and also as one of the members of Wonder Girls. However, in 2010 she decided to leave Wonder Girls and chose to put her focus on her solo career as a singer, instead.

As a solo singer, Sunmi released an extended play in September 2014, with the title Full Moon. And more recently, Sunmi released her new extended play, Warning! With the release of Warning, Sunmi also released some of her hit singles, such as “Gashina,” “Heroine,” “Siren,” and the latest one “Noir.” On one occasion Sunmi has revealed that “Heroine” is, in fact, a prequel to her previous hit single, “Gashina.”

In this article, Channel Korea will introduce you with the sexy solo artist Sunmi and everything you need to know about her comeback with the hit single “Noir.”

After “Siren,” Now It’s “Noir!”


Like we said previously, recently Sunmi released her latest single, “Noir” on March 4th, 2019. Her previous comeback was in September 2018 with the hit single “Siren” from the extended play Warning. If previously we’ve seen Sunmi in the “Siren” era, we could see that Sunmi was presenting us the song “Siren” with the tone and vibe of an 80s pop song. From the lyrics of “Siren,” we could conclude that the song was representative of the reality of a relationship.


And also, if you watch the music video for “Siren” you can see Sunmi turning into various different characters in an attractive manner. In the video, she is transforming from a casual woman into a dancer, until she finally becomes a mermaid! The title “Siren” itself, tells us about the mythological creature, the infamous mermaids who would seduce and amaze sailors with their beautiful voices. If you haven’t watched “Siren” yet, you can do it by clicking play on the video below.

Now, what about Sunmi’s transformation in “Noir,” after having successfully amazed us with her appearance and transformations in “Siren?” With the hit single “Noir,” Sunmi is presenting us with her cheerful teaser image where her face and half of her body are covered with cute emojis.


Not only she is presenting us with a new concept, but the song, “Noir,” also successfully reached the first position at various charts, such as Bugs, Genie, Mnet, Naver Music, and many more! And interestingly, “Noir” was written and produced by Sunmi! With the music video of “Noir,” Sunmi is making a showcase of her as a singer, but also as a social media influencer, who is struggling to go legit with such a huge online audience.

And also, in her interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, Sunmi revealed why this particular song, “Noir,” is so important to her. She said that even though the album is right now only available in a digital format and music video, she has put in it a lot of effort and expressed everything she could through the music video, and Sunmi said that the album contains a powerful and meaningful message for her.

What is the Meaning of Noir?

Well now, what is the real meaning of Noir? By translating the lyrics, we were able to conclude that the song is about the real-life struggles of a social media influencer or any other public figure. They really struggle to go about their lives, having to deal with the support or hate they receive from the netizens and the broader audience.

Here are some verses from the lyrics of “Noir:”

“You know what, you’re talking too much

You saw then, like a cliche, you were the first to attack

Oh well, compared to being neither this or that

This is better, blah blah bullshhh

I’ve already seen this before.”

5 Facts About Sunmi’s “Noir”

There are some very interesting and fascinating facts surrounding “Noir,” that you probably would like to know! So, here are the top 5 facts about Sunmi’s most recent hit single “Noir!”

1. Originally Produced and Written by Sunmi

Yes, “Noir” has been written by Sunmi! Not only that, but she is also the producer of the hit single, together with EL CAPITXN!

2. Has a Meaningful Message

By watching the music video of “Noir,” we can easily see that Sunmi is acting in the role of a social media influencer, and she is telling us about the reality behind the lives of public figures, such as social media influencers. Sunmi also shows us that not everything we see is actually as it seems.

3. Colorful Style

In the music video of “Noir,” we can see that Sunmi is experimenting with a colorful style for her outfit and her make-up! Even the setting of the video is really colorful, with the aesthetic vibe, compatible with her role of a social media influencer!

4. Hit the Top of the Charts From the Very First Release

Right after the music video for “Noir” had been released, the song already climbed high in the top ranks of some of the song charts, such as Naver Music, Mnet, Genie, and many more!

5. Related Hit Single

We already mentioned earlier, that “Heroine” is a prequel to Sunmi’s previous hit single, “Ganisha.” After that, Sunmi released “Siren,” which was then followed by “Noir.” Listening carefully to all these hit singles, we can see that they are indeed connected to each other, and have an interconnected meaning hidden in them.

“Noir” Music Video

And here’s the official music video of “Noir” by Sunmi!