BtoB’s Sungjae vs Woo Do-hwan: Who Do You Ship Better with Red Velvet’s Joy?

Woo Do-hwan & Red Velvet's Joy

Which One is Better, BtoB’s Sungjae or Woo Do-hwan with Red Velvet’s Joy?

If you had to choose one between BtoB’s Sungjae and Woo Do-hwan, who would it be? We are sure that must’ve been a hard choice for you, whether you should choose a guy from boy-group, or a guy who was an actor. But now, we’re going to talk about both of them, since they have each been paired with Red Velvet’s Joy on different occasions! Channel Korea will tell you all about it, so stay tuned!

Red Velvet’s Joy and BtoB’s Sungjae come from the same sort of background, since both of them were members of idol groups. Meanwhile, Woo Do-hwan has a different background, since he’s an actor. But both of these men have their own unique appeal, and both of them looked amazing paired with Red Velvet’s Joy! Sungjae was paired with Red Velvet’s Joy on We Got Married, and Woo Do-hwan was paired with Red Velvet’s Joy for The Great Seducer.

In this article, Channel Korea introduces you the battle between BtoB’s Sungjae and Woo Do-hwan, and who was the better match with Red Velvet’s Joy!

Red Velvet’s Joy’s with BtoB’s Sungjae in We Got Married

BtoB's Sungjae & Red Velvet's Joy

First, let’s talk about Joy being with BtoB’s Sungjae! They looked cute together, didn’t they? The first time they met was when they were united in We Got Married, a reality-variety show that showed viewers the paired idols, who pretended to be a married couple and live together.

During their stretch on We Got Married, there were a lot of sweet and romantic moments between the two idols. Even though Joy looked awkward when she first met with Sungjae, as time went by, she could relax and enjoy her moment with Sungjae on the show.

When the virtual couple did a photoshoot on the show, Sungjae couldn’t take his eyes off Joy, which she later revealed left her heart pounding. Joy didn’t hesitate to give him a compliment every day, such as “You look cute today.” Such a sweet couple, right? Even so, after 11 months, their fake marriage came to an end.

Here are some of their sweet moments while they were in We Got Married:

Red Velvet's Joy & BtoB's Sungjae
Red Velvet's Joy & BtoB's Sungjae
Red Velvet's Joy & BtoB's Sungjae

Watch their appearance in We Got Married here:


Their Dating Rumors

After seeing the great chemistry between Joy and Sungjae, there must’ve been dating rumors about them. There are a lot of people who would like to see them be a couple in real life. In one interview, BtoB’s Sungjae said that he hadn’t thought about leaving We Got Married yet, which also meant that he hadn’t thought about leaving Red Velvet’s Joy yet!

He also revealed that they were filming We Got Married happily, and he didn’t contact the  Red Velvet member outside the show, so once they were finished shooting, he might be getting sad.

Joy and Sungjae

Many fans of both idols believed that Joy and Sungjae were dating, even though that was never confirmed. Both of them were often seen smiling brightly whenever they were together.

Joy Sungjae

But still, Joy and Sungjae aren’t dating outside We Got Married, although they kept on supporting each other as good friends.

Their Moments Together

Not only did they show off their sweet chemistry on-screen, Red Velvet’s Joy and BtoB’s Sungjae also showed us their sweet chemistry when they were off-screen! One of their moments was when Joy surprised Sungjae with a video of her when Sungjae was a guest star on the television show, MBC’s Oppa Thinking!

In the video, Joy expressed her supportive message to Sungjae, and revealed that even though their show had ended, she was hoping that they would stay close, and she would remain as a little sister who supports her brother. Sungjae’s expression on seeing the video was both startled and happy.


Red Velvet’s Joy with Actor Woo Do-hwan in The Great Seducer

Red Velvet's Joy & Woo Do-hwan

Let’s move on and take a look at Joy with Woo Do-hwan! The two of them were paired in the drama The Great Seducer.

The drama was about the friendship between Kwon Shi-hyun (played by Woo Do-hwan), Lee See-jo (played by Kim Min-jae), and Choi Soo-ji (played by Moon Ga-young). The conflict came when Choi Soo-ji’s boyfriend broke up with her, and she was humiliated in public.

As a best friend, Kwon Shi-hyun didn’t want to see Choi Soo-ji being sad. Then Kwon Shi-hyun promised Choi Soo-ji as her revenge to seduce the popular girl, Eun Tae-hee (played by Joy). Meanwhile, Eun Tae-hee was the kind of girl who didn’t want to be involved with all of the things about love, and that made it very difficult for Kwon Shi-hyun to get Eun Tae-hee’s attention.

There’s a lot of romantic scenes between Joy and Woo Do-hwan in The Great Seducer. Let’s take a look at The Great Seducer’s official poster here:

The Great Seducer

Their Kissing Scenes in The Great Seducer

Some of the most awaited scenes between Joy and Woo Do-hwan in The Great Seducer were their kissing scenes. Take a look at their kissing scene here:

Red Velvet's Joy & Woo Do-hwan
Joy & Woo Do-hwan
Joy & Woo Do-hwan

Their Moments Together

Red Velvet’s Joy and Woo Do-hwan showed off their moments outside The Great Seducer, whether it was behind the scenes, at the press conference, or elsewhere! Let’s look at their moments together.

Joy & Woo Do-hwan
Joy & Woo Do-hwan
Joy & Woo Do-hwan
Joy & Woo Do-hwan