Get to Know Korean Singer Sung Si-kyung: Profile, Album, Dating, TV Shows, and Speaking English

Sung Si-kyung’s Love Life

Although Sung Si-Kyung is in his 40s now, he has not tied the knot with anyone yet. Perhaps there’s a reason for this. In 2011, Sung Si-Kyung had an interview with one of the Korean media and they asked about his perspective of marriage. Although prior to his interview, he was asked not to be inquired about his love, he naturally spoke out about his thoughts on dating and marriage.

There’s a book I read about people that go from their twenties to their early thirties. A lot of women apparently have an identity crisis once they reach that age. After raising a kid or two they think, ‘I had so many dreams when I was younger…’. I too have an older sister, and I very much looked up to her. She was a respectable woman. But after getting married and raising my nephews, that’s all she was. A mom of two kids. To be honest, I didn’t like that. She had so much potential, and it broke my heart. It was to the point where I said, ‘If this is what’s going to happen to the woman I love, then maybe I shouldn’t have kids’.”

He continued to add that in America, it’s very natural for children to grow up and become independent once they reach adulthood. But in Korea, it’s quite different. Once a couple gets married and raises a family, he feels that all the love and attention gets geared towards the kids. And for those who weren’t necessarily ready for a family may become burdened by the responsibility and because of the lack of love in the marriage, they start looking for it elsewhere. This is the reason why so many families are broken up.

I guess this is why people think I’m already suitable as a father instead of a boyfriend, because I already have these concerns,” he expressed. “Before, I didn’t really like kids and preferred dogs, but I’ve changed. Anyway, I think that unless the guy in a marriage is halfway decent and unless two people are completely ready to have kids, well, you shouldn’t. And they should prepare themselves to have kids. Educate yourselves; read a book. There are so many parents who simply don’t know how to raise children.”

When asked if he had these thoughts because he was ready or wanting to get married, he denied it. “I don’t want to get married, I just want to date. Even in my early twenties, when I found someone I liked, I considered marrying her. But when I got into arguments with girlfriends and she would throw a curse word my way, I would tell myself that I couldn’t marry someone like her. A woman who will be my wife and a mother to my kids should be able to have that much respect for me.”

When asked about what kind of qualities he looked for in a potential wife, he answered, “A girl that has self-control, especially when she drinks. I don’t care about her past, as long as she was genuinely in love with those people. It’s okay if she smokes, as long as she quits before our children are born. But importantly, I need someone who shows respect to her elders, someone who is confident and loves herself. If she lacks these three qualities, I don’t know if she could be an open and honest wife. Regardless of whether or not I love her, I don’t think I could continue a relationship with that kind of person. I don’t care about her family’s economic status, as long as her parents are good people.”

In another interview by Korea JoongAng Daily, Sung Si-Kyung claims that he could not really understand the woman’s feeling no matter how much he sings about it because they are all different. He also admitted he was not a fan of blind dates, as what people often do in South Korea. However, he realized it becomes more difficult to meet new people.

“I don’t like to set up meetings like blind dates. But, I’m impatient for love at first sight. It is getting more difficult to meet someone new,” he said.

When he was inquired about what is views towards marriage, he thought that his profession as a celebrity is his biggest priority for now. He deemed it would be easier if he was just a normal office worker because as a singer he’s unsure whether he would still be loved by fans if he tied the knot.

What do you think about it?

Do You Wanna Hear Sung Si-kyung Speaking English?

Everyone in the entertainment industry knows that Sung Si-Kyung is very smart. He was one of the top 100 in the country college entry mock exam, but unfortunately, during the actual exam, he didn’t perform as good as on the mock exam, so he wasn’t able to enter Seoul University. He tried several times only to get accepted into Korea University. Therefore, he decided to give up on Seoul University and enrolled in Korea University instead. After getting his bachelor degree, he then continued to Master’s and graduated with a Master’s in Mass Communication. His mom and both his sisters were from Ehwa Women’s University, which is also a popular university in South Korea. Although Sung Si-Kyung never really bragged about his intelligence, in some of his shows and songs, we can’t help but notice that he is also fluent in speaking English. What do you think might be the reason?

First of all, his father graduated from Korea’s top university – Seoul University and works at Samsung. At the age of 5, his family stayed with his dad in Hong Kong due to his work and stayed there for a short period of time. Thus, since he can’t speak Mandarin, he was accustomed to the English language already. Next is the major point of his excellence in English,  Sung Si-kyung’s eldest sister married to a German, and his brother-in-law can’t speak Korean at all. Thus, he needs to communicate with his brother-in-law & niece/nephew in English. Here are a couple of videos that can showcase his English skills: