All About Park Sung-jin, Day6 Guitarist and BTS’ Jungkook Look-Alike

Busan dialect

Since Sung-jin already spent all of his childhood and teenage life in Busan, he still talks in Busan dialect especially when he nags around Day6 members. At the beginning of their debut era, Sung-jin was having a powerful Busan dialect. However, as time goes by, it’s not fading away just like that.

Sung-jin still talks in his Busan dialect even when he acted as the main character in one of Day6’s music video, When You Love Someone. Let’s take a look at compilations of Sung-jin speaks in Busan dialect!


Sung-jin once had his own official Instagram account before. But then Day6 decided to had one Instagram account for all members that posted by their own hand. And it named as day6kilogram. It is said by Jae that the idea of the name came from Sung-jin, their precious leader.

Sung-jin is not the type of person who loves to share his selfie in Day6’s official Instagram account. Unlike other members, he rarely to post anything. On January 16, 2019, the 26th birthday of him, he posted a lot of selfies on Day6’s official Instagram account. He said that he was collecting some photos of him before his birthday when a fan asks him why he didn’t post as much as other members.

Well, let’s see some pictures of him in day6kilogram!


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이사진의 포인트는 두개 #shrimp깡 #경남고교복

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Latest News

Sung-jin along with other Day6 members just finished their first world tour called Youth that started in 2018 and ended in January 2019. Not only held concert in some cities nationwide, they also visited some cities in some countries which include Asia, North America, South America, and Europe. There, they sang songs Day6 songs from Shoot Me: Youth Part 1 mini album, songs from Every Day6 project which are Moonrise and Sunrise albums, songs from Daydream mini album, and songs from their debut mini albums, The Day. For some cities in Europe, Day6 also performed days gone by, the title track for Remember Us: Youth Part 2 since the song came out before the tour was held.

행복했던 날들이었다 or also called as days gone by is a latest song from Day6 with 80’s vibe. Not only the music that sounds like 80’s song, but also the music video that will makes you throw back to 80’s era. The editing style, as well as the members style is so on point describing the 80’s concept. Let’s take a look at the music video down below!

Only for this era, Sung-jin wanted to keep his ‘bald’ buzz cut hair style, that’s why he kept cutting his hair. He also had the undercut around the side of his buzz cut hair. It makes him looks more mainly and has a mafia vibe.

He still looks cool no matter what, he’s our leader Sung-jin!