All About Park Sung-jin, Day6 Guitarist and BTS’ Jungkook Look-Alike

Bob the Builder or BTS’ Jung-kook? Nah, He’s Just Our Leader, Sung-jin!

Park Sung-jin, also known by his given name Sung-jin, is a guitarist and leader of the Korean band Day6. Even though Sung-jin is not the oldest member in the group, he has trained for the longest time, and that is the reason why he was chosen as the leader. Although, on a radio program, Young K once said jokingly that all the Day6 members voted Sung-jin as the leader since they are all fans of Sung-jin. Well, it actually cannot count as a joke since they are really fans of their beloved leader Sung-jin.


Well, if you’re curious and want to get to know more about Sung-jin, the leader that always takes care of his members even though he has a cool character as a Busan man, just take a look down below!

Sung-jin’s Profile

Real name: Park Sung-jin

Stage name: Sung-jin

English name: Bob

Birthday: January 16, 1993

Born: Busan, South Korea

Height: 177 cm

Blood Type: A

Position: Rhythm guitarist, vocalist, leader

Interesting Facts

  • Sung-jin doesn’t really like to post a selfie on Day6’s Instagram account.
  • Sung-jin doesn’t like to eat biscuit because it causing bread crumbs, Won-pil did that a lot and it annoys him sometimes.
  • Sung-jin bought all the members presents for Christmas.
  • As a leader of Day6, Sung-jin likes to nag around the members, especially Won-pil and Do-woon.
  • Sometimes he still talks in Satoori, Busan dialect.
  • He has an older sister, his relationship with his noona is just like the normal relationship between siblings. He ever wondered why his sister’s boyfriend wanted to date his sister.
  • He likes to play games, he once did a V Live broadcasting with Do-woon on an Internet cafe only to plays games.
  • He is allergic to skin-ship and often nags other members if they are too close to him.
  • He also doesn’t like aegyo or when Won-pil doing aegyo (acts cute).

Sung-jin’s Haircut

Not only have a strong and captivating vocal but Sung-jin is also having a really nice visual that will make your heart’s beating so fast because of his good looking face. Sung-jin has beautiful wide eyes and breath-taking gaze.

It’s even more powerful when he cut his hair to buzz cut style in Remember Us: Youth Part 2 comeback. Let’s take a look at variety style of Sung-jin’s haircut!


Way before the release date of Days Gone By from Remember Us: Youth Part 2 mini album, Sung-jin already got the buzz cut hair style. And it was shocking some fans when the first time he showed us his hairstyle on a V Live broadcast.

On August 7, 2018, right before Day6’s first fan meeting, Day6 introduced their brand new studio in JYP Entertainment’s new building. In the middle of the broadcast, Sung-jin took off the cap that he wore and smirking to the camera as if he teased the fans with his new looks.

This hairstyle of Sung-jin, actually, successfully made other members jealous because he doesn’t need to wait for hours to get his hair done by the hairstylist. He doesn’t even need to be careful a lot, just like other members, after getting the makeup and hair done. Well, why don’t other members try this buzz cut hairstyle too? That must be so hilarious to see other members with this style!

But first, let’s see some appreciation of Sung-jin and his buzz cut style that not only makes other members jealous but also makes our heart beats faster.

Other Hairstyles

Not only the ‘bald’ buzz cut style, but Sung-jin can also make us flutter because of other hairstyles that still suits him in any kind of style and hair color. Let’s see some of his styles from the first time he debuted until now!


Sung-jin is just gorgeous in his own way, but let’s admit that each time we see him, sometimes we see some resembles to other people in his face. Hmm, can you guess who are the people that look a bit like Sung-jin? Let’s take a look down below!

BTS Jung-kook

BTS’ maknae, Jeon Jung-kook has a face that similar to Sung-jin, especially when both of them has a black-colored hairstyle. Even Jung-kook can be qualified as Sung-jin’s younger brother due to his looks. Let’s see some pictures of both of them that looks similar to each other.

Bob the Builder

Can you believe that besides Jung-kook, there’s another person that looks like Sung-jin? Well, this is not only a trivia that made by fans, but Jae the oldest members in Day6, said it himself. Unless we count him as a fan of Sung-jin which is not wrong either.

On one of After School Club episodes where Day6 invited as a guest, Jae explained why he called Sung-jin as Bob. It was because of the cartoon character called Bob the Builder that looks exactly like Sung-jin especially his nose. Jae also added, just imagine Sung-jin with a helmet on the top of his head, and we got Bob the Builder.

Now everyone starts to call Sung-jin as Bob for his ‘English’ name.

Sung-jin and His Guitar

The relationship between Sung-jin and his guitar is not like the type of relationship in Korean drama. Sung-jin once said when he introduced his instrument in a video that uploaded in V Live as well as Day6 Youtube channel, he did not really enjoy playing guitar but as he began playing it, he came to realized the attractiveness of guitar, especially the acoustic one.

Sung-jin also said that he prefers to choose acoustic guitar compared to the electric one. He even has an acoustic guitar that he named as Atom. Why did he name it Atom? It was because he thinks about atom when the first time he saw it.

Let’s see some precious moments of Sung-jin and guitars. He looks 100% much cooler with a guitar on his hand.


Sung-jin was born and raised in Busan. As a Busan man, he does have a typical Busan man’s characteristic where they usually described as someone who doesn’t really like aegyo (acts cute) or skin-ship. He also still talks in Busan dialect especially when he nags around Day6 members.

When he was still live in Busan, he already got famous because of his powerful vocal. In 2009, Sung-jin joined a competition called Chin Chin Song Festival and won the contest as the first place winner.

He joined JYP Entertainment after got accepted in a vocal audition in 2010.

As a JYP trainee, he friends with Got7’s JB and Jin-young. They once lived together when they were trainees. Later on after Day6 and Got7 already debuted, JB sent a message to Sung-jin on Day6 fan page.

They really have such a heart-warming friendship!

On 2013, Sung-jin also made an appearance on a variety show called Hidden Singer. He appeared as a guest with the CEO of his agency, JYP.

Along with other JYP trainees that later on debuted as Day6 and Got7, Sung-jin appeared on YG Entertainment survival program called WIN: Who Is Next, on JYP vs YG episode. He sang with Day6 members minus Do-woon that was still called as 5Live.


When he was still live in Busan, Sung-jin friends with fellow K-pop idols, San-deul of B1A4 that was still called as Jung-hwan (his real name). Both of them have strong vocals, and they often competitive towards each other since they were in elementary school.

On a radio program where Sung-jin appeared as a guest and San-deul is the Radio DJ, Sung-jin said that they both met on an English course. Both of them didn’t attend the same school at that time, and admitted that they didn’t know each other. Instead, Sung-jin knew San-deul when he heard rumors about someone from another class that could sing a song called Azalea, better than him. So he got curious because of that.

As time passes by, both Sung-jin and San-deul often did musical activities together back in their home town. Since they both shared the same passion, they became close to each other to chase their dream.

Even after they debuted, they still maintain their friendship and support towards each other. San-deul once came at Day6 concert in March 2018, and Sung-jin visited San-deul’s radio program as a guest.

What a cute relationship they both have!