Sung Hyun-ah’s Profile, Husband, Movies, and Scandal

Sung Hyun-ah’s Career

Sung Hyun-ah started her career after winning the place of runner-up at the Miss Korea Pageant in 1994. Afterwards, she made her debut as an actress in the drama Love’s Greeting with actor Bae Yong Joon. Even though the drama was her first attempt in acting, she showed a lot of talent. After that, she kept getting roles in various dramas. One of her famous dramas is Hur Jun. The drama’s was very popular, breaking viewership ratings of 64%. In film, Sung Hyun-ah made her debut in 1997 with the movie Hallelujah as a supporting actor.

In the movie Woman is the Future of Man, directed by Hong Sang-soo, Sung Hyun-ah become a lead actor with actors Yoo Ji-tae and Kim Tae-woo. Even though it didn’t become a box-office hit in Korea, the movie was screened at 2004 Cannes Film Festival. After that, Sung Hyun-ah was cast in a lead role again, in the movie The Scarlet Letter. The movie was very controversial at the time of its release, because it explicitly showed nudity and murder. Because of her performance in The Scarlet Letter, director Kim Ki-duk praised her and cast her for his movie Time.

Sung Hyun-ah was cast again as a main actor for a horror movie called Cello, and in The Intimate in 2005. Through her movies, Sung Hyun-ah showed her image as an strong, sexy woman. In the erotic movie The Intimate, Sung Hyun-ah able to show her sexiness in some scenes. Then, her last project was The Net, directed by Kim Ki-duk in 2016, because of her scandal. As she makes her come back to the screen again, in 2018, she starred in the movie Transfer Student, which received good reviews. There’s not much detail about her new movie.

In 2016, Sung Hyun-ah starred on the theater stage with the play titled Love in the River. She played as Eun-joo, a freelancer who falls in love with a man named Dong-wook. This was her first experience in the theater, and her first project after her battle in the courts because of the prostitution scandal. She was for preparing the role after she met Jung Hyung-seok, a representative of the Dream Theater Company. She had some doubts about whether she would be given the role because of her scandal, but she got the part, and gave a great performance.

In addition to acting, Sung Hyun-ah also debuted as a singer in 2004 using the name A.One, which is the acronym of Asia One. She made her debut with an EP titled Turn It up. The tracks on her album are mostly dance music, and she collaborated with rapper Don Spike and Miryo from the girl-group Brown Eyed Girls (BEG).

Recently, Sung Hyun-ah starred in the drama Waves Waves which aired on KBS2. This is the first drama that marked her comeback to screen after a seven-year hiatus. She is also excited because the character has the same personality that she does. The drama successfully aired for 143 episodes and ended in August.