Sung Hyun-ah’s Profile, Husband, Movies, and Scandal

Who is Sung Hyun-ah?

Sung Hyun-ah is a South Korean actress who is famous for her sexy image. She started her career in entertainment industry after being a runner-up at the Miss Korea Pageant in 1994, and has been in several movies and dramas. Not only is she a talented actress, she also made her career as singer with the name A.One. Want to know more about her? Here’s her profile!

Sung Hyun-ah’s Profile

Name: Sung Hyun-ah

Date of Birth: July 23, 1975

Place of Birth: Gwangju, South Korea

Height: 171 cm

Weight: 50 kg

Blood Type: B

Agency: Management Madang

Official Instagram: @sunghyunah_official


Sung Hyun-ah’s Movie List
Title Year
Hallelujah 1997
Boss X File 2002
Dying or Live 2003
Woman is the Future of Man

The Scarlet Letter


The Intimate

The Customer is Always Right


The Net 2016
Transfer Student 2018


Sung Hyun-ah’s Drama List
Title Network Year
Love’s Greeting KBS2 1994-1995
LA Arirang SBS 1995-1996
Exploration of Man

18 Years of Growing Up



Devotion KBS2 1997
See and See Again MBC 1998-1999
Should My Tears Show MBC 1999
Hur Jun MBC 1999-2000
Because of You MBC 2000
Twins KBS2 2001
Four Sister’s Stories MBC 2001
One Day Suddenly SBS 2006
Bad Woman, Good Woman MBC 2007
Yi San MBC 2007-2008
Ja Myung Go SBS 2009
Flames of Desire MBC 2010-2011
Wave, Wave KBS2 2018


Sung Hyun-ah’s Variety Show List

Title Year Network
명사 가요초대석 1995 MBC
Lucky Day Express 1995 KBS
Experience with Your Body 1997 SBS
Looking For Truth 1997 HBS
Catch-One’s World of Film 1999 Catch-One
Scandal 2.0 2009 tvN


Sung Hyun-ah’s Discography

Song Title Album Title Year
On the Bed Hallelujah Movie Original Soundtrack 1997

Turn it Up (feat. Oh Hwi-kyun)

Hush (feat. Don Spike, Miryo, Remix)

어서 (feat. Kwon Hyeok-sung)

What You Say (feat. Choi Ji-ho)

탐 (feat. Choi Ji-ho)

Hush (feat. Miryo, Original Mix)

A. One EP Album – Turn It Up 2004


Sung Hyun-ah’s Awards

Award Year
Miss International Pageant: Photogenic Award 1994
38th Miss Korea Pageant, 2nd Runner Up 1994
Best Actress in 10th Malaga International Fantastic Film Festival 2007


Sung Hyun-ah’s Personal Life

Sung Hyun-ah was born in Gwangju on July 23, 1975. Her family consists of her parents and one younger sister. She graduated from Seondeok Middle School, Young-hoon High School, and Department of Theater, Chung-ang University. She had a difficult childhood. When Sung Hyun-ah was in the first year of middle school, her father, who is a director of a large company, failed to make a business. When she heard the news, her mother suddenly collapsed, and died.

After her mother’s death, her father remarried. Sadly, her new stepmother wasn’t kind toward Sung Hyun-ah and her sister. During her second year of high school, she and her sister began living separately from their parents. After graduating, she worked as a model and participated in the Miss Korea pageant. Another tragedy happened, when her sister died in an accident.

Not long after her sister’s passing, her father married for the third time.  This time his wife was his first love, and the actress and her stepmother had a warm, loving relationship. Sung Hyun-ah’s career was also going very well after her appearance in the drama Hur Jun. But, her happiness didn’t last very long. Her stepmother died of lung cancer in 2001, and the deaths of two family members left Sung Hyun-ah in a deep depression.


Sung Hyun-ah’s Marriage

In 2007, Sung Hyun-ah married a businessman named Heo Eun-gyo. The wedding was held secretly at the Paradise Hotel in Busan. At the press conference afterward, Sung Hyun-ah expressed her hope to have a child. Unfortunately, the couple divorced after three years marriage, because of personality differences. Although they were married for three years, the couple hadn’t had any children. Three months later, in May 2010, Sung Hyun-ah got married again, to a businessman from a famous company who was six years older than she was, and the couple had one child.

Unlike her first marriage, she didn’t have a wedding, only registering her marriage. At the press conference for her remarriage, Sung Hyun-ah said that their relationship went from friendly to romantic in just a month. She also said that her husband looks like Russell Crowe. Sadly, this marriage ended up in divorce, too, after her husband had some failures in his business. As a result, the actress was again suffering from depression.

In 2017, Sung Hyun-ah’s second ex-husband was found dead in a car parked near an office building in Gyeonggi-do, near where his kids live. The car was burning and its doors were all locked, and police concluded that the cause of death was suicide, even though no suicide note was found. Later, it was discovered that his suicide was connected to his crime. He was reported to have embezzled 168.8 million won, and it’s believed he made an extreme choice because there’s little doubt about the crime. The news of his death affected Sung Hyun-ah’s returning to entertainment industry, even though the couple had been separated for a long time.

Sung Hyun-ah is now a single mother with a seven-year-old son. In an interview with news outlet Osen, Sung Hyun-ah was asked what’s the difference between her on-camera and off-camera. She said that off-camera, she raises his son like other mothers. Sometimes, she feels like an outsider, because she is the oldest of all the mothers at her son’s school, but she didn’t really care about that. For the future, Sung Hyun-ah said she wasn’t planning anything in particular.

“I don’t know what kind of life I’ll choose, but I will definitely have a hard time in my life. I wish I could always be a positive person.” said Sung Hyun-ah.

Sung Hyun-ah’s Scandal

After Sung Hyun-ah made her career in entertainment industry, she became involved in some scandals. In 2002, Sung Hyun-ah was sentenced eight months in jail because of alleged use of ecstasy. She violated the Anti-Narcotics Act of 2002 and was sentenced to two years in prison and eight months in jail. Because she was in prison, her activities in entertainment industry were suspended. To help pave the way for her comeback after being jailed, Sung Hyun-ah a released nude picture of herself in 2004. At the time, the picture did its job, and Sung Hyun-ah successfully got her career back.

Even though Sung Hyun-ah publicly released her nude picture, she got into a fight with producers of the movie The Intimate because of her nude scene. The producers wanted to use her nude scenes to promote the movie, but Sung Hyun-ah insisted that her nude scene is a part of work and to make a good movie, not for being part of the promotion.

“I am not an actress who undresses and tumbles for no reason.” said Sung Hyun-ah.

Her fellow co-star from movie The Scarlet Letter, Lee Eun-joo, committed suicide because the stress about her nude scenes in the movie. After the news went public, people started to pay more attention to the issue.

In 2013, Sung Hyun-ah was convicted for allegedly received 50 million won from a businessman after having sex three times at hotel in Seoul between February and March 2010. She was accused of prostitution and violated the law. However, Sung Hyun-ah declared her innocence and demanded a fair trial. In the first and second trial, she was sentenced incorrectly, and charged a fine of 2 million won. At the third trial, the court finally ruled that Sung Hyun-ah had financial difficulties. Because of her difficulties, the court concluded that Sung Hyun-ah only received the money because of her financial condition, and not because she engaged in sexual relations. When her name was finally cleared, she expressed her opinion in an interview with the news outlet, Osen.

“At first it was unfair and absurd. I never been in a position like that as if I made a mistake and made an excuse. I thought it was too hard to give up at the last minute. But, my lawyer told me “Let’s focus on the result” and then I think “I can’t end like this”.” said Sung Hyun-ah.

She also added, “I feel like in a bad place. If you were a public figure, you had to face part even when you don’t like to. What should I do when I go out to court? I felt terrible at that time.”