You Won’t Believe It! Watch Sung Hoon’s Impressive Swimming Skills Here!

sung hoon swimming

Sung Hoon, The Ex-Swimming Athlete

Sung Hoon is a South Korean actor who is known for his roles in several popular dramas, such as Five Enough (2016), and My Secret Romance (2017). Other than being an actor, he is also known as an ex-swimming athlete.

He was a part of the national swimming team of South Korea who specialized in the butterfly stroke style. He used to swim for 14 years before he shifted his focus on his career as an actor. He decided to retire as an athlete due to a spinal injury that made him have to go through more than 10 surgeries. This injury also caused him to have to finish his military service earlier than scheduled.

In MBC’s I Live Alone, he revealed his daily activities and the things that he does whenever he is free. Even though he is no longer a swimming athlete, he is still swimming in his leisure time, just like how he shows his swimming skills to the audience in this program.

Let’s take a look at his swimming skills in the pictures and videos below!

Sung Hoon's Swimming Skills
Sung Hoon's Swimming Skills