Let’s Find Out More About Sung Hoon’s Personal Life On MBC’s ‘I Live Alone’


Handsome Actor Sung Hoon’s Daily Life on I Live Alone

Sung Hoon, the rising actor from popular Korean dramas, appeared as a permanent cast member of I Live Alone. I Live Alone is a Korean reality-variety TV program about Korean celebrities living a normal and routine life as commoners. The program enjoys high ratings due to the funny commentary from the permanent cast members, and the glimpses into the actual life of popular celebrities. Among the permanent members are the cartoonist, Kian84, actor Lee Si-eon, comedienne Park Na-rae, and the Korean super model Han Hye-jin.

Sung Hoon joined the program beginning on episode 212, and immediately gained attention for his sloppy bachelor daily life, the total opposite of the rich, handsome, and masculine character that he played on dramas. Contrary to the image portrayed on dramas, he lived a simple and normal lifestyle, and enjoyed eating instant food. Sung Hoon showed his true character, and he wasn’t afraid that his handsome and cool image would be broken by revealing his daily life.

In this article, Channel Korea will talk about the funny and entertaining moments from Sung Hoon’s appearance on the program I Live Alone. Stay tuned!

Starting A Day With Cereal

Model Sang Hoon started his day with a bowl of cereal and milk. He said that he is on a diet, but he eats cereal and milk instead of beans and fruits. With his freshly awakened face and loose shirt, the Korean rising star eats his cereal in the kitchen. Comedienne Park Na-rae commented “Why do you look sad and helpless,” because he is standing and eating instead of sitting at the kitchen table. The other I Live Alone members laughed at him, and said his morning routine and appearance looked similar to a refugee or castaway on a deserted island. Inside his humble and simple house, there was no dining table or chairs, so he sat on the floor.

Though he said that he was on a diet, he craved more cereal. Surprisingly, he added milk directly into to the cereal bag instead of putting the cereal into his bowl. He felt it was burdensome to pour the remaining cereal into his bowl. The members burst into laughter when seeing his strange eating habits.

Shower & Morning Routine

After eating his breakfast, Sung Hoon headed to the shower room. His body looked fit and muscular. All the female cast members shouted and screamed in joy upon seeing his well-groomed body. Every man starts his shower routine with shaving, and Sung Hoon did it, as well. He looked like a model promoting a shaving razor or shaving foam when he shaved his facial hair. Jun Hyun-moo commented “The airing should start at this point instead of the cereal eating footage.” In the shower scene, he looked like a famous Korean actor doing a commercial.

The I Live Alone members noticed that on Sung Hoon’s back there were many scratches. Sung Hoon said that his back has some muscular pain, so he received treatment to relieve the pain. The scratches are the result of the treatment. In front of mirror, he started applying sun cream to his fish face. Sung Hoon applied the sun cream with a very intense pat to his handsome face. Jun Hyun-moo commented “Perhaps he wanted to apply it thoroughly.” After finishing his shower, Sung Hoon stood in front of fan and dried his hair. He said that since he didn’t have a hair dryer, he dried his hair in front of the fan. Now that everything was ready, he changed his clothes and prepared to leave the house.

Sung Hoon And His Bodybuilder Trainer

When the bodybuilder trainer entered the swimming pool, he was dressed in a bathrobe. As he walked closer to him, Sung Hoon covered his face and hid his embarrassment. When he took off his bathrobe, his body was very muscular and bulky. The I Live Alone members were amazed when they saw, Sung Hoon’s trainer.

Suddenly, Sung Hoon scolded his trainer and said that he should shower first before entering the pool. The trainer looked surprised because he thought that he could swim directly into the pool after changing his clothes. As a former swimmer, Sung Hoon explained that showering before entering the pool is a basic rule.

After showering, the trainer walked into swimming pool confidently. Everyone in the swimming pool looked at him because his muscular body stood out from the other swimmers. The entire cast was mesmerized by the perfect physique of the trainer, even the male members acknowledged and were amazed by his body.

Sung Hoon couldn’t hide his embarrassment upon seeing the trainer. While covering his face, Sung Hoon urged him to quickly enter the pool and stop drawing attention from the everyone else who was there. As a novice, the trainer didn’t know that it was forbidden to jump and dive into the pool. Instead, his first entrance was to dive directly into the pool. The trainer dived awkwardly into the pool and belly-flopped onto the surface of the water. The entire I Live Alone cast burst out laughing and enjoyed the comical scene.

Prince Sung Hoon Is Real

Sung Hoon arrived at the fan meeting dressed in his daily outfit. He looked tired and gloomy when heading into the fan meeting location. As soon as he arrived at the scene, his hair and fashion stylist took control of his appearance. All of a sudden, he walked out of the makeup room with a very confident look. He looked like a prince in real life, and appeared like the handsome male character out of a comic book. His hair was shiny and well groomed, while his outfit was simple, yet very sleek and stylish.

Regarding his appearance, Sung Hoon said that he enjoyed being a different person on and off camera. In front of camera, he wanted to look the best, while off camera he enjoyed wearing loose and comfortable clothes. It is as if there were two different Sung Hoons. He revealed that since he was a swimmer for a very long time, he was always dressed in a sporty was and shaved his hair short. He said “To tell you the truth, I wanted to shave my hair at this moment. I hate applying many things to my hair and it felt burdensome to manage my hair.”

Interacting With Fans During a Fanmeet

Sung Hoon held a fan meeting event in Busan, Korea in June 2017. He had lots of fans from Japan, but mostly from Korea. His fans were from 30-80 years old. The fans from Japan were dressed in Kimonos,  and brought along light sticks and even binoculars. He said that he saw fans come to fan meetings with walking sticks. Sung Hoon also said that the age range was getting younger.

At the fan meeting event, he sang Kung Kung Kung to the eagerly waiting fans. He anxiously sang in front of his fans, but stopped singing after few lines. He was too nervous because of the looks from the fans. For his second try, he managed to control his nervousness and sang well in front of the smiling fans. Since many of the fans came from Japan, he spoke in the mixed languages of Japan and Korea.

Sung Hoon’s Routine Before Going to Bed


Before completing his day, Sung Hoon went to the bathroom and started brushing his teeth. While brushing his teeth, he looked at his cellular phone and searched for information about speaking in Japanese. Since he is a rising Korean star, and at the time of shooting, he was touring to seven Asian countries, he wanted to speak their languages. He looked for sites about learning and speaking Japanese. He practiced speaking simple Japanese before completing the day with his night’s sleep.

That was all the information about Sung Hoon’s appearance on the variety show I Live Alone. His daily footage scenes are hilarious and enjoyable for Korean variety program fans. Don’t forget to share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.i