Does Sung Hoon Have a Wife? Let’s Take a Look At His Relationship and Dating Rumors

List of Sung Hoon’s Relationships

Girlfriends and dating rumors are among the most-searched and hottest gossips that people want to know regarding celebrities, and this, of course, goes for Sung-hoon as well. As one of the popular actors from South Korea with a handsome face and proportional body, many women would fall in love with Sung-hoon. And as an actor, he has worked and acted with many beautiful actresses and female celebrities. Starting from being a couple in a drama or movie, dating rumors arise and spread because of the chemistry. For more details, here’s a list of Sung Hoon relationships.

Being Rumored to be Dating Song Ji-eun

In My Secret Romance, Sung Hoon and Song Ji-eun played a couple who tried to hide their relationship. But, who would have thought that they brought their on-screen romance to real life?

Sung-hoon and Song Ji-eun were rumored to be dating each other and tried to hide their relationship from other people. They were reported of being in a relationship for one year after the shooting for My Secret Romance, which was aired in April 2017.

The Sweet Behind the Scene Footage

For those of you who are curious about how Sung Hoon and Song Ji-eun act around each other in real life, you should take a look at the behind the scene clips of My Secret Romance. They show their interesting relationship where they tease each other and care for each other.

Becoming the Special Guest

When Sung Hoon held his fan-meeting, Song Ji-eun attended the venue and became the special guest. The two of them were reported of being very close to each other at the venue.

Denying the Rumor

Having an age difference of 7 years, Sung Hoon and Song Ji-eun brought the romance vibe successfully in the drama. Song Ji-eun herself had mentioned Sung Hoon as her brother, who has become her go-to place for seeking advice.

Many fans hoped that they were really dating in real life. But unfortunately, Sung Hoon and Song Ji-eun denied the rumor about them dating.

Through her Instagram account, Song Ji-eun uploaded a photo with a long caption. The caption contained a statement that Sung Hoon and her were not in a romantic relationship and didn’t want people to misunderstand the situation.

Not only Song Ji-eun released a statement, but so did Sung Hoon. Through his agency, Sung Hoon disproved the rumor. Stallion Entertainment said that Sung Hoon and Song Ji-eun were just close friends.

Who is Sung Hoon’s Girlfriend in Real Life?

Who is Sung Hoon's Girlfriend in Real Life

Working and being active in the entertainment industry means that you should always be aware and cautious about any news and gossips about you, especially popular actors like Sung Hoon. Having starred and acted in many dramas and movies, made his name popular and known by many people. His fans also keep growing with the increase of popularity which means more people are curious and want to know everything about him, including his personal things such as his love life. Does he have a girlfriend? Who is she? And how did they get close?

Well, for someone who works and is active in the entertainment industry, these kinds of things are unavoidable because people have a growing interest in him with the popularity he has. Fans and reporters will always stand by around him in order to get any information related to him. But, so far, during his acting career since 2009, until now 2021, Sung Hoon does not seem to have a girlfriend and has not been in a romantic relationship with anyone. Though he was involved in some dating rumors before, they were just rumors, nothing more.

Is Sung Hoon Already Married? Who is His Wife?

Is Sung Hoon Already Married

Getting married is something big in life for everyone. Especially, when you already have someone special in your life, someone who will always be there for you. But for Sung Hoon, as he is still busy with his acting career, right now he still remains single and is not in a romantic relationship with anyone. Though he already had a successful career and at a mature age, still, for now, he just wants to stay focused on his career as long as he can.

Besides, Sung-hoon has said that he wants to keep it secret, his personal life, especially his love life from the public. He does not want to announce it to the public as it is his private matter. But, still, if someday his relationship is exposed to the public, he will face it manly and talk about it with his partner.

Sung-hoon also said: “It’s not like I haven’t dated and I thankfully haven’t been asked that kind of question when I was dating. It made me wonder if I should honestly say that I’m dating. It’s not like I’m an idol and there shouldn’t be any harm if I was to date, so I wondered if I need to answer. I’ve never been asked this question when I was actually dating, but I currently don’t have any desire to date.”

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