Are They Actually Dating in Real Life? Find Out More About Sung Hoon and Song Ji-eun’s Relationship After Their Drama Ended!

All About Sung-hoon and Song Ji-eun relationship

All About Sung-hoon and Song Ji-Eun’s Relationship

Sung-hoon and Song Ji-Eun became the lead couple for KBS’s drama My Secret Romance. Sung-hoon and former SECRET member Song Ji-Eun met through acting and left the public wondering whether they were dating or not. Let’s find out the truth about their relationship.

Sung-hoon and Song Ji-Eun’s Relationship Evidence Through Netizen Investigation

Song Ji-Eun as a Special Guest at Sung-hoon’s Fan Meeting

Sung-hoon held a fan meeting in Seoul on September 17, 2017. Song Ji-Eun appeared as a special guest while singing their song from their drama My Secret Romance. Sung-hoon’s expression was priceless seeing Song Ji-Eun appear. He said that he did not know about her appearance backstage, but Song Ji-Eun waited 1 hour backstage silently.


Sung-hoon Supported Song Ji-Eun as an Actress

Song Ji-Eun decided to leave TS Entertainment and SECRET on February 28, 2018. While TS Entertainment claimed it was a one-sided notice, Sung-hoon, as one of Song Ji-Eun’s close friends, supported her decision. Sung-hoon even said that he would like to help Song Ji-Eun in her acting career and find her a new agency to support her choices.

Sung-hoon and Song Ji-Eun’s Interactions

Sung-hoon and Song Ji-Eun was known to be close behind the camera when they were shooting together for My Secret Romance. After the drama ended, both Sung-hoon and Song Ji-Eun often show off their closeness in every show and every time they meet.


Sung-hoon and Song Ji-Eun Choose Each Other as Their Ideal Types

During a game at a fan meeting for My Secret Romance, the MC led the fastest answer game and gave Sung-hoon and Song Ji-Eun several options to choose an answer between 2 words. Song Ji-Eun chose Sung-hoon several times between other actors such as Won-bin, Song Joong-ki, and more. When it was Sung-hoon’s turn, he chose Song Ji-Eun several times between many other options such as Suzy, Kim Tae-hee, and several others.

Sung-hoon and Song Ji-Eun’s Dating Relationship is a Rumor?

Although the public thought they were right guessing Sung-hoon and Song Ji-Eun’s relationship, both denied it. Sung-hoon and Song Ji-Eun denied the rumor right away and confirmed their relationship as friends.

The dating rumors between Sung-hoon and Song Ji-Eun started after their chemistry showed in the drama that they acted in looks so real and lovely. Many fans and people thought that both of them look good together, making people start to ship them. Especially in the drama, they are played as a couple and have many romantic scenes together.

Even after the drama ended, both of them still keep in touch and interact with each other. The rumor becomes stronger when Song Ji-Eun becomes Sung-hoon’s special guest at his fan meeting. This made fans and people sure that there must be something between them.

Unfortunately, both denied the dating rumors and said that they are just good friends, no romantic relationship between them. Here are the statement and confirmation from both of them:

Song Ji-Eun wrote on her personal Instagram account, “I just saw the news. I think fans must have been shocked,” she added, “I am so sorry, but I think I’ll have to relay statements through my Instagram for a while.”

While Sung-hoon’s agency said, “They are co-stars that became close through the drama. They have developed their friendship while meeting up and talking once in a while.”

Sung Hoon Girlfriend and Dating Rumor List

Girlfriends and dating rumors are some of the most searching and hottest gossips that people want to know from celebrities, as well as with Sung-hoon. As one of the popular actors from South Korea with a handsome face and proportional body, of course, many women would fall in love with Sung-hoon. Especially as an actor, he had worked and acted with many beautiful actresses and female celebrities. Started from a couple in a drama or movie, then dating rumors will arise and spread because of the chemistry.

The dating rumor between Sung-hoon and Song Ji-Eun is one of the hottest ones because they look cute and lovely together. Also, they are seen in much cute interaction, which made the rumors spread so fast. But both of them denied the rumors and said that they are just close friends and not in a romantic relationship.

Other dating rumors also arise and spread between Sung-hoon and comedian Park Na-Rae after the sweet interaction between them during the awards ceremony. The way Sung-hoon picked up Park Na-ra’s dress for her and giving her the most “romantic” hug after her win was so sweet and romantic, which made dating rumors between them arise. Sung-hoon himself did not make sure where the rumors actually come from.

Song Ji-Eun Boyfriend and Dating Rumor List

Song Ji-Eun debut as a member of the girl group Secret in 2009. She is popular with the beautiful face and voice she has. Success as a singer, she started another challenge as an actress. In 2017, she starred in OCN’s romantic comedy-drama My Secret Romance together with Sung-hoon. Through this drama, both showed excellent chemistry, which made fans think they have a special relationship outside the drama. But both of them denied the dating rumors and said that both are just close friends and do not have a romantic relationship.

Did Sung Hoon already Married and Has a Wife?

Even though many dating rumors and gossip are related to Sung-hoon, all that is not true, until now, 2020, Sung-hoon is still single and not in a relationship with anyone.

Sung-hoon also said that he wants to keep secret his personal life, especially his love life, from the public. He did not want to announce it to the public as it is his privacy. Still, if someday his relationship is being exposed in public, he will face it manly and talk about it with his partner.

Sung-hoon also said, “It’s not like I haven’t dated, and I thankfully haven’t been asked that kind of question when I was dating. It made me wonder if I should honestly say that I’m dating. It’s not like I’m an idol, and there shouldn’t be any harm if I were to date, so I wondered if I need to answer. I’ve never been asked this question when I was actually dating, but I currently don’t have any desire to date.”

Did Song Ji-Eun already Married and Has a Husband?

After quit from Secret, the girl group that brings out her popularity, Song Ji-Eun now focuses on her acting career. While for her personal life, such as her love life, as of 2020, Song Ji-Eun remains single and not in a relationship with anyone. Though there are many dating rumors and gossips about her with her co-star Sung-hoon after being paired in the drama My Secret Romance, at last, the rumors are just rumors because it is not true. She and Sung-hoon are not in any romantic relationship, just close friends. Both of them confirmed it and still remain good friends.

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